Spend Less Time in the Dressing Room with These Simple Tricks
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Spend Less Time in the Dressing Room with These Simple Tricks

The worst part about shopping is realizing you’re going to have to go to the dressing room to try everything on. What if I told that I had a few tricks up my sleeve that would allow you to spend less time in the dressing room? Read on to find out how you can spend more time finding gems and less time struggling to find the perfect fit.

Spend Less Time in the Dressing Room with These Simple Tricks

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Measure Your Jeans with Your Neck

Okay, I admit this sounded a little crazy to me at first too. Sophomore year of college, my roommate explained if you wrap a jean or skirt’s waistband around your neck you can tell if it fits on you. If the waistband feels tight on your neck, the pants will be tight on. If the waistband is loose on your neck, the pants will be loose on. Soon enough my friends and I were running to our jean drawers and trying out all our pants around our necks. Guess what? She was 100% right! Try this trick with some of your current pairs of pants and skirts and see for yourself!

Measure the seams

Pick up the shirt at the top of where the arm meets the shoulder. Put that shirt close to your body to see if it will fit the length of your shoulders. If it is just a little snug then it is too small and if its too big it is too small. It’s an easy way to figure out if your garment is going to line up when you put it on.

Spend Less Time in the Dressing Room with These Simple Tricks

Know What Colors Work for and Against You

One of the best tips I’ve ever heard was figuring out what colors work for me and what colors do not. It took me a while to figure out and, heck, I’m still trying to figure it out some days. But I now know I can never pull off any neon colors, don’t look good in dark brown, and look horrible in orange. I look best in olive greens, light blues, creams, and light pinks. When people compliment you on a top remember what color it is because the person most likely likes that color on you.

Figure Out if Your Skin is Cold or Warm Toned

This goes off of picking what colors work for you but you can find out if silver or gold looks better on you by looking at your veins. Look at your wrist and observe the veins poking out. If the veins appear more blue then green then you are cool toned. If they appear more green then you are warm toned. If you have trouble telling then you are probably neutral. This also will help you save a ton of time when looking for new makeup! Check out this article for more ideas on how you can check out your skin tone.

Put Your Head Through the Gap of the Hanger and the Dress

Okay, this one is also very weird and it’s something I always do. To make sure a dress is long enough on me, I poke my head in between the dress opening and the hanger. This allows me to see how long the dress is going to be on my legs. There are probably easier ways of doing this but I swear by this trick!

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