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Three Ways to Stay Present IRL in a Social Media World

The other week, I went to a concert where a kid in front of me was taking so many selfies I swear he missed the entire concert. A woman sitting behind him even told him to cut it out because it was so distracting. I love social media. I think it’s a great way to express yourself and get your voice heard. However, it also causes major distractions and doesn’t allow you to be present anymore. We’re constantly feeling like we need to upload to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc in order to make sure everyone knows that we were social. In order to combat that pressure, I’ve been trying a few new tactics in order to be more present.

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Snap Quickly, Post Later

When it comes to going to fun events, it can be so tempting to take a bunch of photos and post them right then and there. The problem with that is that you’re taking away from the actual moment. Are you at a concert and missing an entire song because you’re posting to the gram? Are you on a date and ruining the moment to send a picture to the feed (guilty)? Take the picture/video quickly and post it later. Who cares if it is a few hours late or even the next day. What matters is actually living through the experience.

Three Photo Rule

We all want that perfect photo and sometimes it takes more than one shot to get the right angle/light/smile/pose. When you’re at a party you really don’t need to take photo after photo. I’ve been super guilty of this but I’ve been trying to hold back on photos and just be present. The way I’ve been trying to do better at this is to take a few photos quickly and move on.

Human Interaction Comes First

Part of the reason my two posts a week quota has changed so much is because I’m being so busy being a social human. Whether it is being at Orangetheory too late, catching a bite to eat with a friend, or just hanging out with my roommate, I’ve been making the most of my free time. I love blogging, it is the perfect outlet for my thoughts to wander. However, I enjoy personal connections way more and if that means I won’t have two blog posts a week, so be it. Sometimes (most times) it is more important to make human connections than to hang out typing on a keyboard at home.

How are you trying to stay present in a social media world? Let me know your comments and tips down below.

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