My Thrifting Wish List
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Why You Need a Thrifting Wish List + What’s on Mine

Thrifting in the city is fun because you can find so many incredible things. Sometimes that becomes a problem because you feel like you have to buy it because it won’t be there next time you go. To take off that pressure, I develop a wish list for items I cannot pass up. Continue reading to find out what’s on my thrift list and what can be on yours.

My Thrifting Wish List
My Thrifting Wish List

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Why you should go thrifting with a wishlist

When it comes to thrifting in curated stores like a boutique or Buffalo Exchange, it’s so easy to find multiple things you want to get. I’ve consistently bought things that I didn’t really need. In order to keep myself accountable (and to stop spending so much at higher end thrift stores), I created a “wish list” of items I would love to find. Mind you, it’s completely okay to find things off your list but it helps me be more accountable for the purchases I do buy.

My Main List

  • Jackets: leather and suede with no scuffing. Military styled jacket with authentic buttons. Trench coat that fits perfectly.
  • Winter Coats: red, olive green, fun patterns. High quality, wool, hem hits mid thigh.
  • Jeans: Madewell, vintage Levi’s, unique pattern or wash, all high waisted.
  • Skirts: button down, vintage, Madewell
  • Dresses: Flowy, feminine, lace detail, and/or off the shoulder.
  • Tops: Something I can wear to work in a muted color or white.

Check list for buying items not on your list

When something doesn’t fit your list that is ayyy-okay. What you need to do is go through a list if whether or not it is worth it. I like to ask myself some of these questions:

  • How often will I wear it?
  • If it needs to be repaired of hemmed, will I actually fix it?
  • Does it go with items I already own or does this open up opportunities to buy even more stuff?
  • Can I live without it?
My Thrifting Wish List
My Thrifting Wish List

What is on your thrifted wish list? Let me know in the comments down below.

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