It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting
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It’s Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting

Last July, I tried to give thrifting a whirl. At first, I was super frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t find anything. Turns out, I wasn’t going into the store with an open mind. As soon as I switched my perspective and started to get a little creative, I was able to find everything. Check out my favorite shops, thrifters, and why thrifting is so important.

It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting

Dress (Madewell – Thrifted) | Shoes (Madewell)

Why is thrifting so important?

The average American throws away 81 pounds clothes each year. Luckily that is becoming a thing of the past with rental companies like Rent the Runway (still need to try it out) and Thread Up. Despite conscious efforts of these rising companies, we need to make a better effort to make sure clothes get a second chance. Thrifting clothes does just that. When you give a piece of clothing a second chance, you can actually reduce carbon admissions and help reduce trash.

Why I like thrifting so much

Not only do I like thrifting because of environmental reasons, but because I feel like it’s a game. Every time you step into a thrift store you get transported to a time in the past. You can find vintage Levi’s from the 60’s of you can find an Anthropologie top with the tags still on. Thrifting gives you the opportunity to shop multiple different stores without leaving the building. Plus, it helps you develop your own sense of style which leaves me to my next point…

Thrifting forces you to find your own style

The best part of thrifting is hands down finding and developing your own style. Since there are so many different clothes floating around you don’t have time to look at labels. You just pick up and item that you think is cute and go hey, I would wear this. If it turns out being a mainstream label c-o-o-l but if it doesn’t oh well. Thrifting lets you define what you really like without worrying about the silly labels.

It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting
It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting

My Favorite Thrift Stores

  • Buffalo Exchange (Philadelphia)
  • Buffalo Exchange (Soho, New York)
  • Goodwill (Enfield, CT)
  • Goodwill (Westport, CT)

My Favorite Finds

My Favorite Thrifting Instagrams

It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting
It's Been a Year Since I Started Thrifting

Have you started your thrifting journey? If so, what is your favorite find thus far? If not, what’s holding you back?

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