Relax Candle From Bath and Body Works: Does It Really Work?

Hello darling! How is your day going? Slightly overwhelming? I’ve have a bunch of essays due next week and just finished up a midterm yesterday. So, you could say I’ve been a little stressed… to say the least. I mean what college senior isn’t stressed about the idea of being released into the real world? If you’re a college senior and you’re not stressed… let me know your secret!

I was introduced to the idea of aromatherapy a couple of years ago and finally decided to actually try it out. Honestly, I first thought it was a load of crap the first time I heard it. I literally thought it was a hippy idea and that there was no way it would work. Three years later, I decided to give it a go.

I received an aromatherapy essential oils kit over Christmas. The kit was by Peabody and Paisley and included three different oils designed to help stress, sleep, and headaches. I have an incredibly difficult time falling asleep sometimes. It definitely has to do with always being on my computer of phone… but I’ll never admit it. I decided to try the oil and I felt like it somewhat worked. I was able to fall asleep much quicker than when I didn’t use it. In all honestly, it could be a placebo effect, but I felt like it really worked.

That is when I decided why not try one of those aromatherapy candles Bath and Body Works always sells. Sure enough, the next time I was in Bath and Body Works they had a crazy Christmas sale that had candles for $10 and then I had a coupon so I actually scored this candle for $7.50. What can I say… this girl can shop. There were two different types of Relax candles. One had a minty smell and the other one was this black chamomile smell. For those who don’t know chamomile is a very old herb that has been used since ancient Rome. It has been known to alleviate cold symptoms, promote relaxation and relieve stress, relieve allergies, aid digestion, and many more.

First thing is first. Candles are relaxing overall. They always make me feel more calm. I don’t know if it is because of the soft flicker of light or if it is just the constant smell that makes me want to sink into my pillow. So, I went into this knowing that I was probably going to be relaxed when I tried this candle. With that said, yes, I think this candle does actually “work magic.” The smell of the candle is this sweet smell that makes you feel like you’re sinking into a beanbag chair. I think there has to be at least some kind of connection with smells and feelings because your nose is so close to your brain… at least that is my thought process!

What is your opinion on aromatherapy? Do you think it is a bunch of garbage or do you think there is a science behind the madness? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Blending in Montreal

Hello darling! How is your week going? The temperature is starting to drop more and more. Last week, I explored Montreal with a few friends. I talked about the actual trip here. I wanted to show you this outfit from the trip.

I’ve been really obsessed with this suede jacket so obviously I had to wear it in another post. I did wear it in my last post and just a warning I am wearing it in the next post! I adore how much it adds to any outfit. It’s dresses up a causal outfit and is so versatile.

I grabbed this American Eagle blouse at Marshalls and I love all the different colors in it. It is one of the comfiest shirts I own! I would love to pair this shirt with mustard pants because it has random mustard pieces in it. However, I think it also would work perfectly with a bright blue shirt or these amazing purple pants. Fun fact: my brothers used to sing this really weird song and it went as so “Logan pink pants porterrrrrr, Logan pink pants porterrrr” and they would continue to taunt me with it for the longest time.

As for the shoes, I’ve been wearing these J.Crew loafers for quite some time. The two tassels on each shoe is really why I’m so in love with them. I think its a perfect added texture to any outfit.



What do you think about graffiti in cities? I really enjoy them when they’re not offensive and they’re beautifully done like this one. In Portland, Maine they actually pay people to paint certain things in the street. I would love to see all of the different expressions scattered on each wall.

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Sunday Snapshot: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day darlings! I thought I would share some awesome pictures of my father and family today.

I’m so beyond grateful to be handed the deck of cards that placed me in such a loving home. I have two lovely parents who taught me morals of working hard, being honest, and being respectful. My parents are my biggest cheerleaders. They are some of the best people on the planet and I truly believe that. My parents are the most hardworking people I have ever met and they seem to find the joy in everything.

My family isn’t a big Mother’s/Father’s Day celebrating family. To us these days are just an extra reminder to tell your parents how much you love them, explain how grateful you are that they accept you for who you are, and say thank you for all the years they cheered you on. Thank you, Dad. You gave me the courage to go abroad in the fall. You took me to Europe senior year and helped me develop a love for traveling. You’ve constantly cheered me on even when I changed my major not two but three times. You encouraged and help me write my book senior year. You helped me become who I am today. You’ve always been there for me whether I need a pep talk, a tissue, or just someone to talk to.

Since I didn’t make a Sunday Snapshot post on mother’s day, I thought I’d say thank you to my Mom as well. My mom taught me that it’s okay to eat Oreos at any given time of the day. She taught me how important exercise is and getting up and moving. She has spend hours with me trying on clothes and her doing the same thing. She has taught me to stand up for something that I believe in. That if something isn’t fair I should stick up for myself and others.

Both of my parents have always been there for me and my brothers. We are very lucky. They have taught us to be proud of who we are, to have a strong backbones, and to work hard for what we want. Most importantly they have taught us love. Something that I know many kids miss out on. I am so fortunate to have parents that love each other each and every day.

Like I said before, I am so lucky to have been dealt this deck of cards.

Thank you for being who you are.

I love you, Mom and Dad.




Tell your parents that you love them.

As always,

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