6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress
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6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Philadelphia and visited my first ever Buffalo Exchange. I found this beautiful snake skin midi-dress and I fell in love with it immediately. Personally, I think the length of the dress makes the pattern less tacky and the perfect spring staple. So how do I plan on wearing it all spring long? Read on to find out more.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Dress by Itself

With a dress this great, you can definitely get away with wearing it by itself. Throw on a pair of heels and this dress is perfect for a bar in the city. Since the dress is so bold, I would choose to keep minimal accessories and solid shoes. I opted for a muted purple for my shoes and bag but I could also see this with bright red accessories.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Pop of Color + Long-Sleeve Shirt

The nice part about picking a midi dress that is black and white is that you can add a solid color and instantly pull it off. I like adding a pop of color through a denim jacket. This Guess jacket was thrifted from Goodwill last season and I love how bright it is. This kind of yellow is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Graphic Tee + Belt

I received this fun graphic tee during Christmas and absolutely love it. If you look closely, you can see all of the different locations are national icons. I like to put a belt around my waist and then tuck only the front of the shirt in. It helps if you fold the shirt before you tuck it in. Since the graphic and dress are both black and white, they mesh well together. A brightly colored graphic might be hard to pull off with this patterned midi-dress. I choose to go with comfy shoes and make this dress very casual.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Denim Jacket

What girl doesn’t love a good denim jacket in the summertime? This one is from Everlane and I absolutely love the oversized fit. I wore it back in this post when I talked about linen dresses. I feel like this dress would be perfect for a spring picnic because the jacket adds an extra layer to this otherwise risky dress.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Fun Accessories + Long Sleeve

Putting a top over a dress and tying it up is definitely one of my go-tos. It’s such an easy way to make a bold pattern pop. I recently bought these bold earrings from Etsy and thought they would be a perfect match to a bold dress. These earrings add so much fun to any look and can even be paired with bold prints!

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

Chambray Top

Last but not least, the comfy chambray top. Chambray tops are easy to just throw on and tie at your natural waist. I’ve had this chambray top in my closet for about three years now and I’m constantly grabbing it. You could also do the same look with a white or black button down. By tieing the bottom of the shirt at your waist you’ll get curves for days.

6 Ways to Wear a Snake Skin Midi Dress

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How do you like to mix up your outfits? What is your favorite look out of these six? Let me know in the comments down below.

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