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A Little Fall Update…

This fall has been jam packed with fun events! For me, fall has always been super busy. Whether it was the start of school or celebrating birthdays, fall always has something fun to bring. So what have I been up for the past month and a half? Read on to find out.


Paumanok Vineyards: In Long Island, I went to Paumanok winery. I was blown away by the amazing vineyard views and thirst-quenching wine. We tried their 2016 Festival Red and it blew my mind. It is a wine with cherry, plum, and spice and boyyyyyy is it out of this world! I even bought a bottle to go home and might buy another next time I am out there! This is a great winery if you want to sit and relax with friends. They usually have fresh oysters thanks to our good friends from Peconic Gold Oysters.

Gouveia Vineyards: Last week, I went home to Connecticut to collect a few sweaters, enjoy my families company, and drink some wine with my hometown friends. We ended up going to a local winery in Wallingford, Connecticut. The winery was p-a-c-k-e-d! Since there aren’t as many wineries in Connecticut as there are in Long Island, everyone and their mother came to this one. We saw people carving pumpkins, people who had a little too much wine, and oh so many people with dogs. The wine wasn’t as good as Paumanok but boy was the atmosphere fun! Highly recommend if you want to people watch!

Decorating for Fall

I love, love, love decorating for any holiday or season. You can definitely say I take after my mom on this. Growing up we had a Christmas tree for every holiday (yes, that means a 4th of July tree AND a Halloween tree). We also have eight Christmas trees (see all 5 full sized ones here). Now I’m definitely not at the financial point in my life to be buying a million decorations but a little bat here and a little Skelton there – that I can do. So bet yah I searched Uncle Jeff’s store high and low to find the ideal Skelton and stick on bats. I’m quite proud of my efforts. I also found this adorable Halloween garland at Marshalls. I’m a sucker for anything with ghosts.

Tried New Fitness Classes

Verayoga: For someone who has been going to Orangetheory for almost an entire year, I have never sweat more in my entire life than when I went to a hot yoga class. My mascara ended up on my forehead with all the down dogs and side lunches. I was sweating so bad that my scalp was even sweating, something that rarely happens to me! So if you’ve never tried an intense yoga class, I highly recommend taking a hot yoga class! It’s like stretching in a sauna! The best part about hot yoga is you leave feeling super relaxed and not drained.

Jane Do: I tried a Trampoline class at Jane Do and it was so much fun! For three different sets, you jump on the trampoline for about 15 minutes and then do a set of weights. The instructor does the entire class with you and changes the color of the lights between every exercise. Since you do more reps than a typical session, you can choose from small weights ranigng from 1 pound to 10 pounds. We ended up using 5 pound weights for all of the exercises. The hardest part of the class was synchronizing the instructor on the trampoline. It was a great class to take a break from Orangetheory but Orangetheory is definitely more of a challenge. For the hour I burned 355 calories (where at Orangetheory I average 500+).

Birthday Queens!

My two best friends have their birthdays two weeks apart. Since Mickey’s birthday was celebrated on the day people were supposed to storm Area 51, she decided to have an Area 51 party. Everyone was decked out in space buns and glittery garments. We ended up “storming” a local bar and brought one of our alien balloons. Courtney’s birthday was two weeks later and was celebrated by a lunch at Gringo’s Tacos in Jersey City, pregame at our apartment, and a night of bliss at a Hoboken bar.

How has your fall been so far? Have you decorated for Halloween or fall? Let me know in the comments down below.

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