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One of my goals this month was to be more involved with sharing current news about sustainable and ethical fashion. My biggest plan was sending email blasts at the beginning of the month discussing major news. Emails will mostly include sustainable blogs, thrfiting videos, fashion reforms, or even just cute puppy videos. I hope that you find this interesting and informative. If you would like to join my email list you can sign up here:

Sneak Peak into My Email Blasts

Fashion News

Madewell and J.Crew Introduce Fair Trade Denim Line

I’m super excited to see a fast fashion company making strides to a better production process. Although J.Crew and Madewell are lightyears away from other sustainable companies, it is little changes like this that makes a difference. If more consumers want clean fashion then retailers will change their ways. 

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Good on You Received a Shoutout from Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been an advocate for sustainable fashion for a few years and she recently was quoted saying that she uses Good on You. This incredible app helps you find out more about your favorite clothing stores and see if they are sustainable or not. 

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Fashion Labels are Trying to Be Woke but is it Just a Trend? 

Brands are slowly incorporating different, sustainable textiles into their runway collections but is it just a trend? Annie Brown does an incredible job discussing the current political climate when it comes to sustainable fabrics. She points out that brands are worried that if they don’t start incorporating sustainable textiles they might become irrelevant. 

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Top 3 Best Posts on Peculiar Porter

Naadam: The Softest Cashmere Sweater You’ll Ever Wear

Over the holidays, I received the softest sweater ever from my brother. Naadam has incredible fair trade practices that are revolutionizing the lives in Mongolia. Naadam’s cashmere yarn is Cradle to Cradle certified which means that it is put on a high standard to protect the earth and basic human rights. Cashmere wool is from only a select amount of goats in Mongolia. The goat is called a Zalaa Jinst white goat which is the only entirely white breed of cashmere goats in Mongolia.

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How I’m Practicing Self-Love Years Later

I’ve been creating more space on my laptop by moving pictures over to a hard drive and while doing so I uncovered pictures of myself from high school. I looked so tiny and cute and I could just remember all of the negative thoughts I used to have. I decided to write about how I’ve helped change that perspective on this post.

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10 Different Blogger Poses to Try Out Today

I’m by no means a posing expert, but I’ve been taking photos for my blog for the past four years. I’ve come up with a few go-tos and wanted to share them along with the world. So whether you’re posing with a few friends or your own blog, check out some new poses to add to your “vocabulary”. 

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Sneak Peak into My Email Blasts

Blogs I’m Loving

Tunes and Tunics
Have you fallen deep into the Marie Kondo trap? Well, if you’re looking for a place to put your items that “don’t spark joy” you need to check out Megan’s blog post. She does an incredible job going over where you can donate unwanted items. For example, I never knew that you can donate unwanted books to prisons. That is such a wonderful idea. 
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Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes
Deborah has such a wonderfully positive attitude and always seems to find the best books. She is currently going on a one-year shopping ban and I’m loving following her on her journey. Definitely check her out if you want some major inspiration on how to cut your shopping habits. 
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Taylor Made Style
If you’ve been tuning into my Thursday Instastories you would know that I’m falling deep into the thrifting world. Taylor, in particular, has shown me so many different thrifting tips and outfit ideas that I’ve lost count. I found her Instagram where she posts a very long story every Thursday showing her thrifting trip. She is a thrifting queen for sure! 
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What articles have you read this past month that were interesting? Let me know in the comments down below.

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