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The Balcony Chronicles: How to Make the Most Out of Your Balcony

When it comes to enjoying time outside, I’m all for it. So when my new apartment came all decked out with a large-and-in-charge balcony, I knew it was going to get a ton of use. After lots of thought, the balcony is slowly become more and more loved with fairy lights, delicious bites, and a whole lot of plants. Check out a few things I’ve added to make this place really feel like home and how you can make the most out of your balcony.

Sip & Enjoy: Dinner with a View

First thing is first, we can’t not talk about how insane this view is. I’m sitting on my balcony typing this while the city lights are starting to flicker on each and every building. It’s been four years living across the Hudson River, and I still am memorized by the Empire State Building’s dancing lights on every evening hour. With that said, the little outdoor table needed to face the beautiful skyscrapers so we could enjoy each and every sunset and sunrise. I found this adorable two-chair-table set at Home Goods and have been obsessed with it ever since.

When you’re setting up your balcony, find a spot to center the focus point. It may be a plant you put in the corner, an epic view of a tree, or even a grill that is going to get a ton of use. Whatever it may be, make it yours!

Balcony to Table: A New Meaning

If you’re read a few posts on my blog (like this one), then you might know that I’m obsessed with plants. This balcony provided me with a new opportunity: to plant outdoor plants. Starting from the railings, I was excited to fill three baskets I found at Lowe’s with fresh herbs. I quickly filled them up with two types of basil for my caprese obsession, cilantro for my taco-loving heart, scallions for…. everything, kale for #health, and arugula that did not survive the hash summer heat. Since obviously that wasn’t enough plants for the balcony, I also put a few pots in a corner hosting lavender for the bees, mint for my cocktails, rosemary for my taters, and a big ole’ tomato plant to fill my happy heart. Oh, I can’t forget my college plant – 9 years later and this freshman year plant is still going strong!

But back to my main point, you can grown anything on a little balcony if you have a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of water. Since my balcony is facing east, I get a ton of sun early in the morning (yes, we’re talking 5 am sunrises) to about 1 pm. Now although this was too much for my arugula, my other plants are loving all the attention from the sun. My biggest tip is to do your research, read the plant tags, and just throw some dirt around.

Summer Nights: Time Well Spent

You know what makes a dinner go from meh to woo real quick? A soft light and some mood music. The reason why restaurants are so inviting is because of the ambiance. They throw on some vibey music and light a fresh candle… BAM you’re hooked and are now nose deep in some cannolis. Make your space feel the same way when you have a meal outside. Light a fresh candle and play some of your favorite tunes. As a self-declared spotify playlist guru, I’ve even made this fun “Vibey Chef” playlist that you can jam out to on your balcony (songs added weekly). Also, fresh flowers definitely don’t hurt to liven up the place!

When in Doubt: Add Fairy Lights

I’m not sure if it’s my inner child coming out, but something about fairy lights bring a big smile to my face. They just make everything look so damn romantic. So if you’re not loving you’re outdoor space or if if seems like the balcony is missing something, throw some fairy lights on the railing! I got these from Target and they’ve been getting a whole lot of use!

Do you have a balcony or an outdoor space you love? Tell me all about it in the comments down below!

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