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Meet DJ Roomba.. Was He Worth the Investment?

A few months ago, I decided our apartment really needed some TLC on the daily. As a result, I fee victim to Parks and Rec’s wonderful marketing and bought a Roomba. Specifically, I picked up the iRobot Roomba 690 during Amazon prime week. So was the Roomba worth the investment? Let me explain…

Does The Roomba Ever Get Stuck?

When I first purchased the Roomba, he would almost always find his way back to his charger. Lately, he has been getting stuck in tricky areas like underneath my sectional and even under my bed (retrieving the Roomba was a task and a half). Although it would be great if he found his way home more often, this doesn’t bother me that much. It’s almost like a challenge to find him when I get home from work.

Can the Roomba Really Fit Under Most Things?

Short answer: yes! He finds his way underneath my sectional, bed, console table, and normal chairs. The only problem is sometimes he has a hard time getting out of these spaces.

Does the Roomba Go Over Moldings and rugs?

Short answer: yes! He can go over most ledges and hoist himself up into the next room. He can do this for my apartment entrance, kitchen moldings, and multiple rugs. The only molding he cannot get over is the molding blocking off the bathroom. As for stairs, he has a sensor that won’t allow himself to fall to his death.

What is the App Like?

The app is very easy to use so that you can program your Roomba to go off on select days and times. Right now my Roomba is scheduled to go on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 10am. You can always turn off a day or add a day as well. Also, if you’re at work and the Roomba gets stuck the app will alert you so that you can turn off the Roomba remotely.

Clean Up Process

The clean up process is fairly easy but needs to be done after each run. You can easily pop out the dust pan and tap it into the garbage. With my current schedule, the dust pan is always full after each run. The yellow spinner should also be unscrewed to remove unwanted, tangled hair. The large, black brush should be removed after every other run so that you can remove hair. Since my roommate and I both have a ton of hair, sometimes this needs to be cleaned every run (gross, but true).


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Do you have a Roomba or an automatic vacuum? What should I name my Roomba? Let me know in the comments down below.

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