Nisolo: Trade Show Shoes
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Nisolo Review: A Walk in My Trade Show Shoes

When you’re standing on your feet all day, you need shoes that you can stand in all day long without ruining your feet. I am so happy I came across Nisolo and found the perfect pair of shoes. So as I stand for the next eight hours at MD&M West, you’ll know that my feet are super happy in my Nisolo Frida Loafers.

Nisolo: Trade Show Shoes

Company Background

The founder, Patrick Woodyard, moved to Peru to take a job in microfinance. His job was to help out women grow their small businesses. When he was visiting Doris’ small convenient store, he kept hearing a banging. Doris lead him to the back of the building where her husband was making handmade shoes. Eventually, Patrick help found Nisolo with the help

Nisolo means neither they nor we are alone. Nothing can be accomplished by oneself. We are always in need of someone.

Quick Facts About Nisolo

  • Wages are 27% higher than fair trade wage requirements.
  • 100% of Nisolo’s producers’ children will be attending university in Peru and will be first-generation graduates.
  • $3 million has been invested back into the local Peru economy where their main factory is located.
  • 157 sustainable jobs created.
  • 761 livelihoods effected through Nisolo’s supply chain.
  • Shoes and leather accessories get made in Trujillo, Peru and Leon, Mexico.
  • Jewelry is made in Nairobi, Kenya.

Breaking in the Shoes

Let me tell you, I was really expecting at least a few weeks to break in these loafers. I mean they’re leather after all. When I first tried on the Frida loafers, they slid on like butter. The backs of the shoes never rubbed or squashed the back of my heel and my toes were never pinched like little sardines. I can honestly say, these shoes had the easiest break in period I’ve ever had. For reference, I am typically always a 7.5 and I ordered a 7.5. They fit perfectly.


I do admit, I’ve had these shoes since early December (I purchased these shoes on a black Friday special), and the tip of the shoe is every so slightly fading in color. I personally love the look because if gives the ma tad bit of personality. But, do be aware, all leather ages works with the elements.

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Do you have to stand on your feet during work? What are your go to shoes for work? Let me know in the comments down below.

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