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2019: The Year of Changes + 2020’s Resolutions

Miss me? After three weeks of running around like a crazy person, I’m back with my keyboard on fire. Since it is the new year and all, I decided to turn back to my last year’s resolutions and see how far I’ve come. I don’t know about you, but 2019 rocked my socks. 2019 was a year of extreme change for me. I went from a miserable commute to exploring NYC on the daily. From never having time to work out to being an Orangetheory rockstar. In order to start the year off, I need to talk about my progress and my goals for the roaring 20’s. Keep reading to find out what I plan on doing this golden year.


I’ve had the travel bug since 2013 and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. This year, I was able to travel to Las Vegas and Philadelphia for work. Exploring these incredible cities with my vivacious coworkers was so much fun. From eating at Hell’s Kitchen to wandering through Magic Gardens, both cities are a site to see. Later on in the year, I started working in the big apple. It’s been about 10 months of exploring and I keep finding little gems every day!

Plans for this year: For the past three or four years I’ve wanted to fly to Arizona and rent a car. I have it in my head that that is what I need to do in my 25th year of life. So this blissful 2020 will be celebrated with a visit to Grand Canyon. Other than that, I can’t wait to explore more of NYC and the surrounding areas. For example, I’ve only been to Brooklyn twice! Time to get a comfy pair of shoes and head on over there!

Favorite Travel Posts from 2019:

Moved to a New Space

After college, I went back home for two years. I am so fortunate to have been able to go home and enjoy those two year’s at home. In April, I landed a job in New York City and flew right out of the nest. I moved 2.5 hours south to good ole’ New Jersey. It has been so much fun learning how to cook, what my interior decor style is , and learning how to keep my plants thriving.

Plans this year: Brace yourself for a whole lot of interior decor posts! This year I want to really figure out my interior style and find more unique decor pieces. I also want to learn to now only organize my things but to see if I can downsize some of my items. Be on the look out for a room tour soon!

Favorite Home Decor Posts from this Year

Starting Working in NYC

I’m not going to lie, I thought moving to this area was going to be super challenging and intimidating. I have been pleasantly surprised with how wonderful everything has been. Yes, there are subway cart delays and there are always just a few too many people in Port Authority, but it’s the way of life over here.

What has been a little bit of a learning curve, is working at such an incredible company. For those of you who don’t know, I am a Digital Marketing Analyst for two fashion retail companies. What that means is I work with any online advertising that is paid for (affiliates, social, google search, retargeting, etc). It has been so much fun testing new concepts with products I’m proud of.

Plan this year at work: I want to learn how I can improve digital strategy among my partners and try out a few new strategies. I also want to force myself to get out of my comfort zone, ask questions, and get more involved. 2020: the year to be a leader.

Favorite NYC Posts from this Year

Fitness Goals

Oh Orangetheory, you have my blood, sweat, and tears. In the beginning of 2019, I said I wanted to be able to run the entire time at Orangetheory. Well, guess what! I am now able to run the entire class, lift heavier weights, and crush goals I never thought I could.

Fitness plan this year: Continue my fitness journey with running a 5k and perhaps compete in Orangetheory’s Dri-Tri (2000 meter row, 300 reps of body weight exercises, and a 5k run on the treadmill). I will also be doing the Transformation Challenge starting on January 20th! I cannot wait to take you along with me on that journey. Besides Orangetheory, I also plan on taking one unique class every month.

Favorite Fitness Posts from this Year

I Found New, Sustainable Brands

Last but not least, I discovered a few new brands I cannot live without. Actually, it turns out that I’m really into sustainable shoes. Whether it’s Allbirds, Veja, or even Roth’s, I’m head over heels for a comfy pair of shoes.

Plan this year: This year I really want to focus on buying items that are going to last me years upon years instead of buying because I want “one more thing in my closet”. This means I am going to try and limit my spending on clothes (maybe invest some of that money instead), only buy thrifted clothes if I really love them, and continue selling clothes on Poshmark. I also want to bring multi-use outfits on this blog to show you how to get the most out of your clothes.

Favorite Sustainable Finds from this Year

Last but not least, thank you so much for bringing in another year with me. I’m so happy that I found a few people on the internet that love reading blogs as much as I do! With that said, I would love to know how your 2019 went. Was it a year of growth? Do you have plans and resolutions for 2020? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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