What I’ll Remember Most About Siena College

Hello darling! This post is full of tear jerks and sappy stories… but would it be a college recap if it didn’t? Saturday I went to senior formal with all of the lovely friends I’ve made over the past four years and Monday was the last time I’ll walk out of a classroom at Siena college. It was my last college class… wow, that is scary to type! &Yesterday was when I finished my last undergrad assignment. So, yes, I’m feeling a boat load of emotions.

But how did I get to this point? Four years ago, I was not the person I am today. That may be cliche to say, but I’m a different person from who I was when I was awkwardly brought my belongings into my first dorm. I remember my father telling me that I had to register myself by myself. I was nervous and awkward but it was certainly something he needed to let me do by myself. I shyly got my handbook and saint card and knew this was going to be in interesting four years.

Over the years, I’ve met some incredible people. The Siena community has impacted my life with one open door at a time.





To making friends from the first night in college, to making friends in Italy. My perspective has changed due to these wonderful people. From expanding my horizons away from Dunkin’ Donut’s bagels to dreaming about when my friends come back with Long Island or New Jersey bagels. To realizing people actually say ‘aunt’ like ‘ant’ (still not over it). To realizing no one actually likes tequila (why?). To realize each and every one of us get a little bit home stick once in a while. Each person of the Siena community has changed my perspective to being more openminded and curious. Those are traits you cannot just learn magically over night. Hearing the Siena community’s unique perspectives has helped me become an overall more accepting person, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Senior FormalSenior Formal

Mickey’s Dress My dress |My ShoesCourtney’s Dress

The Siena class of 2017 has given me memories I’ll cherish for years to come. I’ll remember yelling out the windows freshman year, cramming during midterm and finals week, getting lost in multiple countries, buying random fish tanks, being dragged to more Starbucks in foreign countries than in America, each trifecta, Chowderfest and Larkfest, Thursday nights, chucking jolly ranchers out the windows at passing freshman, tarpozia, dressing like creatures for theme parties and halloween, getting brunch at Iron gate, blowing up 300 balloons, Siena fest, losing my voice at basketball games, jumping in pools fully clothed, the list goes on and on and the memories do not stop. These people have created memories I’ll never forget because these people are unforgettable. (Cliche but relevant).

Senior FormalSenior Formal

And the new friends that I’ve made just this year. You’ve made this year incredibly exciting and perplexing to how our livers are still existing (sorry mom and dad!). Thank you all for being remarkably you.

With each laugh and each tear shed, I know I made the best decision of my life four years ago. I’m glad to be a Siena alumna…. in 10 days. Not a day shorter or longer.

Senior Formal

Senior week begins on Sunday and I look forward to showing you a little piece of my life. I’ll be going to Saratoga, on a cruise in Troy, a champagne toast, the ‘beach’ if it is nice, and actually graduating on the 14th with all these wonderful people. I hope to cling to every second of these last days. Look out for a few tear jerker posts coming soon.

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Everyone Has Room in Their Closet for a Paisley Dress

Hello, darlings! Have you been having a wonderful, warm April? It has been in the 70s all week so I had to break out some of my dresses. This is one of my favorite dresses and I tend to wear it any chance I can. It’s incredibly comfy and it has this funky triangle cut out that I love. Sometimes I don’t wear it with the cut out and I just unbutton the string and tuck them under the shirt.


I’m a slightly obsessed with oversized cardigans. This one, in particular, is my all time favorite because of the rich burgundy color and the random holes on the sleeves. It even has pockets! If This cardigan came in every color every cardigan would be in my closet right now.

The best thing about oversized cardigans is that you can wear them so many different ways. It’s also a great tool if you want to wear a dress or a skirt, but you’re afraid that it may be too short. If you throw on an oversized cardigan then you can easily hide your butt and make sure you’re not revealing too much. It’s a win-win.


Also, how fantastic is this paisley pattern? This is actually the first paisley piece that has entered my wardrobe. If you didn’t already know, purple is one of my favorite colors to wear so I fell in love with this dress right away.


I cannot wait until I’m tan again! I miss sitting out in the sun in the summer and soaking up the rays. Plus, I’m forever grateful for all the dresses I’ve been able to wear lately. Any excuse to wear not wear jeans I’m in.

What is your favorite print to wear? Paisley, polka dots, stripes, floral.. the list goes on and on. Let me know in the comments down below!

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Lavender Luxury

Hello darlings! If you saw my Sunday post you would see that I went to the mansions in Rhode Island. If you haven’t see that post already of the lovely mansions click on me. I wore a lovely lavender dress from Tobi and tied a gold sparkled white tank top from American Eagle. I love this dress so much. You can easily wear it up or down. I wore it casually by tying the tank top over the dress and paring it with flats. You could easily wear this as a dressier dress by adding statement jewelry and heels. It’s also one of my favorite dresses because lavender is one of my favorite colors. Win win. DSCF3328 DSCF3361 DSCF3342 DSCF3343 DSCF3355 DSCF3357 DSCF3358 Triangle braclet: J.Crew Yarn bracelet: Made by yours truly. Sparkly bracelet: I found this in a random ally when I went to Germany. DSCF3385 Obviously, I had to feel the nice warm breeze.

Join the discussion: How do you make a dress more casual? 

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