How to Mix Patterns Without Looking Crazy
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How to Mix Patterns Without Looking Crazy

Okay, I’ll admit this outfit is a little bold for me. I’m usually not one to go out of my way to mix patterns, but this one just spoke to me. Although I rarely mix patterns, I thought I would try a little bit of experimentation in my current wardrobe. After all, isn’t always fun to try new things? Check out how you can mix some of your current patterns without looking too crazy.

How to Mix Patterns Without Looking Crazy
How to Mix Patterns Without Looking Crazy

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Choose One Print to Dominate

If you look at the outfit I’m wearing, the dominate pattern is the striped top. To go alongside the stripe pattern is a stripe belt and a plaid scarf. Since all three patterns are the same type of pattern (build on the bases of lines), they seem to mix well. If I added polka-dots, it might be odd because it doesn’t structure as the lined top.

Stick to the Same Color Family

Once you’re a master of mixing patterns, you can definitely branch outside the same color family. For now, make it easy for yourself and try out patterns in the same color family. In this post, I stuck to neutral colors because they are the easiest to work with. It would be hard to work with bright, neon colors when mixing patterns.

Balance the Outfit with a Few Solids

I know that they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but it’s really solids. Whenever you have no idea what to wear in the morning, grab a few solids and you’re good to go. When you’re mixing patterns, solids are a great way to tone down the intensity of your outfit. They help create a balance when there is a little too much going on.

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Do you ever mix patterns? What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments down below.

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    • PeculiarPorter

      Ashley, you are the sweetest thing! I loved trying to make a mix and matched outfit. Always a joy trying new things!

  • Bri

    Your post title made me laugh! Indeed, sometimes too many patterns can make a person look crazy, but only TOO MANY :)) I love to match 1 or 2 patterns, usually not more. It depends, but if you find some sort of a balance between them, can look really chic! Thanks for sharing <3

    Bri |

    • PeculiarPorter

      Thank you so much for your tips, Bri! I loved playing with the different patterns. Do you have any direct links to your mix-match outfits? I would love to see some of your creations!

    • PeculiarPorter

      Ahh, thank you so much Lauren! This outfit was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so happy with the way it came out.

    • PeculiarPorter

      Thank you so much, Jessy! Sometimes I feel like I get into an outfit rut so I like to try some funky challenges! It always helps me get out of that nasty mood!

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