An Outfit For the Chronically late

Hello darling! How is your day going? I hope it is a little bit more sunny than this cold, foggy day. We’re currently getting pounded by a foot (possibly more) of snow. The day we did this “photo shoot” the weather was actually 15°…. very different from the 85°  weather I experienced in Florida. However, despite how brutally cold it was this day, I’m kind of glad it was this funky, foggy weather because it made these pictures look super spooky.

Some people may pick on good ol’ Albany, but I definitely think it has it’s perks. I mean it doesn’t have as much of my love as Troy does…. but with events like Lark Fest and food like Iron Gate Cafe it is hard not to love Albany.


Now, I’m not going to even try fooling you that I am a “late” person. I’m not. I’m actually that annoying person that shows up 10-15 minutes early to everything… even class. I literally get stressed out if I’m only 5 minutes early. So yes, this post is not geared toward people who are insane like me. But, I know many of the chronically late people are out there. My question to you is: how do you do it? You guys even have this mystical look to you when you come into a class 5 minutes late. I give you props because I would look like a hot mess if I ever did that.

Major key for the chronically late: Throw on a ‘polished’ cardigan on a basic outfit and you’re good to go.

For this “chronically late look” I decided to show off the power of a long cardigan. I feel like anyone can throw on this cozy cardigan and look instantly polished. I mean it certainly did that trick for me. You can even wear this camel cardigan with leggings. Currently, I’m obsessed with Aerie’s chill high-waisted leggings. For everything else, I kept it extremely basic. White tee and black high-waisted pants… could anyone go wrong? To spice up this incredibly basic outfit I decided to add a sparkly woven belt and woven Sperry’s.


What do you normally throw on when you are late? A nice pair of leggings or a comfy cardigan? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

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5 Questions You Should Ask While Shopping

Hello darlings! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I wanted to make this post before we entered a new season. This past break I cleaned out my closet at home and went through items that I thought I was crazy for buying. Going through my closet made me realize something, I need to ponder more before I pull out my wallet. I’ve come up with a few questions that I’ll be starting to ask myself more and hopefully give you guys some advice before pulling out your wallet.


Would you buy that item full price?

I love outlet shopping because of the great deals. However, I often have to stop and ask myself if I would still buy the item if it was full price. Would I shell out on this $40 graphic tee or am I only buying it because it is $10. I think we all love a good bargain but we should stop and ask ourselves if we really need an item.

What three outfits can you wear this with? Example: Suede Jacket

After you’re done with trying to figure out if you’d buy that coat for the full price, ask yourself if you can picture yourself actually wearing it. I’m guilty of buying items that I know will be great additions to trends and blog posts. However, in this upcoming year I’m trying to think of more ways I can wear items before I buy them. What color and style pants does this top go with? Do I own those pants? Do I really need another pair of black jeans?

IMG_8673 (1)

What is it made of? Will it last?

Did I pay a pretty penny for this jacket? Absolutely. But it has lasted me all throughout Italy, last winter, and this winter. Since it it made with great stitching and material, it was definitely worth the pretty penny. I will pay a pretty penny on American Eagle jeans because I know they’ll last forever. I’ve had a pair of Lululemon leggings from senior year of high school and they look brand new as I wear them my senior year of college. Although you’re spending a ton of money on a product you know that it will last forever. One pair of nice leggings is worth way more than 15 see through leggings. Same goes for jeans, shirts, and basic tees. Things you should splurge on for quality are things that you know that you’ll be wearing for a long time. Solid shirts, jeans, boots, and jackets. All are necessities that will be best if you pay a little bit more in order for them to last longer.


Where is it made? Do you feel like you’re making a good global decision? 

I recently shopped at Tarte because I was looking for a new concealer. I was a little reluctant to buy the product but I quickly changed my mind when I heard the company was cruelty free.  There have been many scandals about how clothes are made and that may or may not make you feel better. If you want to look more into good global decision companies check out this post.

Am I only buying it because it looks good on the model? Will it actually look good on me?

Whenever I online shop I usually end up with a billion items I don’t need in the shopping card. I swear it always looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.24.47 AM.png

I think it is totally okay to carry on this unhealthy obsession of adding things to your shopping bag. However, before you click the wonderful “Check Out Now” button ask yourself if you’re only buying it because it looks good on the model. I think it is something we’re all guilty of. I mean it’s great advertising and the models do get paid to make sure that we want the item. I tend neck lines and shirt sleeves before I buy things. I know that I don’t look good in thick straps but look good in thin strap tops. So although it may look phenomenal on the model, I try to stay away from that. If you don’t know what you look good in and don’t look good in off the top of your head, look at your closet now. Do you have more of one style rather than another? It’s probably because you’re either drawn to that style of you look best in it.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions we should asks ourselves before we pull out our wallets. Do you already ask some of these questions before you buy something?

As always,

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A Real Thanksgiving

Hello darlings! A few days ago I celebrated Thanksgiving. This was actually one of the only authentic Thanksgivings I have celebrated. Normally, my mother flies to Florida or California to recruit for field hockey. That leaves my brothers, Dad, and me home to try and figure out what to eat. We have spent past years having steak instead of a big turkey. This year, my Dad and I traveled to Troy to spend it with my brother (Nathan), his girlfriend (Heather), her mother, and her uncle. It also helps that two adorable puppies were cheerfully playing around. We definitely missed having my other brother (Andrew) and my mother there, but we made the most of it.

We pretty much ate until we couldn’t anymore. There was a giant turkey stuffed, sweet potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, carrots, mashed potatoes, turnips, green beans cheesecake, squash soup, and cheesecake. We were all stuffed afterward.



Denver dreaming of table scraps.


How did you spend your Thanksgiving? What do you normally eat during Thanksgiving? Let me know if you blogged about it because I’d love to see some food pictures!

As always,

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Sunday Snapshot: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day darlings! I thought I would share some awesome pictures of my father and family today.

I’m so beyond grateful to be handed the deck of cards that placed me in such a loving home. I have two lovely parents who taught me morals of working hard, being honest, and being respectful. My parents are my biggest cheerleaders. They are some of the best people on the planet and I truly believe that. My parents are the most hardworking people I have ever met and they seem to find the joy in everything.

My family isn’t a big Mother’s/Father’s Day celebrating family. To us these days are just an extra reminder to tell your parents how much you love them, explain how grateful you are that they accept you for who you are, and say thank you for all the years they cheered you on. Thank you, Dad. You gave me the courage to go abroad in the fall. You took me to Europe senior year and helped me develop a love for traveling. You’ve constantly cheered me on even when I changed my major not two but three times. You encouraged and help me write my book senior year. You helped me become who I am today. You’ve always been there for me whether I need a pep talk, a tissue, or just someone to talk to.

Since I didn’t make a Sunday Snapshot post on mother’s day, I thought I’d say thank you to my Mom as well. My mom taught me that it’s okay to eat Oreos at any given time of the day. She taught me how important exercise is and getting up and moving. She has spend hours with me trying on clothes and her doing the same thing. She has taught me to stand up for something that I believe in. That if something isn’t fair I should stick up for myself and others.

Both of my parents have always been there for me and my brothers. We are very lucky. They have taught us to be proud of who we are, to have a strong backbones, and to work hard for what we want. Most importantly they have taught us love. Something that I know many kids miss out on. I am so fortunate to have parents that love each other each and every day.

Like I said before, I am so lucky to have been dealt this deck of cards.

Thank you for being who you are.

I love you, Mom and Dad.




Tell your parents that you love them.

As always,

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