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How to Wear a Skirt in the Dead of Winter

When it comes to dating in the dead of winter, it can be a pretty chilly affair. Also, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to dress up and look cute. That is exactly why I came up with a fool proof plan on how you can wear a skirt in the dead of winter.

Mini skirt in the winter? Never heard of it.

There is a time and a place for mini skirts and winter is not one of them. Yes, it was incredibly cute and flirty in college where we’d run to the bars in our “liquor jackets”. Yes, I know you did it too once a upon a time. Now the time has come to wear adult clothes on -10°F nights. If you want to wear a skirt, maxi and midi skirts should your best friend.

Where I Look For Maxi Skirts

A good maxi skirt is hard to find sometimes. Some of my favorite sustainable places to look for skirts are Amour Vert and Reformation. ASOS isn’t typically a sustainable brand, but they do have options where you can select if you’re looking for something made out of recycled or sustainable materials. Need Supply also carries a few sustainable brands with unique designs. Lastly, I have found some of my favorite skirts thrifting so don’t be afraid to look at your local thrift shop.

Strappy Heels? Forget that. Throw on Your Boots

If you want to lose a few toes, by all means throw on some strappy heels. While they’re adorable, God invested cute boots for a reason. You can take two different paths: over the knee or ankle booties. If it is super cold, I highly recommend you throw on a pair or over the knee boots as well as a pair of fleece leggings. If the weather is bearable, show off your three inches of leg with your ankle booties.

Stay Warm with a Thick Sweater

Last but not least, find a crop sweater you can trust. When you’re wearing a maxi skirt you’ll want to tuck just the front of your sweater into the skirt. This gives your outfit a little bit of depth and helps you not look frumpy.

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What is your favorite way to wear a skirt in winter? What is your go to outfit for date night? Let me know in the comments down below.

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