November Recap 2017

I cannot believe the year is almost over and 2018 is just around the corner. Do you just lose all sense of time once you become an “adult”? Seriously, I feel like I just graduated and I’ve already been six months out of college. Please make it slow down!

November was very good to me this year. I was able to travel to Boston with my friend, travel New York City for work, visit Robert in Long Island, and I even went all the way up to Albany for Thanksgiving. During the busy month, I picked up a few favorites…


Favorite Makeup Product: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs designed by Marc Jacobs and advertised by Marc Jacobs is fantastic. (Hopefully, you caught my sarcasm with the name). But for real, I’ve been falling hard for this mascara because of how full it makes my eyelashes. For someone who has little eyes, mascara is the best item to make an impact. I’ve noticed I can’t really cheap out on mascaras because of how easily it flakes off my eyelashes. Thus, I splurged a little bit more and picked up this mascara. I usually put on two coats on both my top and bottom eyelashes and call it a day.

Scents: Comfort from Bath and Body Works

If you read this post, you know I’m actually obsessed with this scent. Patchouli is now my favorite smell in all the world. I’m currently fighting my desire to buy all of Bath and Body Work’s comfort products. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks. Right now their candles are 50% off so make sure you pick up this comfort candle… you won’t regret it!

Favorite Purchases this Month: Earrings from Francescas 

1st top (sold out), 2nd top, 1st Bottom, 2nd Bottom.

These four earrings were part of my Cyber Monday purchases. I was able to score the first two earrings for $5 each and received 30% off the bottom two earrings. Since I received them in the mail, I’ve been wearing the bottom two nonstop. They add the perfect amount of pizzaz to any outfit. I also purchased a dress from Francescas… be sure to be on the look out for that. It’s defintiely not what you’re expecting.

Outfit I’ve been loving: Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Something about this oversized scarf paired with this lacy dress gives me all the feels. Plus, it does help that my favorite color is the accent piece in this look. If you’re ever nervous about wearing a tighter dress just throw on a giant scarf… you won’t even be able to notice if the dress is tight or not.

Favorite Place I visited: Bryant Park in New York City

When I traveled to New York City for a copywriter’s conference, I had free time before my friend finished her day of work. I decided to wander into Bryant Park because I knew that they had their annual Christmas market going on. The market is comprised of little glass huts filled with all sorts of goodies. I ended up buying a handmade ornament, churros, and an empanada.

Best Food I Consumed this Month: Bagelworld Bagels in Brooklyn and Union Square Donuts in Boston. 

There is this bizarre feud between New Jersey and New York City when it comes to bagels. Both places love to tell me that their bagels are the best, so I decided to find out for myself. After eating countless bagels in New Jersey when staying with friends, I decided to try out a Brooklyn bagel. Sorry, New Jersey, but Brooklyn understands bagels. I’m still thinking about the delicious everything bagel I had.

As for Union Square Donuts, if you’re in the Boston area you need to go venture out to this donut shop. Usually, I really only like the frosting part of the donut but the actual donut was out of this world. It was this doughy masterpiece coated with dark chocolate. *Insert Homer Simpson drooling*


Favorite View I’ve seen: Sunset in Long Island.

When I visited Robert in the beginning of the month, he took me to see this beautiful sunset. There were two children and one man fishing while we watched the sun dip below the clouds. I could watch sunsets on the beach every day and not get sick of it.

AudioBooks I’m Loving: Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell and Over-Dressed The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline. 

Amy Odell is a pure genius. She is whimsical, alluring, and I seriously want to be her best friend. She talks about high fashion and the fashion world in such a pure and genuine way. It would be hard not to fall in love with her. She talks about bloggers that have made it big in the world, how to get seen in fashion week, and all of the struggles associated with the high fashion scene. If you love fashion and one day want to see New York Fashion week in all it’s glory (or chaos) this is definitely an audiobook you should listen to.

I was hesitant to Elizabeth’s book on here because I still have about two hours left in the book. However, I’ve been hanging on Elizabeth’s words like an elastic waistband clinging to your skin. The research she has put into this book discussing the actual economic, social, and political cost associated with fast fashion is intense. I’m not even finished with the book yet and she has changed my entire thought process when it comes to fashion. If you’re someone who loves trends but wants to start investing in real, high-quality pieces this is the book for you.

Favorite Quote of the Month: “A strong woman accepts both compliments and criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sunshine and rain for a flower to grow,” Mandy Hale. 

What were your favorites for the month of November? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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October Favorites 2017

October has been full of fun birthdays, last minute costumes, awkwardly hot weather, and fun experimentations with fashion. What has been rocking my world and been keeping me very busy is deciding to write more blog posts. I’ve decided to step up to the challenge and post twice a week. To some fashion bloggers that might not seem like a lot, but I decided I have to post more than my normal weekly post. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to start a “Friday Finds” series.

As for my favorites…

Watermark NYCFavorite View: Brooklyn Bridge view from Watermark

My friend, Courtney, had the brilliant idea of going to Watermark for her birthday. Watermark was hosting their annual Octoberfest filled with tons of beer and $18 pretzels. It was a day filled with good views and even better company. What is not to love  about an event like that?


Favorite Post: “Camouflage: The Most Underrated Pattern in Fashion

I oddly love finding out the history of fashion and how certain styles come to be. For this post, I decided to look into the history of camouflage. Weirdly enough, I found out that camouflage first made its way into the fashion scene because of Vogue. Did you know that there are more than 19 different patterns of camouflage? Yeah, me either.

Clothing Piece I’ve Been Levitating Towards: Embroidered Jeans

If you couldn’t tell from my last post or my most recent Instagram… I’m hooked. It took me one pair of these magical jeans and I already want to order 12 more. I literally want to order this same pair in black. What is wrong with me? Please, someone convince me to buy something else so that my jean drawer still has the ability to close.

Audiobooks I’ve been loving: “#GirlBoss” by Sophia Amoruso and “Leave Your Mark Land Your Dream Job, Kill it in Your Career, Rock Social Media,” by Aliza Licht. 

As some of you may know, I commute and hour to and from work every day. Besides the fact that you could probably see stress wrinkles already forming on my young, twenty-year-old body, you would never know how much I drive every week. That is because I’ve found the magical app “audible” from Amazon. No, I’m not sponsored but I should be at this point. This brilliant app allows me to download all of these fantastic books. This month I was focusing on self improvement so I downloaded Sophia Amoruso and Alizia Licht’s books. Unlike most self-help books, these two authors know how to write helpful information while packing the books filled with funny, personal stories. I hope that by listening to these two books that my inner Girl Boss will break free… a girl can only hope.

Favorite Instagram Stories: Honeygrow in Hoboken, NJ and Wednesday’s Table in Southold, NY.

I’m usually not one to say a picture says a thousand words, but in this case it totally does. Just looking back and these photos is making me hungry. Honeygrow is a build-it-yourself salad or stir fry place. Wednesday’s Table is a restaurant that isn’t open on Wednesday’s and serves delicious scones, sandwiches, gyros, and wraps. Ugh, my stomach is grumbling.

Favorite Quote of the Month: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory,” Dr. Seuss.

What was your favorite part about October? What are you looking forward to this November? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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July Favorites 2017

Hello darlings! Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this weird superstition, but I was told that you’re supposed to say rabbit three times on the first of every month. Try it out, I swear it’s good luck! So back to this post, I haven’t done a monthly favorites in such a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng time. Since I’ve been trying a lot of new things out, I thought I’d give it a try.



Face mask: I usually do a face mask once a week because a girl needs a little r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n if you ask me. I was very curious about sheet masks so I purchased this Korean face mask pack from T.J.Maxx. The box came with five different masks that make you look like a scary monster for about 25-30 minutes. The directions recommend leaving the liquid on your face after you take off the mask so that it sinks into your pours. I wasn’t about that life, so I just washed my face after. I’m a fan of this because it really rejuvenated my skin after I had sun burn. I would buy it again.

Dry Shampoo: Go buy this now. No, literally. Hop in your car and drive to CVS. You’ll thank me as soon as you smell this cucumber and green tea dry shampoo. I’ve been trying (very hard) to not wash my hair as frequently. Typically, I wash my hair every day (please don’t scream at your computer, I know it is bad). This dry shampoo has really been helping me ease into the process of being a dirty, grease ball. I highly recommend this.

Yes to: This was another product I found wandering around T.J.Maxx. Honestly, no sponsor needed, these two products have drastically changed my skin’s completion. I feel so much more confident not wearing make up because how it evened out my skin. I would buy this a thousand times.

Eyebrow Pencil: Okay, I’m about to get super personal. Are you ready for this? I’m 22-years-old and I’ve never owned an eyebrow pencil. I’ve never really felt the need to get one. I would sometimes fill out my eyebrows with light eyeshadow if I felt it was appropriate. I definitely like this it cosmetics eye pencil, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it. I know the make up bloggers are screaming at their computers right now. I’m sorry!

July 2017 Favorites


Braceletes: I’ve been really liking this combination of bracelets. They’re really interesting because I received them all at different special times. The Tiffany peace bracelet was given to me as a high school graduation present, the middle Alex and Ani bracelet was given to me at my college graduation, and the top manta bracelet was given to me by one of my best friends for our college graduation. The mantra bracelet stating “live what you love” really speaks to me because my friends and I are all going on this path where we’re trying to find out what makes us happy as adults. It is a constant reminder that we’re not working for money but instead working for something that we really enjoy. I know many students come out of college with the mindset that they just want to make a ton of money and don’t care about actually enjoying their job. I feel the complete opposite. I just want to love what I do.

Perfume: While I was cleaning my room, I found 20+ mini perfumes. So I’ve been trying a new scent every day and so far I’m really digging these three.

July Favorites 2017


Cacti phone case: Okay so obviously by the three pictures surrounding this text you might think I have a light blue-green vibe going on. You’re totally right. For the longest time I’ve been obsessed with cacti. It’s just something about how sassy they are. So when my other cacti phone case broke, I obviously had to get another. This wonderful case came in the mail yesterday. (I actually bought the bigger one by accident but thankfully amazon is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l when it comes to returns.)


Project: My big project this month was redecorating my room so it would have more of an adult vibe. Since I’ll be commuting to work from my home for the next two years, I decided I needed a more responsible color. My room was this hot pink color that swallowed up the room and made it look like I was living in a candy box.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably saw my plethora of room decor pictures. I ended up going to home depot and collected a book worth of paint samples. I finally decided on First Rain. Expect a room tour post very soon (I’m just waiting on a mini rug to come in from amazon).

Girl on the Train: I just purchased this book from Amazon last week. I’m so excited to crack the spine open and start reading. Let me know if you’ve ever read it before!

Three songs I’m totally into right now:

Podcast I’m listening to on the way to work:

  • Anna Faris is Unqualified. For the love of all humanity: listen, cry, laugh, smile, scream… you’ll do it all listening to this podcast.


Her Campus: Honestly, I’m incredibly sad I didn’t take this opportunity earlier in college. I think it is definitely an event that anyone who wants a great job/life one day should go and see.

Fourth of July: I was lucky enough to spend Fourth of July weekend at with my boyfriend. We did a good amount of fishing, laughing, and swimming. What more could you want in the summer? We also were able to check out Lavender by the Bay, which is definitely a must see attraction if you ever visit the North Fork of Long Island.


What do you think about these types of posts? Since I haven’t done them in so long, I’m not sure if people really want to see the weird items I’m trying out. Let me know what you think about monthly favorites, if you have any ideas on what I should post about, or even have any questions. I’d be all ears.

As always,

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Monthly Favorites: January 2016

Hello darlings! I used to do monthly favorites a couple of times last year. I want to start doing them a little bit more frequently. They’ll range from favorite recipes to new videos I have found. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve always loved the “100 years of __” and I found this wonderful one showing 100 years of fitness! I thought it was so cool.


I’m obsessed with this candle from Bath and Body Works. It smells like if you put happiness into a bottle, filled it with red apples, and then sprinkled cinnamon on top. I am aware that it is a fall scent, but I’m someone who loves fall smells. I really can’t get enough of them. I’d be totally okay if fall lasted all year long.



This month I’ve been obsessed with the color Bobby Dazzler by Butter London. I wore this color for New Years Eve and loved it. It’s such a statement nail polish because it looks like you put tin foil on your hands. All night long I kept looking a my hands admiring the color.



My favorite jewelry of this month has to be these three rings from Francesca’s. I received them for Christmas and I have worn them very, very frequently. When I do a look book you’ll definitely see some of these rings in the pictures.


Favorite DIY of the month: My dream catcher! Mind you I only did one DIY this month, but I’m literally obsessed with how this came out. Every time I go in my room I look at it. If you missed my post on in click here.


Favorite photo of the month has to be this one. It was the first photo taken this year and I love it. It pretty much reflected how little I did over the winter break… thinking about that now that I have a few essays due next week!


What is your January recap? Did you do anything fantastic or did you fall in love with a new product? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

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Moody March

March is one of those months that seems to just drag on. It’s like we’re almost done with winter but not quite. So if you’re tied of winter and need something to cheer you up read on to hear about some fun things that happened in the month of March. If this doesn’t cheer you up just think… it’s almost spring!

This video had me laughing like a crazy person. I actually had tears running down my face and was cackling like a witch. I’ve showed it to almost any fellow college student that has come into contact with me. Some don’t find it as funny as me, but I still think its the best thing on the internet.

I went to an Eric Church concert for Rob’s birthday with him and our friend James. There was an incredible amount of people. We met up with another Siena girl and she was actually close enough to touch Eric’s hand! Pretty awesome! I got really hot around the end of the concert and had to go sit down (I’m a party pooper I know). So I left everyone to go sit down and got this crazy photo of the crowd. We were actually right by the stage on the right! Very close if I say so myself!


This month is the home of St. Patrick’s Day! Although I’m not Irish it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the fun of the parades and green food! Two of my friends (Micky and Emily) and I made shirts for the Albany St. Patrick’s day Parade. We basically got a plain green shirt, fabric paint, cover shape sponges, and glitter. It was a little cold and but it was still a lot of fun. Honestly, the best part was getting ready to go to the party with our fantastic tattoos, glitter filled shamrocks, and rhinestone eyes. Also a random man gave me a ring pop so thats always awesome.


These stupid chocolate eggs have me feeling some type of way. Cadbury Mini eggs are honestly my weakness. I’ll say I’m only going to eat like three of them and I end up eating twenty. They’re addicting so if you’ve never had them before and you want your life to be ruined by chocolate goodness then I suggest you buy a bag.


If you thought my egg addiction was the only bad thing in my life then think again. We went on a ‘road trip’ to Saratoga and ended up going to Druthers for dinner. Above was their special for the day (Texan burger). It has onions, cheddar, burger (obviously), bacon, and pulled pork.  So my heart raced a lot after and my cholesterol probably is through the roof but it was by far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. My brother was actually disappointed I did not get their famous mac and cheese, but I was happy. Maybe next time I’ll try the mac and cheese. Also if you’re 21 then you should probably try their beer when you visit. Druthers is a brewery and my brothers rave about their beer.

We walked down the streets of Saratoga after because it was warm (good ol’ 40°). The street has little boutiques left and right. A lot of people were walking around for a Friday night.  We eventually found a cute little Gelato store. The owner, Eugene, was from Siena and was convinced that he invented Tide Pods. He also gave us a free cup of Gelato of his favorite flavor. If you’re ever in Saratoga these two places need to be visited!

unnamedGated Cafe

Another week Courtney, Micky, and I went the Iron Gate Cafe in Albany for brunch (these names will be popping up a lot over the fall when we adventure to Italy). My brother, Nathan, and his girlfriend took Rob, Andrew (my other brother), and me from brunch a week or two earlier. Obviously I needed to show my friends what the fuss was about and they fell into the obsession. The place is very unique, each room has a different type of feel. The two times I was there it was fairly packed so we waited 15 minutes to get seated. The main room is the takeout room where most people are waiting to be seated or trying to get food to go. The first time I went I was seated in a pink, old fashioned room with lace curtains. The second time I was seated in this bright turquoise room that had albums and pictures of Elvis everywhere. When we were seated, I was eager to get the Roasted Turkey B.L.A.T. again, which is basically roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and the most wonderful “pesto” mayo. You also get to pick your choice of toasted locally baked bread. Yum, yum, yum. My friends got breakfast food that looked equally as delicious. If you’re in Albany and need a place to get brunch, I highly recommend going to the Iron Gate Cafe.

unnamed-5 unnamed-4 Cheesecake p

If you still have room you could go to the Cheesecake Machismo, which is 6 minutes away from the Iron Gate Cafe. Okay, so I’m kind of a snob when it comes to cheesecakes. I used to think that the Albany Pump Station was the best cheesecake (I still love you guys!) but after tasting the cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo I’m blown away. I don’t think I had real cheesecake until now. I’m serious! Their cheesecake wasn’t overbearingly heavy like the Cheesecake Factory or too watery like a fake frozen cheesecake from a random chain restaurant. It was creamy, sweet, and soft. The little shop was filled with all these little nerdy comics and action figures. The weirdest part was that they had a book of all the different cheesecakes with just drawings of them. It was so cool and quirky. Since they only make a select amount of cheesecakes for the day, you have to check the website if you want a certain flavor.

As always,

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Juicy January Favorites


I’m in love with this Cinnamon Sugared Donut Candle from Bath and Body works. This candle isn’t as strong as the other Candle I mentioned last month, but it fills the room up with a sweet, fairytale smell. It reminds me of a fair (Durham Fair) and freshly baked food from a bakery. I especially like how the lid is old fashioned and rustic. But I think my favorite part of this candle is the fact that I got it for $9 instead of its normal $22 price range because it was on sale. Hello bargain!


My brother, Nathan, got me this necklace from J.Crew for Christmas. Since I’ve been wearing it I have gotten a compliment every single time. I really like pairing it with different textures like cashmere shown above and silk it makes it sparkle a little bit more. What girl doesn’t love sparkly things!


I have two movie favorites for the month of January. I went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in the beginning of the month and loved it. I had to explain a lot of the movie to Rob when we went because he had never seen any of the movies. He ended up liking it despite not really knowing what was going on.

My new favorite song, The Hanging Tree actually comes from this movie by Jennifer Lawrence. She has such a wonderful voice and the background music fits in perfectly.

The second movie I saw was American Snipper. Rob and I went last night with two of our friends and it was such a great movie. You really connect with the patriotism U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) depicted in the movie. I had goose bumps at various times throughout this movie. This is an outstanding movie that I think really needs to be viewed. When we were all leaving the movie the whole room was silent.


My brother’s girlfriend, Heather, got me these Hair Ties made by Loft. I really like the different patterns and how well they stay in my hair. These ties are specially made so that they don’t leave creases in your hair after you take them out. It’s really nice on a Friday where I already did my hair and have to go do the gym before getting ready to go out. That way after I go to the gym, I don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing that annoying hair crease in my head. These are a must when it comes to working out and getting ready to go out later.


To add to my sparkling water addiction, Golden Peach by Clear American is by far the closest thing to soda without it actually being soda. It tastes just like a normal soda but without that gross sticky feeling in your mouth after. Yet again, it is sparkling water so it is 0 calories and 0 nutritional information. They do only sell them at Walmart and they are very cheap so definitely look into this brand.


I have met the most comfortable moccasins and fuzzy socks known to man. Once you put on the Wicked Good Moccasins by L.L.Bean you’ll never want to take them off. They come in five different colors (Blue, Brown, Chocolate Brown, Natural, and Vintage Red). I obviously got the Vintage Red color and it’s the most perfect shade of existence. The fuzzy sides make your entire foot feel like it’s inside a cloud. Legit, go into an airplane and think of touching those awesome puffy clouds and thats pretty much what my feet have been in the past month or so. My roommate also got a pair but in the blue and she agrees with me. She’s actually worn them out and about to class and to the dinning hall. These amazing penguin socks that, my best friend, Micky, got me them. I oddly collect everything penguin and she got me these socks to join my creepy collection. I love these socks. Is it weird to be in love with an article of clothing because I fell hard? Aeropostale/Micky you did good.


Since it around that time where everyone at college gets sick, I needed to stock up on my antibacterial soap. Bath and body works makes an array of delicious smelling hand sanitary soaps, washes, and basically anything that can help make sure you’re not going to catch a cold from the person three doors down the hall. They even have these adorable covers for the antibacterial hand sanitary. It is perfect for me, who wishes this -6° will go away soon and head quickly over to spring. The blue one is called Cocktails and Confetti and this man came into my work and told me I smelt like candy. It was sweet but a 50 year old man should probably not be saying that to a 20 year old. But if you want people to smell you and perhaps even tell you that they want to eat you up, stop into Bath and Body works and get a bunch of these crazy, delicious smells.

As always,

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December Favorites

Nail Polish

First Row from left to right:

  • Revlon Parfumerie in the color Bordeaux. I know these perfumes are supposed to smell good, but it really does not smell like anything other than nail polish. I really love how well this color shows up on the nails its a very bright and rich color.
  • Maybelline Color Show in the color Gilded Rose. 
  • Maybelline Color Show in the color Neutral Statement. In the month of December, I used these two Maybelline colors to the extreme. I typically put the gold color on my ring fingers and the neutral colors on the rest of the fingers. It makes your nails look so polished and clean. Clearly one of my favorites.
  • Nuance Salma Hayek in the color Prickly Pear. This has always been one of my favorite colors because of the brand. I don’t know how Salma Hayek does it but this brand of nail polish always is perfect. I honestly barely even need to put two coats on my nails because it glides on so well.

Bottom row was a gift from my brother’s girlfriend, Heather. I have no idea what the colors are called but I love how vibrant the three of these are. My favorite one is the middle one, which is currently on my nails.


I finally did it! I finally gained enough courage and bought a Kate Spade bag. I was deciding between this bag, Cassie, and the Southport Avenue Carmen. I’m so happy with my choice. This bag is so perfect for what I wanted. I needed a bag that I can put on my shoulder and can also hold with just my hand. Since I always cary a water bottle, I needed something durable to withstand that weight and big enough to hold it. Thats why I picked this bag. The bag originally sold for $335, but I actually got it for $93.50! It was 60% off and then an extra 30% off because my friend’s mom works at the store. I’ve never been happier with my first real bag.


This candle, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, is from Bath and Body Works and it is by far one of the most heavenly smells I have smelt. Before you even light the candle, the whole room smells of Cinnamon, which happens to be one of my favorite aromas. Definitely a smell you need to stop by and enjoy. Plus look how cute the lid is!


I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews of the Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover so I decided to to try it out. And let me tell you, it works wonders. I was breaking out pretty bad at a school so I needed something to help me fix my skin. I received this present when I came home, so I’m not quite sure if my skin started to clear up because I was finally home or because of this product. However, it did clear up my skin and it didn’t dry it out like normal products do to my skin. Definitely recommended.


I received these pearls by the Honora Collection from my parents for my birthday. I love pearls because of how classic they look. These pearls are a little bit different from most pearl earrings because they come with what Honora calls “Happy Backs”. The backs are more secure and comfortable than other backs because they’re slightly bigger.


I received the Miss Dior perfume for christmas and it smells exactly like my perfume… well in my mind. Miss Dior created this perfume for an, “elegant and spirited young woman in love. She personifies the spontaneous joie de vivre of today’s young women, representing a particular type of freedom and seduction. The fragrance is characterised by an instant and captivating charm.” I couldn’t agree more. This perfume reminds me of someone just becoming an adult but not quite there. Personally, I can’t read descriptions and smell the perfume so if you’re really curious take a trip to Macy’s. When you buy this perfume you actually get a cute little leather bag filled with extra samples and a little Macy’s mirror.


This beautiful Burnish Angel Wing necklace is from Rob. It’s handmade in Alaska and I think thats the coolest thing ever. He often calls me his angel, hint at the wings. He wrote a letter that came with the necklace, which plays a big part of why I love this present so much. I’ve been wearing it practically every day since I received it.IMG_0556

I am officially obsessed with this delicious Perrier sparkling water. It has a hint of grapefruit so it’s not just drinking carbonated water and let me tell you… I found heaven. I’ve drank 10 of these just today. But no worries, its just water so no calories like soda. I love squeezing lemon into it so it gets a little bit more flavor. Plus lemon is great for your skin and your liver so its a win win.