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A Little Update on the Move and Big Apple Life

This month has been insane. I recently moved to New Jersey and have been working in the big Apple, talk about a dream. As a result of having so having so much fun (and figuring everything out), I’ve been slacking on posting twice a week. Typically, I don’t miss posts but I’ve already missed two this month. But I’m back now with my keyboard and soft glow of my computer screen. I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

Pier 13

Okay, you caught me. I’ve been having so much fun exploring not only New York City but the cities around me. Last Wednesday, I went to Pier 13 with some of my friends and my friend’s coworkers. Pier 13 is located in Hoboken and over looks the incredible – I seriously cannot get over this view. There are food trucks and concession stands where you can get tacos, pizza, ice cream, and drinks. The view alone is absolutely breathtaking and the atmosphere makes just a tad bit better. I can definitely see my friends visiting again! Tip: on Wednesday’s drinks are half off!

Exploring Soho and Beyond

Soho is a gem and a half. There are so many wonderful corners that I’ve been falling head over heels for. It’s seriously hard not to take a photo of everything. I even like how it looks in the rain! Once I have a big list of places to visit I’ll definitely make a blog post and share these gorgeous gems with you.

Yesterday, Francesca from Life According to Francesca showed me all of the Instagram gems. She seriously is just as funny and kind spirited as her blog! Above is Urban Backyard, Pietro Nolito, and Taiyaki.

Figuring Out Adult Life

The next few months (years) are going to be a world-wind. I’m going to have to figure adult things such as renting, meal preping, balancing everything, and so much more. I can’t wait to start new segments on this blog showing my apartment decor and sustainable living suggestions. Plus, thrifting alone in the city is going to be so unique and fun! I cannot wait to share that with you.

My apologies for this being a little unconventional compared to my normal posts. I’ll definitely have outfit updates and city updates coming more frequently now that I’m getting settled in. More on that to come!

Any tips on being a successful adult? How is your May going? Let me know in the comments down below.

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