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Style goals: How I Want to Change My Current Style

I’ve been working in fashion for a little under four months and I can already see my style preferences changing. I see myself purchasing products that I know are high quality and are going to last a long time. I still go thrifting for unique pieces but I’m ready to spend more on products I know are going to last.

With that said, I decided to come up with five different ways I plan to change my look. I plan on doing this little exercise every year around the time so I can not only see how my opinions change but so I can stay on track for my shopping habits. After all, your wardrobe shouldn’t be about having the most clothes but having things that make you happy.

Unique jeans

Nothing spices up an outfit more than a nice pair of denim jeans. With funky patterns, interesting hems, and different silhouettes, jeans are the ideal way to make an outfit pop. This is definitely something I can still find at the thrift store. After all, I found my favorite pair of two toned jeans at my local Goodwill. Another great place to find unique jeans that last a long time is Madewell. Nothing makes me feel more confident than putting on one of their 4-5 button jeans.

Oversized, White Tops

One can literally never go wrong with an oversized, white shirt. Even though all of these shirts appear to be a size too big, they look polished because they are bright white and crisp. I love how the oversized shirt makes the entire look good without looking like you tried too hard. This item is hard to find at a thrift store due to discoloration but I recently found a few at… you guessed it, Madewell.

New Hairstyles

I am definitely not someone who has even done much to my hair. I typically curl or straighten it but I think it’s time to venture out. With fun accessories and a little bit of scrolling on Pinterest, I think I can spice up my hair a little bit. A great place for hair accessories are Need Supply (biased because I work there), Madewell, and Etsy.

Check out my first attempt of trying a new hairstyle here.

Play with Textures and Layers

I’ve been loving these types of looks for a long time but I really want to make it my main focus for fall and winter. I’m order to make it less preppy, I plan on reaching for bigger sizes and different textures. There is so much you can do with layering that makes a whole look feel fresh.

White Sneakers

I’ve been eyeing Veja V-10s for about two years now and I finally bit the bullet. A pair of white sneakers are not only ideal for getting around the city but can play down any outfit. I can’t wait to think of different outfits with these little beauties.

What is some of your outfit inspiration right now? Any ways you want to elevate your style? Let me know in the comments down below.

P.S. All of these photos are from my Pinterest boards. You can check them out here.

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