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A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review

It took me a while to hop on the Veja train, but boy am I glad I did. Growing up, I was never a sneaker girl. I would beg my mom to buy me boots and heels instead of the sneakers she wished I’d pick up instead. Fast forward to my mid 20’s, I’m here for the comfort! It all started with a pair of Allbirds, then came a recycled pair of Rothy’s, and now Vejas are taking over my heart strings. So what do you need to know before you pick up a pair? Keep reading to find out.

A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review
A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review

Levi’s Dress | Vejas | Feed Bag

About Vejas Sustainability

Veja knows how to take all the right steps to be a leader in sustainable manufacturing. They use materials like organic, upcycled cotton for the canvas, wild and fairly traded rubber for the soles, as well as recycled plastic bottles for the mesh and knitted lining. For leather goods, they use low level chemical tanning and do not use leather that comes from areas of deforestation (ex. the reason part of the Amazon Rain Forest is being burned down). If that wasn’t good enough, they also ensure that their suppliers are paid a fair wage and they trace all of their suppliers. 80% of their workers are unionized!

Biggest tip: Size Down!

If you’ve read my shoe reviews before, you know I’m a 7.5 true and true. So when I read the reviews about sizing down I figured I would go down to a 7. Turns out, I would actually have to get a size 6! These Vejas are my first pair of shoes that I had to order a size 6 in. So when the reviews tell you to size down definitely size down!

How Long Does It Take To Break Them In?

I’m not going to lie, the first time I wore these Veja sneakers I received the biggest blister of my life. No lie, it was the size of a quarter and was raised about half an inch. I waited about two weeks for the blister to heal and the shoes were good to go. Honestly, I think I just wore the wrong no show socks (I now use Bombas no show socks). Based on a few Reddit reviews I read, I heard that the tongue can sometimes be tricky to break in. Luckily, I did not have that issue.

A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review
A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review

Are They Comfy?

After that first initial blister, they are very comfy. However, if I had to pick between Rothys, Allbirds, and Vejas based on comfort I would still pick an Allbirds shoe. They really do feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Plus, Allbirds have a little bit more room for your toes to relax in compared to Rothy’s and Veja sneakers.

How to Style

The best part about Vejas is that they’re so easy to style. You can style them with a simple denim shift dress like this, with boyfriend jeans, or even to make a formal dress more casual. The good thing about white sneakers is that they are so easy to pair with any outfit. Vejas would be a great shoe to explore a city in because they are stylish but are still comfortable.

A Walk in my Errand Shoes: Veja Sneaker Review

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What shoes do you normally wear when you run errands? Do you have a pair of Vejas? Let me know in the comments down below.

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