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Check What You’re Being Influence By

I’ve been working in the city for a little over a month and I love seeing all of the fashion-forward outfits day in and day out. This made me think about how easily I am influenced by the things that are around me. Whether it’s art, architecture, or even just the people around me, I am easily influenced. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a bad thing. Check out what I do to make sure the things that influence me are good.

Check Your Influence

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Why it is So Important to Realize Where Your Influence Comes From

Back in high school, I used to follow so many “Thinspo” accounts it would make your eyes bleed. As a teenage girl who already had negative thoughts about her body, you could only image what kind of negative energy this emulated into my head and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Fast forward a few years, my interest in Tumblr faded and my interest in Instagram grew. Instead of “thinspo” pictures I was bombarded with pictures of fashion influencers. Their constant ability to show new outfits consistently made my want to buy clothes at a rapid rate – it pushed the idea that you couldn’t wear outfits more than once and that they always needed to be fashionable.

So whether your friend friend brings a reusable cup to the coffee shop or a stranger gives you a simple suggestion, you are influenced. Sometimes it can be positive and other times it can be for the worst. The point is to tune in once in a while to make sure the influences you are honing in on aren’t effecting your well being and morals.

It’s Okay to Unfollow People

The weird thing about Instagram is that it becomes this whole crazy mindset that you can’t unfollow someone. Um, yeah, I’m going to be the first one to say you can do whatever the heck you want to do. Someone from your past doesn’t make you feel great? Bye sister. Every time you see that one influencer you feel negative about your body? Buh-bye. It’s okay to put yourself first – especially on social media. After all, it’s just a stupid little app.

Tip: Twice a season I go through everyone I follow on Instagram and make sure that their energy isn’t making me feel crappy. If they are I press that big ole’ unfollow button faster than you can unwrap a starburst.

Recognize the People that Do Put Out Good Energy

Influence can be a good thing. It can improve your style, instill an environmentally friendly mindset, and help you try new things. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m easily influenced by influencers. I have select bloggers that I’ll always trust for reviews on quality products, bloggers that I go to for style advice, and ones that I go to for pose inspiration. Heck, this outfit is definitely tuning in Ashley J’s minimalist style. So when you’re being influenced in a positive way give those influencers some love and encouragement.

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Who do you find yourself getting influenced by? Do you do a good cleanse on social media to make sure that you’re following good vibes only? Let me know in the comments down below.

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