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What You Need to Know About Visiting the Vessel

I’m slowly turning into a local (and a tour guide)! This past weekend my friend from high school, Ben, visited me. We decided to tackle on the Vessel and High Line on Saturday and boy was it cool! Read on what to find out what you need to know before taking the trip over to see this funky structor.

All photos of me were taken by Ben Kelly

Show Up Early

If you want to go inside the Vessel, go before noon in order to get a ticket. I went after work one day with a friend and we weren’t able to get tickets. When I went on Saturday, we showed up at 11 and were able to get tickets for 2:10. While we waited, we walked the entire High Line. I highly recommend you do that if you have some time to kill.

Be Ready to Walk Many, Many Stairs

So many stairs! Ben and I ended up doing 39 floors for the day (and 12.5 miles). Now that includes the 8-10 floors you do in Port Authority, but nonetheless it is still a ton of floors. Once you reach the top you can feel the structor swaying a little (like all sky scrappers). You’ll have an hour to gasp at the tremendous 360 degree view – so use it wisely! If you have a disability you are able to take a funky elevator, but only if you have a disability.

What to Do After or Before Going on the Vessel

Since you’ll only be at the Vessel for an hour, the best day to fill up your day is to go to some of my favorite sports. These are all tourist sights that are close to Hudson Yards.

  • High Line. Mind you I’ve only been working in the city for a month, but the High Line is by far my favorite thing to see in New York City. You get to see the local New Yorkers relaxing and enjoying their day as well as incredible views of New York City. Plus, it feels like you’re in an urban jungle which to me is the coolest thing.
  • The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards. Even if you’re not ready to ball out at expensive stores like Fendi and Dior, the mall has so many interactive things to do. My friend and I ate downstairs at Mercado Little Spain and honestly wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re looking for a good, cheap place to eat I’m obsessed with Sergimmo Salumeria right now. It’s just a few blocks away from the Vessel and has killer sandwiches. (Check my insta for a pic)
  • Chelsea Market. I swear you could spend hours in this adorable little shopping area. Every week there is a new sample sale every week and incredible food around every corner. This is something that I definitely need to go back and really explore. There is an ice cream sho called Ample Hills is a few blocks over and has unique ice cream flavors.
  • Washington Square Park. This is a little far away from but if you’re walking south from the vessel or if you just want to hop on a subway, Washington Square Park is the place to be. This is the perfect spot to grab a sandwich and watch all the tourists (and some locals) enjoying the nice weather. The area around the park is also very cute.

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Have you seen the Vessel? What is top on your list of things to do/see in New York City? Let me know in the comments down below.

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