How to Spend Valentine's Day if You're in a LDR
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How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re in a LDR

The thing about Valentine’s Day is you can celebrate it a million different ways, spend it with anyone you love, and even celebrate on a different day. When you’re in a long distance relationship, it can be kind of hard figuring out what to do on this love-filled day. No worries, I have a few ideas up my sleeves.

A Little Background About My LDR

Rob and I met freshman year of college during a marketing class. We were put into groups that would meet during class each day. I would lug a big 64 oz water bottle to class every day and it eventually became a running joke with him. Rob would constantly ask me if I was drinking enough water when he saw me on campus or in class. I never hung out with him outside of class until our college’s summer concert. We bumped into each other one weekend and instantly clicked. We talked all summer and eventually started dating that fall.

Fast forward five years from then, we’ve been in long distance relationship (LDR) every summer, one fall semester (when I lived in Italy), and now for the past two years. Mind you, the distance is only two hours now but it does get hard. Even with my crazy travel schedule and his work schedule, we seem to make it work. We try to see each other every other week and have been pretty good with it since graduation.

How to Spend Valentine's Day if You're in a LDR

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Do Something Crazy Fun with friends or family

The thing about long distance relationships is they can sometimes be lonely. To make sure you don’t get in a funk, plan something extra fun with your friends or family. This is a great way to keep your mind off things while having fun with the people you love. You can also call up your significant other after the day has ended and tell them all about it.

Some ideas of “crazy fun” activities:

  • Museum in your state (contemporary art museums are my favorite)
  • Sledding down a really big hill
  • Aquarium or zoo
  • Bundle up and go for a hike
  • Visit a new town
  • Try to make crazy outfits at a thrift store


Okay, this one is a little too obvious, but I figured I needed to add it. FaceTime your boo and tell them that you love them. There is something about seeing the person through a screen that is way better than talking on the phone.

How to Spend Valentine's Day if You're in a LDR

Create a playlist on Spotify

This is super cute to do because they can listen to the playlist even after Valentine’s Day is over. You both can listen to it on your own while you’re driving or at work (aka what I’ll be doing). Plus, you can pick songs that remind you of your significant other. Thoughtful, cute, and pratical! What more could a girl or guy want?

Treat Yo’ Self

Okay, I may just be feeding of Tuesday’s post but taking care of yourself is the best way to go. If you want a pedicure (I went for one Friday), a new skincare product (I just bought the Drunk Elephant minis), or even a Netflix binge day (currently watching Game of Thrones… yes, I know I’m late) go do it! There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little R&R.

Watch a Movie “Together”

During college, Rob and I wanted to watch the 100 or Sons of Anarchy but we didn’t want without each other. We ended up picking times where we could watch it at the same time and we would text throughout the show. You can also do this with dinner so you feel like you’re eating with them.

How to Spend Valentine's Day if You're in a LDR

My Plans for Valentine’s Day

I’ll be traveling to Long Island this weekend to see Robert. We’ll most likely head over to a winery and maybe watch a movie. (I might wear this outfit if we go to a winery)! I’m also pushing for us to cook a fun meal together. After dating for such a long time, we like to keep it simple. Time together is all we need!

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What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you in a LDR? Let me know in the comments down below.

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