How I'm Practicing Self-Love Years Later
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How I’m Practicing S​elf-Love Years Later

This past week, I’ve been moving photos from five-six years ago to a hard drive. As I’ve been sorting through all of these photos, I’ve been getting frustrated remembering what I used to think of my body and how little self-love I had. I’m sure you can relate, you probably heard those words keep into your head and go straight down to your heart. Fat, useless, unworthy, etc. Looking back on those years (mind you I’m still pretty young) I want to shake myself and scream “shut up“.

We’re Too Critical

Looking at photos from high school and freshman year of college has been a little bit of a wake-up call. As women, we are so critical at our outward appearance that we dwell on it every second of the day. Am I sitting in a position where my stomach looks flabby? Will this mascara make my eyes look bigger? Does this shirt squeeze my back fat? Should I move my legs so I appear smaller? The questions are constant and consistent. So how do we fix this? Read on to find out how I’ve been working on my self-love.

How I'm Practicing Self-Love Years Later

How to Tone Down the Self-Hating Voices

We’re our own worst critics. These six different ways are the best ways to make sure you’re taking care of yourself without stepping on your own toes. It’s okay to take care of yourself and make sure you are okay before you worry about someone else.

Find an exercise program you can stick with and love.

The first thing I did when I got my license was join a gym. I would go at least 5-6 days a week (but more often every day) and would work out until my body could barely walk out the door. With a combination of less food and working out an excessive amount, I lost weight. Sounds great, but the problem was I still wasn’t happy. I was pissy because I was hungry and my body ached all the time. It wasn’t until college where it smacked me in the face that I was doing a little too much. Your body will tell you what you need.

Exercise programs I recommend trying: Orangetheory (check out my review), Tabata, and pilates. Those are my favorite and make you feel like a goddess afterwards. If I don’t exercise, I get frustrated and anxious. Working is the best way to get out all that energy in a positive way.

Forget the word “dieting”

All throughout high school and even the beginning of college, I made sure I could only eat x, y, and z. Forget b and c was definitely off limits. I also logged all my calories until it drove me mad. It wasn’t until the end of my college freshman year – beginning of sophomore year where I started to develop a better relationship with my food. Started looking on Pinterest to see healthier options. Instead of dieting, try incorporating healthy meals and cutting out junk. Everything is okay in moderation.

Forget talking negativity to yourself

Okay, this one is definitely easier to say than actually do. The best way to practice self-love is to switch every negative thought with something positive. For example, if you keep thinking your legs are big why not think that they’re strong, powerful, and allow you to walk, run, and crawl. With every negative, there is a positive you just need to look for it.

It’s okay to put yourself before others

I have a really hard time with this one. I absolutely hate confrontation. It may be because I’m a Sagittarius or a circle or whatever, I avoid it at all costs. I forgive easily just to avoid that confrontation. So to tell someone “I can’t do that today” or “I really have to do ___ today” it’s impossible for me. But it is neccesary to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. Don’t put too many things on your plate if you cannot handle it.

It’s okay to pamper yourself after a long day

Want to get a pedicure? Want to get a facial? Need another hour of sleep? Heck, want to get a spray tan just because? It’s okay! Sometimes our lives get so stressful that we think we can’t do things. It is okay to tell someone you need a little R&R or a little me time. You’ll feel more rested and you’ll be attentive to your next mission. Take care of y-o-u!

If it’s too much, don’t be afraid to ask for help 

If you’ve tried steps to make things better and nothing has worked don’t be afraid to talk to a close friend or see a therapist about the issues you’ve been dealing with. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone hear you out and tell you that you’re not crazy.

How I'm Practicing Self-Love Years Later

This Valentine’s Day Give Yourself Some Love

So as we age together, I just want to say this to you: be kind to your body. Nourish it, work it, and sing it praise. It’s doing so much for you. Pushing you to work, feeding you when you’re hungry, and making memories each and every day. Treat it well, treat it kindly. It’s the only home we have.

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How do you practice self love? Will you pracitce this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments down below.

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