Multi-functional ​Fashion + Multi-Way Madewell Scarf
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Multi-functional ​Fashion + Multi-Way Madewell Scarf

Multi-functional fashion is more than just sustainability. It is about being able to use your products more and get the best bang for your buck. Now doesn’t that sound nice? When you buy products that can be used in many different ways, it allows you to maximize your closet without adding too many new items. How do you do that? Read on…

Multi-functional ​Fashion + Multi-Way Madewell Scarf

Jeans | Sweater (Everlane – Thrifted) | Shoes | Scarf (on sale) | Necklace

Multi-Way Scarf

I received this scarf for my birthday back in December and immediately fell in love with it because it can be worn in so many different ways. The scarf has two different holes in it so that you can wear it as a poncho. The holes are very unnoticeable so you can wear it as a scarf. I love that I can wear it in a million different scarf ways and wear it as a poncho. It’s such an easy way to spice up any outfit. Plus, it adds the perfect pattern in any neautral outfit.

30 Wears Challenge

When you’re out shopping, you need to think if you can wear an outfit a few different ways – 30 to be exact. It is so easy to get peer-pressured into buying stuff you don’t really need. This is a great way to counteract some of those urges by checking if you really need the item. Most of us don’t wear 80% of our closets. If you can think of how you can incorporate some of your older items in new and exciting ways you’ll find that your wardrobe is limitless.

10×10 Challange

Last year, I participated in a 10×10 challenge during the spring. The challenge’s objective is that you can only wear 10 selected items (shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, cardigan) for the 10 days. You can wear whatever accessories you want to spice up the look. This challenge really helped me come up with creative, versatile ways to wear my current wardrobe. Check out this post here.

Multi-functional ​Fashion + Multi-Way Madewell Scarf

Other Multi-Functional Fashion Items I’ve Been Eyeing

Vetta Capsule. If you haven’t heard of Vetta before, now is the time you scroll aimlessly through their website. Vetta is a minimalist, USA based brand that sells capsules made out of 5 pieces. They believe, and show, that you can make up to at least 30 different outfits out of these 5 pieces. An example of one of their items would be the convertible shirt dress. This dress is super cool because there is a hidden zipper where you can take the “skirt” portion off. You can then wear the top a few different ways. I swear, it is magical. Now, the items are pretty pricy but that is because you can wear them so many different ways (and because they’re made sustainabily).

Baiia. Since warm weather and sunshine is just around the corner, I figured I’d mentioned a company that sells versatile swimsuits. Their swimsuits are actually made of fishing nets, carpets, and discarded plastic. Now I warn you, the price is a little heavy, but in a way, you’re buying two bathing suits that are ethically made. I’ve been eyeing this one since last summer. Maybe this year I’ll bite the bullet.

Multi-functional ​Fashion + Multi-Way Madewell Scarf

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Do you have or wear any clothes or accessories that are multi-functional? How do you make the most out of your current wardrobe? Let me know in the comments down below.

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