8 Bloggers to Get Style Inspiration From

If this post doesn’t give you serious outfit inspiration, I don’t know what will! There is this weird thing in the blogging world where bloggers tend not to talk about other bloggers’ blogs. I want to change that drastically. I tend to look towards bloggers instead of celebrities for my favorite style inspiration. I know what you’re thinking, how millennial. Oh, whatever, I’m a millennial and I’ll accept it. Without further ado, here are my favorite fashion bloggers of the moment.


The Chriselle Factor: The Girl Who Got Me Interested in Style

I figure I’d start this epic list with the blogger that started it all for me. I started watching Chriselle Lim’s YouTube videos when I was in high school. I grew up watching her success grow greater and greater. I saw her styling shirts a million different ways to sitting by the hottest runways. Goodness, she is a style queen. I love her high fashion looks with a passion and hope one day I can pull off one of her epic looks.

new england.jpg

The Coastal Confidence: The Girl I Learned The Most From

My senior year of college, I interned for Aubrey at The Coastal Confidence. I was and still am a huge fan of her passion for everything New England. Like Aubrey, I grew up in Connecticut and got a good ole’ taste of what it is like to be a New Englander… and boy, is it great. Aubrey has a craft of writing style posts while showing different things you can do in New England. For example, she just did a post on 6 different orchards you can visit in New England. If you live in New England or you simply just love New England fashion, this blog should definitely be on your radar.


Something Navy: The Mom Who Can Do it All

Last year, I found Arielle’s blog via Instagram and I couldn’t be happier that I did. She has by far the cutest little baby and often styles her in equally cute clothes. If you got to her blog, you’ll see a perfectly laid out website. It is literally set up like a blogger’s dream. Her Instagram is always my favorite thing to watch and my favorite style inspiration to see. She also has some killer dance moves!

sd.jpgGal Meets Glam: The Girly Girl

If you’re a super girly-girl you need to go visit this blog. No, seriously, click that link. Out of all of the bloggers I follow, she by far has the most feminine look. Her outfits consist of incredible silhouettes in beautiful, light colors. Plus, her and her husband are the cutest couple on all of Instagram (I’m convinced). They even have matching glasses.


The College Prepster: The Preppy Girl

I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard finding a blogger my age that I love. I’m not the preppiest person, but I love seeing Carly’s carefully planned out outfits. She seems to encapsulate the bold, New England style with a young person’s touch. In my opinion, her best posts are during fall so check them out now!


Mumu and Macaroons: The Upbeat Girl

Every time I see Katy Harrell post on Instagram I cannot help but go visit her page. She just has the best attitude about life. Upbeat, happy, and all around an insightful person. She recently posted two blog posts about her tips and tricks to blogging. If you’re as obsessed with blogging as I am, go check it out.

boho queen.jpg

All Things Blush: Bohemian Goals

Every post Rachel Baumann seems to post are major bohemian fashion goals. I mean just look at these three looks! She seems to always be one step ahead of the game and post these creative, innovative looks. Whenever I’m looking for bohemian inspiration, I go straight to her page. Plus, the pictures she takes with her friends are friend g-o-a-l-s.


Margo and Me: The Ultimate High Fashion Boss

Margo and Me, written by Jenny Cipoletti, is a new blog to me. Like Chriselle, I found her stumbling across the vast void of YouTube. Her videos are extremely elegant and feminine ranging from posh hairstyles to dream vacations. If I were to define the word “high fashion” her name would be inserted right into the definition. Plus, she probably has the cutest french bulldog known to man.

Depending on how each and every one of you responds this type of post, I might start featuring different bloggers I’m loving on my monthly recaps. more and more. After all, we need to start calling out the girlbosses of the world (insert voice of Sophia Amoruso) and start celebrating them.

Who is your favorite fashion blogger? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

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5 Questions You Should Ask While Shopping

Hello darlings! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I wanted to make this post before we entered a new season. This past break I cleaned out my closet at home and went through items that I thought I was crazy for buying. Going through my closet made me realize something, I need to ponder more before I pull out my wallet. I’ve come up with a few questions that I’ll be starting to ask myself more and hopefully give you guys some advice before pulling out your wallet.


Would you buy that item full price?

I love outlet shopping because of the great deals. However, I often have to stop and ask myself if I would still buy the item if it was full price. Would I shell out on this $40 graphic tee or am I only buying it because it is $10. I think we all love a good bargain but we should stop and ask ourselves if we really need an item.

What three outfits can you wear this with? Example: Suede Jacket

After you’re done with trying to figure out if you’d buy that coat for the full price, ask yourself if you can picture yourself actually wearing it. I’m guilty of buying items that I know will be great additions to trends and blog posts. However, in this upcoming year I’m trying to think of more ways I can wear items before I buy them. What color and style pants does this top go with? Do I own those pants? Do I really need another pair of black jeans?

IMG_8673 (1)

What is it made of? Will it last?

Did I pay a pretty penny for this jacket? Absolutely. But it has lasted me all throughout Italy, last winter, and this winter. Since it it made with great stitching and material, it was definitely worth the pretty penny. I will pay a pretty penny on American Eagle jeans because I know they’ll last forever. I’ve had a pair of Lululemon leggings from senior year of high school and they look brand new as I wear them my senior year of college. Although you’re spending a ton of money on a product you know that it will last forever. One pair of nice leggings is worth way more than 15 see through leggings. Same goes for jeans, shirts, and basic tees. Things you should splurge on for quality are things that you know that you’ll be wearing for a long time. Solid shirts, jeans, boots, and jackets. All are necessities that will be best if you pay a little bit more in order for them to last longer.


Where is it made? Do you feel like you’re making a good global decision? 

I recently shopped at Tarte because I was looking for a new concealer. I was a little reluctant to buy the product but I quickly changed my mind when I heard the company was cruelty free.  There have been many scandals about how clothes are made and that may or may not make you feel better. If you want to look more into good global decision companies check out this post.

Am I only buying it because it looks good on the model? Will it actually look good on me?

Whenever I online shop I usually end up with a billion items I don’t need in the shopping card. I swear it always looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.24.47 AM.png

I think it is totally okay to carry on this unhealthy obsession of adding things to your shopping bag. However, before you click the wonderful “Check Out Now” button ask yourself if you’re only buying it because it looks good on the model. I think it is something we’re all guilty of. I mean it’s great advertising and the models do get paid to make sure that we want the item. I tend neck lines and shirt sleeves before I buy things. I know that I don’t look good in thick straps but look good in thin strap tops. So although it may look phenomenal on the model, I try to stay away from that. If you don’t know what you look good in and don’t look good in off the top of your head, look at your closet now. Do you have more of one style rather than another? It’s probably because you’re either drawn to that style of you look best in it.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions we should asks ourselves before we pull out our wallets. Do you already ask some of these questions before you buy something?

As always,

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35 Funky Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolution

Hello darlings! What is your opinion on New Year’s resolutions? Do you think its a great opportunity or a bunch of lies? Now this post might be a little late but you can always start a new beginning. To me it seems like people are either pessimistic or optimistic about New Year’s resolutions. You’re either the positive, “I’m going to improve my life drastically” or pessimistic saying “I can change anytime I want.” I’m in-between both of these ideas because I like the idea of setting a goal. Yes, I realize you can do that anytime and be successful. I’m not doubting that. However, what I am saying is that the new year is a great opportunity to make a few changes in your life. Nothing drastically, but little things that you can improve on day by day. For example, every year I tell myself “drink more water.” Some days I forget… hey, I am human after all. But most days I remember. Making the New Year’s resolution in the beginning of January helps me refocus my goals and try to make the best out of everything.

There is always room for self improvement no matter who you are. New Year’s resolutions gives you the opportunity to reflect and possibly even make yourself the best you can possibly be. I know that is cheesy and what not, but I think that is why people are so drawn to creating a New Year’s resolution.

Here are 35 funky ideas for your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Drink more water.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Come up with something creative to cook once a week/or month.
  • Go somewhere new once a week/month.
  • Go a different way to work/school once a week/month so you can look at things differently.
  • Try a new hobby once a month.
  • Read a book once a month.
  • Read 3+ scholarly articles once a week.
  • Learn a new word every day.
  • Try new workout classes/routine once a week/month.
  • Try saying “yes” more than “no”
  • Try a different culture’s food once a week/month.
  • Listen to yourself more.
  • Leave the house every day.
  • Sleep 8 hours every day.
  • Dress up more.
  • Compliment at least one person a day.
  • Work on forgiveness.
  • Comment on someone’s blog post once a day.
  • Volunteer more.
  • Plan your outfits the day before.
  • Change your bed sheets more
  • Do 30 squats or 15 push ups every day.
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes every day to relax.
  • Develop a better Spotify playlist.
  • Write down one thing that made you happy every day.
  • Write down one thing that made you grateful every day.
  • Wear less/more make up (which ever you prefer).
  • Say “I love you,” “thank you,” and “please” more.
  • Learn an interesting fact once a day.
  • Think more about what you’re putting into your body.
  • Think more about where your clothes are coming from.
  • Reflect more on your decisions.
  • Do something you wouldn’t normally do once a day.
  • Tip more.

Maybe pick one or two from this epic list or even come up with your own. As for me, I plan improving myself to my best of ability by working on a few of the ideas listed above. I knew its cliche, but sometimes you need a little push to improve yourself. After all, I’m graduating this spring and will soon have to figure out where my life is headed. When you’re coming up with your New Year’s resolution or even just an idea of how to improve yourself, think of not only how you want others to see you but how you want to see yourself. Do you want to see yourself as a positive, helpful person or do you want people to see you as a funny, charismatic  person? Your New Year’s resolution can help you reach that type of goal.

Some things I’m beyond happy to enter the new year with includes this wonderful wall calendar. I love this wall calendar because each month has different illustrations based on the weather change. You bet this baby is going to be hanging in my room at school as soon as I get back.

If you haven’t shopped for Bath and Body Works candles as of recently I might think you’re insane. Last week, the candles were $10 each and I had a coupon for $10 off $40 so they actually ended up being $7.50 each. The coupon is: F165207 at check out and if you’re in store here is the coupon. Right now the candles are at $11.25 so get them while they’re this cheap!


I recently got this mascara kit for Christmas. You get to try 5 different types of mascaras and then get a full size one once you pick which one you like most. I’m still deciding which one I want to get but this was definitely one of my favorite gifts. If you’re looking for a new mascara check it out in stores at Sephora.


I have this weird obsession with painting my nails and 2017 is no different. I received this nail polish, Tickle My Franc-y , from one of my best friends and I literally cannot stop reaching for this color. It’s been a month and I can’t seem to paint my nails any other color. This pink shade of nude nail polish is perfect for any occasion so definitely check it out.

The Butter London lipgloss in Hot Totty is from Marshall’s. They’re usually $20-$34 depending where you buy it from and what color it is… I scored mine for $5. Like my nail polish, I keep reaching for this lip gloss. It smells good, stays put, is incredibly moisturizing, and it makes me feel like a princess. So yes, I’m slightly obsessed. Be on the look out when you’re shopping at Marshall’s or T.J.Maxx you never know what you’ll end up with.


To stay on track in 2017, I think everyone needs a good planner. Last year, I purchased a similar planner to this one. I love Ban.do‘s planners because they don’t have lines on the days of the week. One thing I really like doing with my planners is drawing on them instead of writing down the event. Ban.do also does a great way to make the planner as interactive as possible by including multiple compliments and activities to do on random pages. You can see last year’s planner here and see all of the wonderful features pictured. The differences between this year’s and last year’s planner is that there are more note pages, different drawings/compliments/activities and there are more stickers that you can use. Kind of a win-win.


I agree with Ban.do when they say don’t look back. I hope this year brings you all joy, happiness, and health. Focus on the positive and hopefully make this year the best it can be. Let me know in the comments down below if you have any New Year’s Resolutions for this upcoming year or if you have any necessities to bring on this wonderful year.

Happy January 4th!

As always,

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5 Renaissance Inspired Fashion Trends You Can Try Now

Hello darling! If you saw my last post, you hopefully have realized I have started a mini series about renaissance fashion. My last post was showcasing high end fashion designers using tools from the renaissance into 21st century ready to wear fashion. Sometimes it is very hard to wear runway clothing, imitate runway clothing, or even find runway clothing for a budget you can afford. So, to make it a little bit easier for you, I’m showing a few trends that have been around in the 21st century that imitate the fashion trends in the renaissance period.

Statement Sleeves

During the renaissance, most dresses had attachable sleeves that were attached to the bodice by points or small ties. Many of the sleeves were different styles such as formfitting, puffy, and bellowed out sleeves. Some were decorated with ribbons, bows, lace, pearls, and other jewels. Usually sleeves ended with a cuff, but occasionally the sleeves would be exaggerated at the wrist.

I was very surprised at this trend coming back into the fashion world. These statement sleeves were all over the fall runway in New York last fall. This trend continues to thrive as fashion sleeves were in many stores this past summer and are still in stores as we head into the colder months. I have yet to try this trend, but I’m incredibly intrigued.

Ruff or Statement Necklaces

An accessory typically worn by children, men, and women during the renaissance period was a ruff. It was a white ruffled fabric made out of starched linen cambric and mixed with lace and was worn around the neck of a person. Since lace was a new textile and was incredibly time consuming to make, this garnet was usually worn by the higher class in the sixteenth century. The quality of the linen was incredibly different from out linen today because of the amount of thread used. For example, one ruff had a thread count of fifty threads to one centimeter. Sometimes people would wear huge necklaces underneath the ruff as seen in the second picture.

According to Encyclopedia of Fashion, the ruffs were a highly controversial accessory by the Protestants. They said that ruffs were “restricted movement considerably, and those who wore wide ruffs often had to eat with special long utensils so that they could reach their mouths.” I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat because I live, breathe, and die for fashion that much. It eventually got the point where in 1580 Queen Elizabeth I passed a law that limited the size of the ruff worn by people who were not associated with the court.  However, these sumptuary laws did not really have much effect as there were many laws about clothing.

To mimic the idea of a ruff in today’s fashion you can easily throw on a big statement necklace or choker. If you scroll on Pinterest, you’ll see endless ideas on how to wear statement necklaces over any type of outfit. These statement necklaces can be layered over everything such as a plain shirt, graphic shirt, a dress, or underneath a collar. This is a trend that will never really go out of style because it looks so effortlessly put together. You simply throw on a big necklace and you’re good to go. A new trend that is starting to emerge from the cracks is a choker necklace. This one is every closer to the ruff because it is so closely tied to the neck.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

When one thinks of the renaissance period, he or she usually thinks of the intense full skirts. These skirts were given their shape through farthingales. Farthingales are hoops made out of cane, bone, or wood that are attached under the skirt and above a women’s butt. I couldn’t imagine walking around with a big thing attached to my butt.

Although we don’t wear farthingales underneath are skirts anymore, we continue to wear maxi dresses and skirts. These dresses and skirts continue to be present in our society because they’re incredibly comfy to wear. They’re probably one of the comfiest things to wear because they feel like yoga pants but look as if you worked really hard on your outfit. The 21st century fashion has the idea of making women look as small as possible which means women don’t wear these puffy dresses as they did in the renaissance. Despite this, these maxi dresses still give the allusion of elegance as the puffy dresses did in the renaissance.



Corset or Waist Trainers.

During the renaissance, many women tried to imitate Queen Elizabeth’s small frame. In order to replicate her small torso they would use corsets that would flatten their stomach and breasts. Like us, people who lived in the renaissance were fixated on the idea of having a voluptuous butt and a small waist.

This trend one is foreign to me, but if you ever look at the Kardashians for inspiration they definitely have this trend down. If you scroll on Instagram you’re bound to find at least one ad for a waist trainer. They have become more and more apparent in our culture as we have become fixated on having the hourglass figure. Through the attention the Kardashians receive through their voluptuous butts we can see that this trend has not changed just the subtraction of the wheel farthingale. It is interesting because in the renaissance period there were many critiques about the exaggeration of the body shape. John Bulwer criticized the wheel farthingale “because it greatly exaggerated a woman’s hips.” Others agreed with him because they thought the purpose of clothing was to “cover nakedness, not to alter or glorify the body.” In our society we have that same critique about plastic surgery and waist trainers that force and adapt your body to look a certain way. History does seem to have a way of repeating itself.



Velvet and Lace.

Velvet and lace were used by the wealthy class as well as other rich materials such as taffeta, silk, and buckram. Lace was used as a form of embroidery like other materials such as ribbons, braids, fringes, pearls, and jewels. All of these materials are used still in our culture as are still pretty expensive. Since lace was a new found textile in the early 16th century, it was a very expensive textile and was typically only worn by rich people who could afford it.

In today’s society, velvet is usually associated with winter wardrobes and holiday outfits. Velvet is a great textile to wear in the winter months because of how warm it is. It is also a different texture you can add to an outfit to make it more interesting. As for lace, we often see it being used for weddings, formal events, and the occasional causal shirt. Whenever I have the chance to wear lace, I do. It is one those textures that instantly makes your outfit more sophisticated and romantic.


What reoccurring trend have you tried? Is there one that you’ll never try? I’ll be trying statement sleeves for the first time in my next post so be sure to check it out.

As always,

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Bandana Trend

Hello darling! How is your election day going today? It has been quite a wild ride and I’m extremely excited that it is coming to an end. I am just hoping that good comes out of this election and not bad. Hopefully the lesser of two evils will win today. For those who are not Americans, pray for us please.

When I’m not hearing incredibly awful quotes from the two candidates or doing homework, I’ve been looking outfit inspiration on Pinterest. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Blair Waldrof inspiration. She has such a unique, girly look that is pretty simple to copy. I decided to create a spin off of her classic, girly looks and make it edgier. Instead of wearing a girly, pussy bow blouse, I decided to wear an more modern and edgier bandana. This bandana trend started last fall and has continued into this fall. It would have been really simple to throw on a simple 18″ necklace or a huge statement necklace, but throwing on a bandana is extremely unexpected. Even though the bandana isn’t a bright color like a ruby red or a cobalt blue, the white pops against the dark hues in my outfit. Some fashion icons even tuck in the ties so it looks as if you’re wearing a choker. I decided to leave out the ties because of how close the vest is hitting my neck. I wanted to make sure you can really see the bandana.

The vest I am wearing is three years old and is from Aeropostale. The military style of this vest really makes an impact to any outfit I pair it with. I love the huge buttons and small zipper detailing on the sides. I think if you can add a vest to a fall outfit you absolutely should. It is something that really just pulls an outfit together and keeps you a little bit warmer. The black dress I am wearing is actually a shirtsleeve dress. In order to make this dress last in the cold, I snuck a black cardigan underneath my vest. I then slipped on a pair of sheer tights and headed out to explore Troy, New York.


What do you think about the bandana trend? How would you style a bandana?

As always,

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10 Items You Need in Your Fall Wardrobe

Hello darlings! How is your September 1st treating you? I hope you have said “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” three times fast. It’s good luck to say it the first of every month!

So, I’ve been in back to school frenzy this past couple of weeks. See, I don’t even move into college until Sunday and I have college fever (the sickness of constantly thinking about going back to school). I just miss seeing everyone’s darling faces. Since I’ve been in the state of mind I’ve been constantly thinking about back to school shopping and what I have and what I need to replace. This post helped me figure out what I still need to get for my fall wardrobe and I hope it helps you too!


Flannels are a great way to spice up any outfit. They are seriously the best way to add an extra element to any outfit. Just throw it around your waist, tuck one under a shirt, or wear it normally. I love throwing on a flannel over a white shirt and then throwing a fall jacket over that. It’s perfect for those chilly mornings and adds a chic factor to any outfit.

Chambray Button Down

Like the flannel, the chambray button down is a great item to just throw over a dress or tie around your waist. However, the difference is that it is more polished than a flannel. If you want to look more dressed up and polished I recommend you wear a chambray button down instead of a flannel. You’ll look like you tried really hard in the morning. Extra bonus points if you ironed it.

Statement Jewelry

I adore statement jewelry. It’s the perfect and simplest touch to any outfit. You can just throw on a jeweled necklace and BAM you look like a million bucks. Personally, I like statement jewelry the most because they can sometimes tell a story and sometimes explain something about you.

A Plain White Tee

This one is so boring but so necessary. You can do so much with a plain white tee… honestly, they’re the root of all happiness. You could probably take over the world in a white tee. They’re the perfect staple that you need in order to layer an outfit in the fall. You can even transition some summer dresses by throwing on a white tee and tying a knot. BAM instant new outfit.



Who doesn’t like to snuggle up wherever they are? That is what big, cozy cardigans are for. I love wearing oversized cardigans because they’re like wearing a blanket. Plus, the extra long ones cover your butt so you have extra protection in case your dress is too short or your pants are just a tad bit too tight. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… perfect for layering!


Stud Earrings

This one might just be something I abide to, but I love my stud earrings. They’re a delicate little detail you can add easily into your outfits. I personally wear pearls or the earrings down below the most. I’m not someone who normally wears big statement earrings so if thats you… go all out! Power to you!



Flats are a staple for your wardrobe because they’re easy to throw on and they’re comfy! These particular ones have a little bit more sass than the average flats but that is what I like about them. I recommend having at least one black pair and maybe even a brown pair. I don’t actually own a brown pair and I’m on the hunt for a pair. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!


Plain Dress

This is my number one staple. I love plain dresses because you can wear them a million different ways. For example, you can put a long sleeve, short sleeve, vest, blazer, jacket, graphic tee, or skirt over the dress and it becomes a completely different outfit. It’s better if you get a dress with straps so it’s easier to layer with other clothing pieces. It’s easier because the neckline will be easier to manipulate.


Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a great way to add a little bit of your personality to  your outfit.This particular graphic tee I love because it shows a sassy, french girl with major attitude. I also love graphic tees with quotes, witty sayings, and funky patterns as well. They’re so much fun to style different ways.


Jean jacket, suede jacket, or leather jacket are all perfect for fall. I personally like having a few on hand so I can layer them. I am in love with this suede jacket I scored at Forever 21 for $7. It is the perfect fall staple.


Those are my top 10 picks that everyone needs in their fall wardrobe. Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you know of any cute brown flat stores. I’m in love with Steve Madden products so it might be hard to stray. I’m willing to try though!

As always,

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Don’t Be a Prick

Hello darlings! I hope your day is going smashingly. I mean it’s summer and it’s warm out so what isn’t to love? Hopefully your summer has been treating you well. If it hasn’t you have about a month and a half left so change your summer for the better.

For those of you who know me well (I’d like to think most of you do), know that I’m obsessed with cacti. I really think they’re my spirit plant. I know people have spirit animals and what not but, for real, my spirit plant is a cactus. Cacti are a lot like me; hard on the outside and sweet on the inside. Okay, I’m not really hard on the outside, but I’d like to pretend I am. Since cacti is pretty much my spirit plant, I really enjoy picking up things that are cacti related. I actually want to make a whole statement wall in my house with just pictures of cacti… I’m that obsessed. But for those who have a strange love for cacti and don’t want to go that extreme, can join the cacti print trend. Luckily for me, the cacti print trend is becoming more and more of a thing. I’ve found so many house hold items, accessories, and apparel that has the cacti print.

I recently found this shirt when I was scrolling through Pinterest one day. I found it on this slightly sketchy website and was a little paranoid for about 3 weeks. Luckily, it came and everything was fine and dandy- actually better than fine and dandy. I was so surprised about the quality of this shirt. It’s incredibly soft, durable, and light weight. I especially adore the little stitching that says, “Beautiful minds inspire others.” As a future educator, this shirt was one in a million.

The dress is from American Eagle and it is made out of this wonderful stretchy material that I love to wear in the summer. I decided to show you two different ways you can wear a dress like this. One is simply wearing it by itself.






The other is putting on a shirt over the dress and tying a knot in it so that the shirt hits the smallest part of your waist. This not only accentuates your curves but it makes a great statement piece. Also, you get to wear the same pieces of clothing in different ways. In the fall, I would possibly put on vest over this shirt and dress combo. It’s all about adding more pieces to make more intricate outfits.



If you’re interested in diving into the cacti love like I am, I made a few Polyvore sets for you to look at. I wasn’t kidding when I said that cacti print is becoming a big thing!


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.16.18 PM

Click here for item information. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.16.39 PM

Click here for item information. I literally want every item in this accessory set! It’s actually a challenge for me not to buy at least a couple items.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.16.54 PM

Click here for item information.

For those who are wondering, the adorable little black lab is named Zeke. He is a 14 week old lab. He belongs to my brother and his girlfriend (Nathan and Heather). These pictures were taken at the farmer’s market we went to. Zeke was the life of the show. He loved meeting people and flopping over so he could get his belly rubbed. Although he is only 14 weeks old, Nathan and Heather have already taught him how to sit, lay dow, spin, shake, stay, paw, under, over, and even to ring a bell when he needs to go outside. He is a very intelligent pup!

If you think he is the cutest puppy in the world like I do… leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing to do in the summer and/or your dream pet. (My dream pets would be a penguin and a french bull dog).

As always,

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Rome Outfit Inspiration

Hello darlings! I have an interesting post for you today. I’ve created a some outfits based on my favorite pictures taken in Rome. You can see more of these awesome photos here. Let’s get started!


Just looking at this chocolate-coffee gelato is making my mouth drool. I decided to mimic the rich coffee flavor with this beautiful jacket. Since the jacket is open on the bust, it makes the outfit very relaxed and casual. However, the shoes and the clutch have a more sophisticated touch so it pulls the outfit together. This outfit would be perfect for going out with the girls.


This was my first plate of spaghetti and I can remember exactly how it tasted! I really liked this shirt because it kind of reminded me of when you’re little and you get spaghetti sauce all over your nice clean shirt. This outfit needed the touch of red to spice it up. This outfit is perfect for going on a date.


This outfit would not only be perfect for walking around the ancient streets of Rome, but it would be perfect for a casual summer concert. Throw on a bunch of layered necklaces and a jean jacket and put some jams on.


This outfit is great for a casual Friday at the office. By pairing a blazer and heels with the graphic shirt and clean cut jeans it makes a perfect balance of casual and professional.


We walked everywhere when we were in Rome, which is why I had to throw in these flats. If you ever think that a dress is too short, throw on an oversized jacket or a cardigan to cover you butt. It is one of my favorite tricks. This outfit is perfect for shopping at the mall or outlets with friends. This crossbody is great because you’re free to move around… a necessity for shopping.


Finally, my favorite outfit! I love this 70’s inspired outfit because of this super retro bandana. It is such a great statement piece that adds so much to this outfit. Plus the skirt  has these very unique trend I talked about last week I talked about last week.

Let me know what your favorite outfit is in the comments down below!

As always,

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Trend Watch: Grommets

Hello darlings! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week.

Some of you may have heard of the grommet trend. It is a metal eyelet that is placed on shoes, bags, dresses, shirts, etc. I admit, I was very sceptical at first. I couldn’t figure out if I liked it. Somehow, the more I see the trend the more I like it. I think it’s a funky way to show some skin without revealing too much. Plus, it incorporates this unique, industrial vibe into your look that no other trend is doing right now. I especially like this style on purses because it shifts the tone of the entire outfit dramatically.

Here are my some of my favorite outfits incorporating the grommet trend:


Sara Sampiona is rocking this fierce trend with studded shoes and a unique silhouette dress. This is such an edgy look that I can’t help fall for. What makes the outfit from going too crazy is the color. If the dress was any other color, it would not have worked as well because it would have been too much going on. Sara did a perfect job keeping this outfit form going over the top.


Victoria Secret model, Taylor Hill, is rocking these edgy grommet pants. I love the mix of cut outs, grommets, and leather in these pants. She did a great job keeping the rest of her outfit plain and simple because of the huge statement from her pants.


Shailene Woodley is rocking this trend as a beach cover up. I really like the way the grommets trickle down the side of the dress. I never thought I would see this trend as a beach cover up but it seems to work very well here.

Now if you’ve jumped on the bandwagon, here are some pieces sporting this edgy trend.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.42.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.42.47 PM.png

If you want to purchase any of these items click here and here.

What do you think about the grommet trend? Do you think it is the best thing since skinny jeans? Or do you think it is the worst thing since shoulder pads? Let me know in the comments down below! If you have any blog posts sporting this trend definitely link them in the comments! I would love to check them out.

As always,

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Prague Outfit Inspiration

Hello darlings! I’m starting a new series on my blog. As you already know, I studied abroad last semester. I ended up going to a few cities and took way too many pictures. I’ve decided to reopen my posts and create outfits from my travels. Here is the first of many…


Isn’t this gingerbread man just the cutest thing in the world? He tasted as good as he looked! To recreate this lovely picture, I picked these adorable loafers from Oasis and paired them with this feminine shirt. I personally love how the tassels on the loafers complements the bow in the shirt. It makes me smile as much as the little gingerbread man.

I’m obsessed with this rain jacket! It’s from Outdoor and Company and also comes in orange and navy. When I look at this picture, I see this beautiful sunset of blues. This is why I decided to pair this classic leaf print shirt with an assortment of blues. I wanted to keep it really casual so I threw in ripped skinny jeans… you can never go wrong with a pair of ripped skinny jeans!

This picture was taken near the John Lennon Wall. I loved how the leaves were changing color and the rustic look of the door. I decided to match this vivid green crop top with a jean skirt. I particularly like this jean skirt because of the scallop detail. I added the camo in this outfit in order to have something a little unexpected. I imagine using it as a cardigan or tying around the waist. In order to soften the look, I paired the skirt with rich caramel colored oxfords and bucket bag.

This very colorful, playful picture is of the John Lennon Wall. Although the wall is actually about peace, I thought I would simulate the edgy colors with an edgy look. I imagine the flannel tied around the waist of this jean shirtdress. I also imagined the shirtdress being slightly unbuttoned in order to show off the statement necklace. To add some color I added this fantastic pair of distressed army green booties.

I know one of the big “fashion rules” is not to mix and match brown and black, but it looks so good! Although the pants are already a statement themselves I wanted to had a little bit more of a pop in this outfit. This is why I added this turquoise necklace. This picture kind of does the same thing with one of the buildings. How beautiful is that sky though?

This wonderful picture was taken from a Starbucks… I know I’m shocked too. The romantic colors in the buildings and the dark roofs made me want to find a darker feminine dress. I paired it up with an edgy purse and earrings to add those darker moods the picture has. However, without going too overboard, I still included feminine pieces like ballet flats and a suede jacket.

This outfit is my favorite of them all. The funky feathers and the statement knee-high boots make this really chic urban look, which is the exact feeling of this marvelous city. If you have a big confidence definitely wear this stunning outfit for a night out on the town!

If you want to see more pictures check out my blog post about Prague. If you want to see how/where you can get any of the items in the outfit pictures click here.

What is your favorite look? If you haven’t noticed I’m really into the 70’s look lately. I can’t get enough of the suede and the denim pieces!

As always,

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