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One Year Since I Joined Orangetheory

Guess what? It’s been an entire year since I walked through the orange doors of Orangetheory. I still remember being extremely nervous before my first class. 78 classes later and I’m able to row harder and even run. Check out what I’ve been able to accomplish this past year.

Some of My Stats

  • On average I burn 543 calories per class
  • I’ve burned 42,214 calories since I joined
  • An average class is 59 minutes
  • On average I earn 19 splat points
  • I’ve earned 1,505 splat points since I joined
  • I took four 90 minute classes and seventy-four 60 minute classes
  • I’ve been to 5 different studios (Glastonbury, East Long Meadow, Latham Edgewater, and Soho).
  • I’ve convinced three friends, my future sister-in-law, and mother to try out a class. My mom even signed up for half a year!

I’ve Become Obsessed

Not only do I tell all my friends about Orangetheory, but I even joined a private Facebook group to talk about it. Before I joined Orangetheory, I watched a million videos by Andrew Coleman Smith. He is a YouTuber who talks about his journey to become a “fit person”. If you’ve been thinking about joining Orangetheory or trying out a class, I highly recommend watching a few of his videos. Also, his private Facebook group is called Fat Tuesday Fam that allows all Orangetheory members to ask questions. He was is what helped calm my nerves before my first class. Plus, he is extremely relatable and will have you cracking a smile within the first few minutes.

I’m Able to Run Now!

One of the #1 goals I had when I started Orangetheory was to A. become more fit and B. learn how to run. I’ve never been a runner. I remember dreading the mile test in middle school and high school. Now I can proudly say that I don’t actually hate running. It’s slowly becoming something I’ve been looking forward to in my workout because I know I can get those splat points. Mind you I’m not very fast but everyone needs to start from somewhere!

I Always Start at the Treadmill

Now it has become a habit to always start at the Treadmill because I know I can give it my best effort in the beginning. Sometimes when I start at the rower or floor my legs feel like jello. By starting at the treadmill I can put my best effort in and get my heart rate moving!

I Like 2G Classes More Than 3G

A big debate in the Orangetheory community is whether or not a 2G or 3G class is better. Personally, I really enjoy my 2G classes because I always seem to get more splat points. During 3G classes it is harder to get my heart rate up because there are so many switches during classes. Since my current studio is very busy, it’s usually a 3G styled class. That has definitely been a learning curve but I’m slowly starting to appreciate the 3G classes.

I Feel Better

I used to go to the gym and never know what to do. Most of the time I would watch YouTube videos and “work out” on the elliptical. Boy, am I glad I finally found something that is always interesting and always something new. Also, there is really something to say about how working out makes you feel about yourself. You feel strong and confident. I also feel like I have more energy during my off days.

March 16 | August 17

I Lost Weight

I feel super awkward posting these photos but I figured I would since I know most people love seeing them. Personally, I don’t think you can see a drastic difference in the photos but man do I feel so much better. You can somewhat tell the difference from this post back in October compared to any of my recent ones. My biggest tell is my face and waist. Sitting at an office desk and driving 2-3 hours every work day was really bad for my health. Since I started Orangetheory and started a job in new York City my daily steps changed from around 4,000 steps a day to around 10,500 a day – more than double my step count! I ended up getting a scale in March to track my progress and in those six months I lost 20 pounds and 4% of my body fat. What I really noticed was that my pants started getting really big in my waist. Turns out I lost inches all over my body. I’m currently two pant sizes smaller and I think I definitely need to get resized for new bras. This is what I lost so far: chest -2”, waist -1”, hips -2”, arms -1”, and thighs -1.5”.

I Survived Hell Week!

I actually started my journey with Orangetheory during Hell Week and was crazy enough to come back. I remember waddling around work because I was so sore. I was definitely sore but I definitely didn’t complain nearly as much as I did last year. Plus, I even was able to get a Hell Week shirt that glows in the dark (I’ll be rocking that at tonight’s class).

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