What to Pack for a Trade Show in the Spring

I’m currently writing this post on a flight to Pasadena, California for a trade show and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you have most likely noticed that I’ve been traveling constantly for work. So far this year I’ve been to California three times, Texas once, and Arkansas once (for fun). My trade show packing skills have drastically improved so I thought I should share my packing advice with you.

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Pack a pair of comfy shoes.

This is by far the best advice I can give you because I brought shoes on my first trade show that cut the back of my feet up so badly that I was limping in the airport the whole way home. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and find comfortable flats that mold to your feet. Depending on the trade show you may be able to get away with wearing a nice leather slip on as well. Just make sure you boss says it’s okay. I’ve been wearing this pair of Steve Maddens religiously but I also wear this pair of suede J.Crew flats when it is a dressier trade show. I’m still on the lookout for a good in-between flat for both occasions.

Pack a good pair of headphones that has a headphone jack.

I recently updated my phone to the iPhone X because my iPhone 6 just stopped working on me. This new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack so when I’m on a long flight I need to remember to bring two different types of headphones- one that fits for my phone and one that fits the movie screen jack.

You can’t go wrong with a neutral pair of dress pants.

The thing is about neutral pants is that if you don’t have enough room in your bag you can pack only one pair of pants. 95% of the people will not notice that you’re wearing the same exact pair of pants from day one on day three. If they do notice, then they’re paying attention way too much. I bought a pair of olive green pants and a light gray pair from the Banana Republic. They’re beyond comfortable and I love how they sit slightly higher than a normal pair of pants.

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Try to stay away from dresses and skirts.

I go back and forth on this tip very often because I absolutely love dresses but they’re so inconvenient for trade shows. If you really want to wear one try not to wear on the same day you’re setting up or breaking down your booth. You’ll be bending over a lot and you know the end result for that. The same also goes with low-cut shirts!

Dress in layers.

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable at a trade show so make sure you pack a cardigan or a jacket so if you get hot or cold you can be comfortable. I’m a huge fan of suede jackets and oversized blazers for trade shows. Plus, layers are perfect for wearing on the plane because they are either super cold plane ride or super hot plane ride.

Don’t forget to pack clothes for exploring!

I love exploring the area around the trade show. I mean isn’t that the perk of traveling for work? The best way to make sure you pack the right clothes is to look up on Pinterest or do a quick Google search on the best things to see or do in the area. I plan on traveling 20 minutes to see the Hollywood sign and explore Old Pasadena. Make sure you check my Instastories for that! Also, you can see what I did on my last trip to California here.

Suede Jacket (Similar) | Jean Jacket | Black Cardigan

Do you ever go to trade shows for your job? Do you ever travel for your job? Let me know in the comments down below.

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How to Spice Up a Graphic Tee

Hello darlings! Are you being hit by this miserable cold wave? I’m back in Connecticut and it has been in the low 50°’s all week AND it has been raining. Talk about a double-edge-sword.

On the brighter side, this outfit is always my go-to mood booster. This is something about a quirky, graphic tee and a bold, print skirt that puts on one of those feel good smiles on my face. (Speaking of which, my cacti obsession has not ended… I may have just received this cacti print shirt! I’m in love!)


Graphic tees can sometimes be tricky to style. Trust me, I went through a weird phase in middle school where I loved buying graphic tees but would only style them with dark wash skinny jeans. What is the fun in that?

Tip: Spice up that sassy tee with some equally sassy elements. 

By adding more patterns and textures in your outfit, you automatically make it so that your outfit is more eye catching. The trick to adding either color or sassy bottoms into your graphic tee is looking at what the pieces have in common. Now, obviously white and black go with everything. Sorry, you caught me… I went for the easy way out. However, if this shirt was in same green the skirt has and still said this fun saying, it would still go perfectly. I love picking a color that is barely represented in a wild pattern like that green and wearing that color as a top. This makes the little color representation stand out and make it more alluring.


Tip: Tie the graphic tee in a knot to give the outfit more dimension. By doing this you automatically make your outfit look more flattering on your body. 

The majority of this outfit (tee and skirt) is from Banana Republic. I admit, I rarely ever shop at Banana Republic. I might need to lurk their graphic tee section more because this tee has been on my body nonstop lately. I currently am dreaming about this shirt on sale and this shirt that would look great with high waisted green pants. I usually style this En Blanc En Noir shirt with a knot because it breaks down the material bulk. Plus, it gives my outfit even more sass.


What does your favorite graphic tee say/look? How do you normally style it? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Back to School Haul

Hello darlings! I did some major back to school shopping with my family. After moving my brother and his girlfriend into their new house, we stopped at the Lee outlet in Massachusetts. The next three days we hiked up to Maine and visited Kittery and Freeport (wait to see the pictures on Sunday to see the delicious food we ate).

Bath and Body Works is having a fantastic sale right now! Their candles are usually $22.50 for just one candle but right now the candles are buy two for $24! If you’re a candle lover like me then you’re probably an abnormal amount of excited. Maybe you even stopped reading this post to go buy some awesomeness.

I ended up purchasing Buttercream Icing, Marshmallow Fireside, Leaves, and Nantucket Sail. They all smell delicious! I think my favorite one would have to be between Marshmallow fireside and Leaves. Leaves is the perfect smell for fall and when the leaves start changing. However, Marshmallow Fireside is perfect for 365 days of the year.


Aeropostale always has fantastic sales, and I’m not just saying that because I worked there last summer! If you don’t believe me take what I got at the Lee outlet to mind.

I purchased a top that literally has all my favorite fashion elements except lace. The back is open interesting and scrappy, the feminine silhouette, the front has these cute little bohemian tassels at the top, and it has an interesting geometric pattern. What isn’t to love? Okay, so it gets better… the top is ‘originally’ $42.50 and I got it for $9.99.


 Sticking to the black and white geometric pattern I purchased this really cool shift/flare dress. Like the shirt, the dress has a funky scrappy back that I love. So the dress was ‘originally’ $52.50 and I got it for $9.99.


Next was Under Armour. I didn’t really need new sports bras but my mom kind of insisted. They had a fantastic sale. Depending on which bra you’re talking about they range from $24.99 to $29.99. So they were on a clearance rack that was already marked down and then you get an additional 20% off the lowest ticketed price. The bra with the black band was originally $24.99 marked down to $14.97 and then marked down to $11.97. The other two bras were originally $29.99 marked down to $17.97 and then marked down again to $14.97.

If you have never worn Under Armour sports bras I really recommend them. They’re incredibly soft and flexible. I have a few Nike sports bras and don’t like them as much because they have so much material to them. With the Under Armour bras it feels like you’re not wearing a bra but gives you a ton of support at the same time.


I did pretty well in Lee, but I did even better in Kittery!
I’m really into dresses lately if you have not figured that out already. Charlotte Russe was having a great sale on dresses. Two of these dresses were on sale for $20 and then one was on sale for $15. I looked on RetailMeNot and found this coupon that takes $10 off 50 or more. It is valid until September 1st.

This was the dress that was on sale for $15. It’s such a cute pattern and I love the quirky straps.

American Eagle was the only store I purchased something full price ($39.99). I felt a little guilty doing it, but I’ve been eyeing this dress since it came out online. The color looks really beige in the picture but it’s actually a more pinky color. A better comparison of the color would be a lighter version of the pink Charlotte Russe dress I bought. If you want this dress I recommend buying it online. Out of the 3 American Eagles I went to this was the only one that had a medium! It also comes in a light grey.

I’m not really one who shops at Ann Taylor, but I decided to go in the store. I ended up buying a tan and a white pair of shorts for $14.99 each and a pair of tights for $10. (White pair isn’t pictured below because I was wearing them when I took the picture).

Freeport I went a little crazy. My first destination was Banana Republic. I ended up buying one graphic tee ($20), two white tees and one red tee ($7.19 each), one black long sleeve tee ($8.99), and one black cardigan ($34.99). I really love the graphic tee because it can be worn over dresses to make different outfits. If you’re a student make sure you show your student ID because they offer a 15% discount.

I really like this cardigan for Italy because it’s very thick. If you happen to want to buy it just know it runs big! I ended up getting an XS and I usually get a medium.


Loft has a great selection on clearance stuff so I went there next. I ended up getting these two shirts for $14.99 each. They’re very practical and great for teaching down the road.

Next stop was Ambercrombie and Fitch. The outlet in Maine usually has really cute going out tops, however, this year they did not. I ended up only getting this dress ($15.99).

Next was Gap where I got two skirts. I actually got my first midi skirt (40% off $44.99: $26.99). that I’ll be able to wear teaching down the line. It’s kind of funny because two years ago you wouldn’t see me dead in one. I also got this really cute floral skirt that was 70% off $39.99 ($12.00).


If you read my blog religiously, which obviously you do, then you’d know I’m a pretty big J. Crew fan. I love their funky patterns and loud jewelry. I ended up getting this fantastic splatter paint shirt ($14.44), two pairs of tights ($8.63), and this necklace ($18.61).


The last store was The Walking Company. Since I’ll be walking a lot in Italy, I wanted to get some shoes that I could walk a lot in and not complain about my feet hurting. Based on a million blogs, the locals don’t wear sneakers out and about. So I decided to get these Danish shoes from The Walking Company. They’re not the normal shoes I would wear. Like the midi skirt, I wouldn’t be caught dead in these two years ago. But as people grow, tastes change. It was my first experience in The Walking Company and it was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in a store. The sales assistant makes you walk past this mat in your left foot, your right foot, and then with both of your feet together. I found out I have an extremely high arch… Literally none of it touches the mat. I also hold most of my body up on my heels and big toe. It even told me that I use my right foot more (kind of weird because I’m left handed). Even if you don’t like the shoes I ended up getting I recommend going into The Walking Company and try out their machine and shoes. I’ve never had a comfier pair of shoes and good of service.


How is your back to school shopping going? I would love to see any of your hauls so please post your link to this post! Don’t forget to check back Sunday to see all the delicious food I ate in Maine and even some of the items I almost bought! I might be slightly regretting not buying one item…

As always,

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