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Banff Adventures: Sulphur Mountain

This is it… my favorite view of the entire trip was at Sulphur Mountain. Honestly, I don’t think Sulphur Mountain gets enough love on many Banff travel posts. But let me tell you, this is a view I still think back to many months later. If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend adding this one to your list. Make sure you add it as your last activity, that way when you’re at the top you can see everything you’ve explored.

Hike Up, Gondola Down

Andrew and I decided to put in the hard work and hike ourselves up the mountain and enjoy the ride down. I swear it made the experience that much better. While you’re hiking up the mountain, you consistently see the Gondola riding above you and you get more and more excited as the view gets better and better.

The hike itself is relatively easy and ends with a bunch of switch backs at the very end. We saw a few people running up the mountain… a few even in shorts! Once you get to the top you can go inside the building where they have a gift shop, a small restaurant, and a little coffee shop. If you’re looking to eat at the Sky Bistro, you need to make a reservation way in advance. Unfortunately, Andrew and I tried booking a reservation a month in advance and they were already booked.

Before or after you go in the building, make sure you walk your way over to the observation deck. You’ll get incredible 360-degree views that will give you a strong memory.

5.2 miles | 2,562 FT

Three Bears: I’ll Dream Of This Sandwich

Move over Chick-fil-a… I’m going all the way to Canada to get this fried chicken sandwich. The Bears does an insane crispy chicken sandwich with mouth watering fries. Andrew ended up getting a elk sausage pizza dripping with fresno crema. Ohh… and we definitely cannot forget the carne asada lettuce wraps. Someone please send me a recipe to recreate the charred scallion crema that is drizzled on top of the steak. Till then… I’ll be dreaming of these.

Beavertail: If You Can’t Tell By Now… I’m Obsessed

To end my last day in Banff, I had to grab a Beavertail. This sugary dessert will forever beat churros and and remind me of crawling my way up mountains in Banff… a good memory to have.

Moose Lodge: Hot Tub Mountain Views and a Cold Beer

After dinner and walking around town one last time, we ended up hanging out at the hotel. Moose Lodge was by far the best place we stayed at with crazy views, a warm fireplace, and an awesome rooftop hot tub. If you’re going to stay in Banff, I highly recommend you check our Moose Lodge. We did stay at the Fairmont one night and were woken up by an hourly fire alarm. Maybe skip that drama (and steep hotel price) for a better stay at the Moose Lodge.

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