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10 Different Blogger Poses to Try Out Today

Now let me start this off with a disclaimer that I am no way (in any shape or form) an expert in posing for photos. However, I’ve been taking photos for my blog since 2015 so I figured I might know a few blogger poses. If you’re trying to up your Instagram game or even want new poses for your own blog, check out my go to poses.

Holding the Knee

What says super cutesy like holding your knee like your estranged teddy bear? I like this pose because it really shows off your pants or shoes depending on how high or low you put your hands. If you put your hands lower your eyes look towards your shoes and if you put them higher your eyes look at your pants. Try this pose if you’re wearing killer pants or shoes.

Holding onto Something

What is a blogger poses list without a little random wall holding? This is great if you can’t figure out what to do with your hands. I do this in the majority of my posts because I never know what to do with my little Trump hands (I’m aware Trump hands are not a good thing). Nonetheless, holding onto a wall or fence gives you a sense of safety and lets you balance out those photo-posing nerves.

Hand in Pocket

This pose definitely pulls out your inner greaser and makes you feel like a total cool kid. I like this pose because you can be wearing the most outrageous thing but it somehow tones the look down. Double points if you also hold onto something like the second photo.

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Criss-Crossed Apple Sauce

This pose is really new for me but I really like it. I feel like I’m being transported back into kindergarten and I’m ready to listen to my Clifard the Big Red Dog for the 8th time. Besides that, it actually comes out to a pretty cute pose. Plus, it is a great way to show off a big bag or your shoes!

Leaning on Something

Similar to wall and fence holding is the good fence leaning. This is great for getting a full shot of your outfit. Your eye will bring you to where the fence hits you on your body. This is perfect for outfits where your waist is being drawn out. Although this pose is super uncomfortable in real life, it makes you look effortless for some odd reason.

Legs Crossed Sitting Down

Sitting down poses (in general) are my absolute favorite because they always make the photo interesting. If you’re curvy like me, the key is taking this photo at a high angle. If the shot is lower you can sometimes appear larger than you actually are.

Looking Away from the Camera

I admit, this is definitely a pose I do a lot but I’m trying not to do. There are a few bloggers out there that never show their face and only their outfit. They do this to have unanimity and for you to focus on their outfit. I like the idea of focusing on the outfit, but I also like the idea of having my face. I like it when my readers know the person behind the blog. Nonetheless, you should definitely give this a go if you’re trying to spice things up.

Holding Your Arm

I love this pose because it slims you down drastically. Something about having one arm being extended down the middle of your body makes you look slim. I also like that it isn’t as closed off as crossed arms but more laid back. This is a great post to point out if you have something interesting on your sleeve.

Pulling Your Hair Out of Your Face

This one is definitely inevitable if you have long hair, but you can definitely make it work for you. When it comes to putting your hair behind your ear or simply moving it out of your face, you can get a great headshot. If you take a full body photo it also allows more of your outfit to be seen (aka your arm isn’t in the way).

Playing With Your Dress

Showing movement in a dress is always a great way to add something fun into your photo. The problem with this pose is that you tend to look down when you do so. When you look away from the camera or down, it comes across as passive and not a strong, powerful woman. Try to get the same pose or photo while looking up and smiling proudly. Clearly, I still need to work on this.

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What are some of your favorite blogger poses? Let me know in the comments down below.

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