The Best things to See in La Jolla, California

Last week, I took a break from writing blog posts so that I could explore while I was on a work trip. But man, let me tell you I really missed writing all my thoughts and communicating on this platform.

Since I knew I was going to have some downtime after trade show hours in La Jolla, I decided to look up a few things to see in the area. I didn’t want to travel all the way down to the center of San Diego because I knew I didn’t have that much time to see things. So instead, I ended up finding things in near La Jolla. Check out what I saw while I was in San Diego for a few days.

Sunny Jim Cave, San Diego

Sunny Jim Cave, San DiegoIMG_1286

Sunny Jim Cave

Since I was traveling for work, I knew my time to explore was going to be very limited. I made it my goal to see Sunny Jim Cave if I didn’t see anything else. Lucky for me, we had some extra time on Tuesday to explore.

Sunny Jim Cave was built in 1903 as a tourist destination. It originally was just a steep descent down into a cave with just a simple rope. A few years later, 145 steps were built into the cave. The way the folktale is told, bootleggers used the cave as a way to distribute whiskey to San Diego. To visit the cave, you pay $5 and work your way down the 145 steps. Save your breath because you’re going to have to crawl your way back up.

Tip: you can also walk on top of the cave through an entrance left of the gift shop. You’ll see some amazing views just watch your step because it’s a long way down!



La Jolla Cove

Right next to the Sunny Jim Cave is an adorable path where you can walk along the beach where… tons of seals are! Oh my goodness, I loved watching them waddle their little bodies across the beach. The entire walk takes about half an hour to an hour depending on how fast you want to take a stroll. We ended up turning around at Children’s Beach where most of the seals are.

We actually watched a lady go on the beach with a selfie stick to try to take a picture with one of the biggest seals. The seal almost bit her and made loud sounds, yet she continued to fumble with her phone to get the “perfect picture.” Don’t be like this lady, these seals are wild creatures and they will bite your fingers off. Sometimes it is better to watch from afar then be up and close with some wild animals.

Note: When the breeze does not blow the correct way it can smell like an entire zoo just punched you in the face. If you have a sensitive nose be aware of this.

Scripps Pier, La JollaIMG_1349Scripps Pier, La JollaScripps Pier, La JollaScripps Pier, La Jolla

Scripps Pier 

I tried to limit my pictures for Scripps Pier in this post but it was just too hard! After my last day at the trade show, I ended up walking 2 miles to Scripps Pier from La Jolla Sheraton. I put my headphones on and walked past University of California San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I actually took the first three photos from a lookout point from the Institution of Oceanography.

There were a ton of professional photographers waiting for the sun to set so I had to awkwardly crawl below them to be able to take a few pictures. Check out my tweet to see what that looked like. If you want to get an “instagramable” photo of the pier make sure you go a few hours before the sunset to avoid all these photographers or just crawl your way into the crowd like I did.

Tip: Wait until sunset! Seeing the sun dip behind the west coast water was such a beautiful sight. Plus, you have to dip your feet in the water as well!

Have you ever been to San Diego or California? Let me know in the comments down below. 

P.S. My next trade show is in Pasadena, California so let me know if you’ve ever been or have any tips on what to see. I’m definitely going to try and see the Hollywood sign my last day!

As always,

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What to See and Do in Northwest Arkansas

This past weekend, my father and I traveled to Northwest Arkansas to visit my brother, Andrew. My brother moved down to Arkansas two years ago to become the head brewer for JBGB. I had a such an incredible time exploring a new state and seeing my brother do what he loves. While I was there, we were able to explore what Northern Arkansas has to offer. If you’re ever in the area here are a few things you should check out.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Location: Bella Vista

The first full day we were in Arkansas we traveled up to the Bella Vista to leisurely walk the well-groomed nature trail. This ‘hike’ was more of a stroll but it was equipped with quirky bridges, streams of water, and a great view. This hike is perfect for someone who wants to get out of the house and just have a fun time.

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

Location: Bella Vista

A five-minute drive from the nature trail is the captivating Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel. The chapel was designed by a local architect in memory of Mildred B. Cooper. The entire structure is inspired by the cathedrals designed in the middle ages and is built with thirty-one tons of steel and 4,460 square feet of glass. I didn’t take any pictures inside the chapel so you’ll just have to see this gem for yourself!

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

The history behind Crystal Bridges is that Sam Walton’s, owner of Walmart, daughter wanted to create a gallery where she could showcase her love for the arts. The incredible building is designed by Moshe Safdie and is home to artists such as Georgia O’Keef, Norman Rockwell, Andy Warhol, and so many more. There are also architecture gems all throughout the building and even exhibits outside of the museum such as Frank Lloyd Wright house.

I was incredibly blown away by how magical Crystal Bridges was. The entire place from the building’s structure to the collection of art inside its walls was surreal. When I studied abroad, I went to a few art museums but none of them stuck with me like this one. This would be reason enough to visit Arkansas.

Original Walmart Store

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

If you know anything about Arkansas, you probably saw this coming. Arkansas is home to the first ever Walmart store. Although, it was called something else back then. Located in a little time square you can find the original Walton’s running in all its glory.  Next to the original store, you can even go through the history of Walmart equipped with the history of Sam Walton.


Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Obviously, I had to save the best for last. I was able to tour JBGB and see what my brother has been talking about for the past two years. It was one thing to hear about how the beer process works and another to actually see how it is done. If you’re in Arkansas and want to see how the beer process works you can easily contact JBGB to set up a date.

Alongside the brewery my brother works for, is an adult playground equipped with the second largest music venue in Arkansas, beach volleyball, ping pong, shuffleboard, bocce ball, and a wading pool. During the summer, JBGB throws a summer concert series with regional and national acts. You can eat food, play games, and drink all while listening to some of the best regional and national acts around. Since I went this past weekend, I wasn’t able to see the concert series but I can only imagine what it is like once it is warm again!

Have you ever visited Northern Arkansas? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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24 Hours in Mystic, Connecticut

Hello lovely reader! This past weekend I spent the day with my boyfriend in Mystic, Connecticut. As many of you know, he lives in Long Island so I frequently visit the ferry in New London. Mystic is about 15 minutes north of the ferry and I’ve only been once when I was very, very little. So, I had the brilliant idea go to exploring this past weekend. It’s always nice to get out and explore even if it is only an hour away.

Mystic, Connecticut


Our first stop was in Olde Mistick Village located right off the exit. Yes, it’s really spelt like that I checked like 15 times, I swear. The adorable little village is definitely a tourist trap, but I couldn’t help but google my eyes when I saw adorable little Christmas shops and gimmicky stores that handed out tie dye sweatshirts with “Mystic” labeled in large letters. The tourist trap got me and I have no apologies for it!

If you’ve never been to Connecticut make sure you stop in the Munson’s Chocolate store. The chocolate is native to Connecticut and is so good that you’ll asking for seconds… and thirds. It’s a gift we always get my sweet-tooth mother for Christmas. The first store was located in Manchester, Connecticut in 1946. Ben and Josephine Munson started the store making batches from the sugar rations they received following WWII. My family loves the sea salt dark chocolate caramels and the milk chocolate caramels.

As for the popcorn pictured above, Pop on the Block, I was blown away. I purchased two bags on Sunday and the bags are already empty. They have insane flavors like Sour Patch and Bubble Gum and they also have incredible flavors like Peanut Butter Crunch and Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. I’m already itching to go back for more… is that sad? Also, I didn’t have a chance to try the oreo cheesecake so it looks like I might have too… whoops!


The main reason why you travel… right? Okay, maybe not but it is definitely high on that list! Rob and I ended up eating dinner at the Engine Room and it was only slightly legendary. No, but for real, it was plate-licking-good. The building was actually a restored Lathrop Marine Engine building, hence how it received the name Engine room. The decor is decked out in dark wood, low lighting, and an occasional deer skull planted on the wall. The Engine Room serves comfort food that features mostly burgers and breakfast food (menu here). They also pride themselves on having a wide section of craft beer and bourbon… drink on!

Rob and I both ordered a buttermilk fired chicken sandwich with chipotle hot sauce, house made smoked ranch, romaine lettuce and dill pickles. I got a side of fries and Rob got a side of potato salad. My suggestion… get the potato salad if you go.

If you don’t end up going here you might be mildly insane, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Other options in downtown Mystic include Bravo Bravo, S&P Oyster Co, and famous Mystic pizza (Julia Roberts ate there in a movie). You can also get an instagramable picture with ice cream from Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream located right by the iconic, you guessed it, drawbridge.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut


Now the real reason you go to a new place! After visiting Olde Mistick Village, Rob and I ventured to Mystic Seaport. Located all throughout the seaport were these old ships that have gone wild distances and ended up in good ole’ Connecticut. The world’s largest viking ship was also there. Sine we ended up going to the the seaport Sunday evening, none of the exhibits were open. Luckily for us, we were able to walk the grounds for free. There was even a small band playing at a nearby restaurant, so we were able to putts around while listening to tunes. Plus, most off the ships had signs explaining the history of the ships. If you find old ships interesting and love history this is definitely a place you should visit. I mean even if you don’t you might want to go to see this view! If you want to go while the exhibits are open check the dates and times here.

<p class=

Fun fact: Rob and I are always too awkward to flag down a person to take our picture. As a result oft his, I usually set a timer on my camera. This photo was taken by a stone pit. Haha! More pictures of this outfit here.

Have you ever been to Mystic or even just been to the state of Connecticut? It’s a small state, but it sure does have it’s beauty. Let me know in the comments down below what you thinking about Connecticut.

As always,

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Lark Fest: OOTD

Hello darling! Did you do anything fun this past weekend? I went to the 35th annual Lark Fest in Albany. Lark Fest is this magical day that tens of thousands of people go to. Albany closes down Lark street and creates the best atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. There are all of these funky, little vendors that sell crafts, food, handmade jewelry, and clothing. Almost everyone was out this past Saturday day celebrating the idea of Lark Fest.

I made an outfit post for Her Campus last week before the event, but I wanted to show all of my lovely readers what I actually wore. If you want to check out my post on Her Campus click here. If you have never heard of Her Campus I would definitely check it out (and especially Siena College’s chapter). Girls from colleges all over the world write for this one site.

Okay, okay enough of my Her Campus promo. I finally decided to show off the off the shoulder trend. I’m in love with this little number. I’m obsessed with the way the lace scallops on my shoulders and at at the bottom of the shirt. I think it gives the shirt and extra feminine look.

Since the top is actually a crop top, I wanted to be a little bit more modest and pair it with my favorite high-waisted Mango jeans. If you don’t own a pair of Mango jeans I highly recommend it. They’re the comfiest pair of jeans I own and they stretch like a rubber band. I purchased this particular pair when I was abroad last fall. They might have other pairs that are similar to it online or in stores.

You’ve seen these shoes again and again and I can’t stop wearing them! They’re so comfy and they add another texture to any outfit. Plus, they add a fall vibe to this otherwise summery outfit.



Keeping up with adding fall elements, I decided to finally break out my fall bag! I got this radiant green bag from Kate Spade before I went back to school. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love more with a bag. I was between getting it in black or this green. I’m so happy with my decision. It’s the type of green that can go with almost everything and it still smells like beautiful leather. Yum!

As for the jewelry, I kept it pretty basic. I threw on my favorite gemstone necklace from Toyshop. I thought it went perfectly with the top because of where it hit. It it hit a little bit higher I don’t think the outfit would have flowed as nicely. I also threw on my Chole & Isabel feather bracelet (pictured here) and my  Francesca’s earrings (picture here). You may be able to see a small bit of the two rings I am wearing. I am sporting this adorable little shop in downtown Troy. I’ll have to do another post and talk about them because I have fallen very hard for their jewelry.


If you ever come to Albany you’ll need to check out Lark fest. It’s a once in a life time opportunity filled with fun. Does your hometown do anything fun like Lark fest? Could I possibly be missing out on fun events? Let me know in the commends down below.

As always,

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It’s Kind of a Sunny Story

Hello darlings! With the completion of finals week, I can finally post about this lovely day I had last week. I know it has been an extremely hectic blogging experience this semester, but I’m thrilled to start posting more content.

Around every May, Albany has an event called tulip fest. There are thousands of tulips scattered across Washington park. I was fortunate enough to take a break from my essays and go to the park a week early with my two friends. They might look familiar to you… They were my travel buds in Italy. Some things never change.

You could say that we were all wearing black because we were mourning the upcoming finals week. I had four essays and four finals… you can definitely say I’m glad it’s over.

I’m wearing a very inexpensive dress from Forever 21, lace-up flats from TopShop, stone necklace from TopShop, bag from Kate Spade, and the lovely tan jacket is borrowed from Courtney.

Before we went to the park, we had our last brunch of the semester. I’ve talked about Iron Gate Cafe before, but I’ll say it again. This is the best brunch place in Albany. You’re really missing out if you come to Albany and don’t try it out.

Pictured below is the same thing I always get, a turkey B.L.A.T. (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato). There is usually this pesto mayo that actually might make my heart sing a little bit. Might just be the homefries clogging my arteries… at least I enjoy it.

If you’re ever in the area during tulip season I would definitely check out Washington park. There were dogs roaming around, children in their communion dresses, and even a bride and groom taking pictures. It seemed like the place to be. I can’t wait to come again next year and enjoy my (possible) last year in the Albany area.

What is your favorite activity to do in the spring? Do you explore parks, hike, or enjoy a cone of freshly scooped ice cream? Whatever you do let me know and hopefully give me some new ideas!

It’s good to be back.

As always,

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Reflect: Study Abroad

Hello darlings! If you’ve tuned into my blog for the past four months you would have realized I was exploring all of Europe. I am incredibly fortunate to have been able to see as much as I did. I ended up going to eight countries and sixteen major cities.

These were my weekends.

Siena, Italy

I studied in Siena and I wouldn’t have changed the location for the world. It’s an adorable Tuscany city with rustic buildings and contada flags everywhere. I walked to school every day and saw some of the most beautiful buildings. I may have left this adorable town, but I will not forget it.

Sunday Snapshot: I keep getting lost but at least I have Gelato

I’m slowly adjusting 

Christmas in Italy


Rome, Italy

Mickey and I headed three hours south to see the wonderful Rome. I was blown away by how beautiful the Colosseum was and exhausted by how much we ended up walking… 14 miles. I’d do it all over again to see the rich history thrown across each crevice of the city.

“Roman Around”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetimg_5168

Florence, Italy

We went on a wine tour between Florence and Siena. It was amazing. They gave us delicious wine and truffle oil. I would recommend the wine tour we did. We also explored Florence the next day and saw the busy city.

Grapes are Healthy

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Sardinia and Pisa

Our class took us to Sardinia. Before we left to Sardinia we had to go north to catch a flight in Pisa. We were able to tour before we left. If you want to see Pisa only go for a day! That is all you need. It is breathtaking though. Cagliari beaches were amazing, but I wouldn’t have picked the location based on how clean the city was. However, I’d do it again to see that picture again. Also, I tried snails, liver, and cow intestines in Sardinia… Woohoo.

Sardinia and Pisa


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was my favorite town that I visited in Italy. It was so beautiful and the food was amazing. I would go back in a heartbeat. There is a reason these five towns are so photographed!

Cinque Terre: The 5 Colorful Towns


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


Amalfi Coast: Sorrento, Positano, Capri, and Pompeii

Going inside the Blue Grotto was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced. I would recommend it to anyone who is studying broad in Italy. The man sings to you and you try your best not to cry at the beauty.

Rain Can’t Even Make Italy Look Dull


Assisi, Italy

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was my favorite Cathedral I went to. The amount of detail in every corner is incredibly impressive. Plus look at the view outside of the Cathedral…

Restful Week in Italy


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was my favorite place I visited. The people were friendly, the architecture was amazing, and the food was mouthwatering. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about Barcelona… other than the shoes I wore at night…RIP

Beauty of Barcelona


Paris, France

I was a little nervous about going to France because I heard the people are rude. That was not the case in my experience. Everyone was so friendly. One of our waiters was actually excited to speak English to us! What a lovely city.

Parisian Way

img_7855Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

England: Ashford, Folkestone, Canterbury, and London

England is a close runner up to my favorite place. I have never met nicer people in my life. Everything was just ‘lovely’. My favorite was probably stocking up on Cadbury Chocolate. Already thinking about going back to stock up on more.

The Biggest Ben I’ve Ever Seen 

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetimg_6650

Prague, Czech Republic

I was bewildered by how fantastic Prague was. I mean just feast your eyes on the pictures below! I got to feed swans and write on walls. What could you hate about that?

No prague-blems Here!


Venice, Burano, Murano, Verona

When I was planning trips in the summer I said I needed to see Venice. I mean in a few years you don’t know if it will still be above water. Walking the streets and taking boats to the distant island was like a dream to me.

All that Glisters is not Gold



Ireland made me very homesick! I loved the beautiful, vibrant town filled with thick brogue voices. I’m also very impressed that neither Courtney nor I flew off the Cliffs of Moher!

Irish You Were Here


Budapest, Hungary

We spend way too much time huddled in the little pathway of the Christmas market and I’m incredibly okay with it. I mean look at that picture… I know you’d do the same!

What a Budaful Place to Be


So that was my experience in a couple of words and a few pictures! My advice? If you’re thinking about studying abroad, do it. It’s such a rich and rewarding experience. If you have any questions or need some travel advice feel free to ask me questions in the comment section. I might even create a blog post if I have too much to say… which will probably be the case!


As always,

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Christmas in Italy

Hello darlings! I was luckily enough to stay in Siena, Italy this week! I know it’s a shock! The last weekend I stayed in Siena was the week I did a day trip to Assisi… in October! It’s been a long time.

So instead of rushing myself to get to a foreign country I enjoyed Siena. I got to enjoy every bit of Siena.

Instead of having class inside, my flavors and taste class went to a panforte factory! We got to see how these “energy bars” are made. Panforte originates in Siena in the 13th century. It’s made of fruit, nuts, and spices. We also tried ricciarelli, an almond based cookie. The ricciarelli cookies are delicious!

I enjoyed the lovely view near school and ate some delicious gelato. I got coconut and Nutella!



Wednesday, I headed to the market and snapped a picture of these beautiful flowers. I also got market pizza on my way back to class.


I spent time in soul cafe and tried some of their delicious cake. (The coffee is actually my friend’s… I don’t drink coffee).


My friends and I went out to dinner. I tried this giant tortellini dish! It was very good.


Saturday and Sunday there was an adorable Christmas market in the Piazza del Campo. I ended up purchasing an adorable ornament, a water colored painting, and a few gifts for loved ones!


December 8th I turned 21 so my friends and I went out for dinner. We had the entire day off because it is an Italian holiday!


I have one more weekend in Siena before I go back to the states. It’s such a bittersweet feeling. I miss my family, friends, and puppies so much! However, I’m going to miss picking up market pizza whenever I want to, walking wherever I want to, and traveling every weekend to some foreign land. There is no other way to describe it other than bittersweet. I just need to soak up as much as I can!

As always,

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P.S. This is my 100th post on this blog! Thanks for staying with me for this long!

What a Budaful Place to Be

Hello darlings! I just finished my last big trip of the semester! Have you guessed where I went? The wonderful city of Budapest. It was quite Budaful! I was Hungary the whole time. Okay enough with the puns! I’ll tell you what I did in the wonderful country of Hungary.

After the ten hour drive, we woke up in the country of the red, white, and green. We quickly ate breakfast and then went on a three hour walking tour.

We saw things like the Dohány Synagogue, which is the second biggest Synagogue in the world. We also walked on the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, which connects Buda and Pest together. I got most of my pictures from the bridge. We also saw the outside of Mátyás Templom (Saint Matthias Church) and the outside of Fisherman’s Bastion.





After the walking tour, we took out HUF and went the the market. There was a lot of different foods we weren’t used to. Mickey and I ended up splitting Lángos. It’s basically a quesadilla with cheese on the outside. It was better than I thought it was going to be! 


Once we finished eating our Lángos, we marched in the cold to the wonderful Christmas market. There were a few scattered around the city. I believe we went to the main one and to two different ones. After a while, they start to look like each other.





The picture above is Hot Wine. They had hot wine stands everywhere in Hungary, just like in Czech Republic. It taste more like tea than wine. It is a very strong taste. It kept me warm!

I loved the Christmas market outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica. There was this massive tree with blue lights and a canopy of string lights attached to the tree.




The next day, we wandered the Christmas markets again. It was snowing and raining so we actually had lunch inside for about two hours. I ended up getting vegetable soup and this burger. It was very good. It looks more red than it was because restaurant’s lighting.


Later in the day, we got the same circular thing I got in Prague. This one was so much better though! I asked for the cinnamon flavor.


The next day we drove back to Siena. The drive through Slovenia was amazing.


It was a very relaxed weekend, which was needed! After traveling so much I’m so glad to spend my last couple of weeks in Siena, Italy.

It’s a bitter sweet thought that I’m leaving Europe in less than three weeks. I’m excited to see my loved ones, eat American food, and to get back to working out. However, I’m going to miss getting lost in all these wonderful countries, eating market pizza, and the wonderful friends I’ve made.

I’ll be posting my Siena favorites sometime soon so stay tuned for that!

As always,

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Irish You Were Here!

Hello darlings! This weekend, I headed out to Ireland with Courtney. We stayed in a hostel Wednesday night near the Rome airport so we could catch our early flight. The room was painted bright orange and had a giant fan pinned onto the wall.

We eventually made it to Dublin Thursday afternoon. Courtney and I went straight to the hostel to drop off our luggage. We stayed at the Generator and it was by far the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in. There was a bar and a restaurant connected to it.

After we dropped off our things, we headed out to grab a bite to eat. We ended up at the Porterhouse. I had a delicious chicken and potatoes.



After our lovely meal, we wandered Dublin. Every street was decked out in Christmas spirit. We ended up getting delicious organic ice cream at Murphy’s. I got coffee made with whiskey and a sea salt flavor.



We started the day with a two hour walking tour of the city. We saw a lot of cool graffiti and the Dublin Castle. The guide told us the story about St. Patrick. I did not realize that he used a clover to explain religion to the king. That the clover represents God as a whole but there are three parts- father, son, and the holy spirit. I found it so fascinating. St. Patrick was also Welsh, but he brought Christianity to Ireland. That is why he is celebrated.



We ended up going inside the Trinity Library after the tour. We were able to see the Book of Kells and their beautiful library.



The monks used these materials in order to color some of the letters in the Book of Kells.





After I nerded out from that beautiful library, we headed to Elephant and Castle to get lunch. We were recommend by a few blogs and our friends. It was very good. I ended up getting a chicken curry sandwich. If you ever get the opportunity to go, they’re known for the wings. Courtney ended up ordering their wings and I snagged a few of them.


We then hustled our way to the Guinness factory. For someone who does not drink/like beer it was so much fun. The factory was so cool! There were so many unique things in the building. For example, they had interactive movies, a photo booth, a random talking clam, advertisement section, and even an area where you get to play with the barley. Since my brother is a brewer, it was cool to learn about the beer making process.



I even tried a glass of Guinness! This particular glass I poured myself!


Later that night, we went out for dinner. I got some delcious fish and chips. It’s funny to think I didn’t like seafood three years ago!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

After that lovely meal, we went out to Temple Bar. The entire bar was decorated in Christmas presents! There was even a giant Santa doll floating from the ceiling! If you look really close in the picture, Santa is holding two beers.The band was really good! They played many American songs and a few Irish songs.

We had a great time just observing people in the bar. There were so many groups celebrating someone’s birthday. The people were so amusing! One particular group of women were going up to everyone and just having a fantastic time.



We headed west to see the Cliffs of Moher. While we were driving, we had to stop a few times because of some ‘Irish Traffic.’ Basically there was a bunch of cows that needed to cross the street and we had to wait for them to cross.


The cliffs were such a cool thing to see. It’s something that you kind of just stare at in amazement. Not one of these pictures does it justice. Also, the pictures don’t capture how freezing cold and rainy it was. We saw rain, hail, and sunshine in the matter of 5 minutes. I guess that’s Irish weather for you!



Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



We then hopped back on the bus and headed to Galway. It was about a two hour ride and about 3-4 people got sick. Courtney and I aren’t sure if it was because of a ‘fun’ night out or just because the roads were extremely wavy. Regardless… it was an ‘amusing’ ride there.

When we arrived in Galway, we headed straight to the Christmas market. It was pretty tiny but it was the cutest thing ever. There were Christmas lights everywhere, a ferris wheel, slides, hot chocolate stands, food stands, and ornament stands. Since I love Christmas (who doesn’t), it was a fabulous time.

I ate this lovely pulled pork wrap with stuffing.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

After dreaming of a white Christmas, we headed to the shopping district of Galway. They had the cutest little shops. Since I still don’t know if I’m allergic to wool, I tried not to touch anything. Look how beautiful the streets were!


Before getting on the bus once more, Courtney and I went inside this beautiful church.


A took a picture of this random pole in the hostel. I just love the saying.



The next morning, we checked out of the hostel and grabbed some breakfast. Since I’m not really a fan of breakfast (I know, I’m sorry), I ended up getting lunch. I had this delicious chicken, pesto, tomato, and goat cheese sandwich. It was so phenomenal.

Courtney had breakfast food, like a normal person. We both tried the black pudding (pig’s blood). It was surprisingly really good!  It just tasted like a sausage with a spicier flavor… a very different texture though!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

One last beautiful picture of Dublin.


And the sunset on the plane home.

My last big trip is this weekend. Thursday, I’ll be heading to Florence to Catch a bus to Budapest. I can’t believe I have so little time in this beautiful part of the world! Stay tuned to see the pictures of Budapest!

As always,

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All That Glisters is Not Gold

Hello darlings! I had to start this blog post with a line from the Merchant of Venice! Especially because I visited both Venice and Verona this weekend with my friends! Lucky for us, everything that looked beautiful stayed true! Venice and Verona was incredibly beautiful despite the fog on Friday! The fog actually made a lot of these pictures look eery and gorgeous!

Friday, we woke up early and jumped on a bus in Florence. When we arrived to Venice, we checked into an… interesting… hotel. There was a little mold in certain places, but we survived! The first thing Courtney did was check the corners of the beds for bed bugs, ha!


Afterwards, we headed to see the Murano glass being made. It was such a cool process! The glass is literally made in just seconds! When the glass is hot, it can be stretched out like play dough.




We then ventured to St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). It is crazy to think that all of the gold and statues were stole from other countries.


For the rest of the day, we wandered aimlessly to see the beauty of Venice. I was told that the best way to see Venice is to just get lost in the canals! We certainly did that!




The next day, we hopped on a water taxi to explore the little island of Murano. I ended up buying an adorable little pumpkin wine stopper. I loved how adorable the little town was. Both Burano and Murano looked as if they were an section of Disney world!





If you ever go to Venice you have to see Burano. It is the most adorable little island you’ll ever see. People hand make lace in many stores and all of the houses are painted vibrant colors.

Make sure you look into all the shops before you buy something! My friend bought something and wanted to return it after she found something she liked more. The shop keeper gave her a hard time when she wanted to return it. It all worked out in the end but just be extra careful!





We then headed back to Venice. Courtney and I really wanted to see the top of St. Mark’s Campanille. When we reached the top, I started tearing up. I’m lame, I know. It was just incredibly beautiful. Venice was always a place I wanted to visit one day and when I finally got to see it all from it’s highest point it was amazing. Plus we got to see the sunset. What a beautiful time to see it.



I also ate my first Buffalo burger and buffalo milk ice cream!


Sunday morning, we headed to Verona. We were able to see Juliet’s Balcony. It was an English Major’s dream. We all wrote letters to Juliet and shoved them into the wall.


It is good luck to rub Juliet’s right boob for a good love life. Here is a wonderful picture of Mickey and I laughing while we were doing so. Sorry for violating you, Juliet!


And that was my weekend in a nutshell! I hope you had a fantastic weekend as well. Thursday, I’ll be heading to Ireland for the weekend! I’m quite excited.

As always,

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