Shift Dress Two Different Ways

Hello darling! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness! Well.. if it’s not hopefully I can throw some sun from this post at you. Two weeks ago, two of my friends and I decided to venture down south to good ole Fort Lauderdale. Our vacation was filled with sunshine, happy hours, and sandy beaches. What better way to spend spring break?

We were caught in the rain one day, which is why I am wearing jeans. Originally, I was going to photograph this outfit with this adorable “tank top” as a dress. I know, wild! This adorable “top” is actually a shift dress from Marshall’s. I absolutely adore this little triangle cut out and the way the straps fit. It is definitely a unique fit paired with this adorable burnt orange floral pattern. I’m obsessed with burnt orange lately I don’t know what is wrong with me! Every time I see it in the store I always want to get it. So when you’re packing for a trip, I highly recommend packing a shift dress and high waisted jeans because it is so easy to transform at outfit if the weather is acting up. It definitely came in handy when I was in Florida!




Shift dresses have definitely become one of my go to pieces because they’re so easy to transform by layering. You can tie a belt, throw a poncho on, throw jeans on, a big sweater… you name it you can do it. I cannot stop buying these adorable dresses because I love wearing the death out of them. Plus, with the right accessories they’re perfect for any body type. What is to not like about them?

My biggest tip? Buy funky patterns and the basic colors. Simple colors, bold colors, and funky patterns. They’re a great way to layer with a basic shirt or sweater. Just make sure that the dress is about two inches longer than you think you want it because if you end up putting a shirt or belt on top of the dress sometimes it ends up making the dress ride up… Something I don’t think anyone wants to happen!


Are you headed anywhere warm this spring or are you trying to book as much snowboarding hours as you can get? Are you obsessed with shift dresses like me? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Before you go back to school shopping…

you should know what you’re getting yourself into. I always make a list of things I want to get before I go back to school shopping. It makes it easier and you won’t over buy stuff you don’t really need. Here are 6 things I think are necessary for transitioning summer into fall clothes. (All pictures are from Pintrest)

Chambray Top.

Chambray tops are by far the best tops to own. Why? They can be worn in several different ways dresses, cover ups, regular top, crop top, jacket, or tied around the waist. When it starts getting colder in the fall you’ll be thankful you have an extra layer.


Army Green Pants.

Okay, so I’ve actually been searching for army green pants since last year. I finally found them this summer (at Charlotte Russe) and have never been so excited. They go so well with stripes, plaid, white, brown, orange, maroon, the list goes on and on. I actually had at least 15+ pictures to choose from, but here are my favorite three outfits.

green pants

Maroon Pants.

Along with army green pants, maroon pants are perfect for fall. I love mixing them with army green and patterns. I have the American Eagle maroon leggings and they’re by far the comfiest colored pants I own.

Military Vest/Jacket.

The trend continues and I’m loving it. I find these vests make dressy dresses look more casual and effortless. I had to include six pictures because I just loved these outfits so much!

vest jackettt
Shift dress.

They’re super easy to style and you can make a million different outfits with them by just adding different shirts. You can tie one around your waist, tie up a shirt, belt a shirt, the list goes on and on. I’ll be bringing a few of these to Italy with me and you can see how many different outfits you can make with just one simple dress. (Hint: Spaghetti strap dresses are easier to make more outfits around because you can add more layers to them).


A Pair of Good Jeans.

Straight, boyfriend, relaxed, flair, high-waisted, low rise, jeggings, the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter which pair of jeans you want to rock this season, but invest in a pair that won’t fade over the years. Personally, my favorite fit is American Eagle because they fit like a glove and last a life time. Seriously though, I’ve had jeans from American Eagle since 8th grade.


There may be other things you want to get to take your outfits to the next level like loud shoes, awesome necklaces, funky hats, but these are just the some of essentials I think every girl kind of needs in her wardrobe.

Think I missed something? Let me know in the comments.

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🌼 Hazy Daisy 🌼

Hello lovely people! The other day my friends and I had a Coachella party. I wore this exact outfit with a floral headband. I found this dress at Forever 21 and thought it was the cutest thing. I’ve been really into shift dresses as of late so this obviously fit my new obsession. This particular dress has these huge pockets on the sides of the dress that you can’t really see unless I put my hands in.

IMG_6369 IMG_6368 IMG_6363 IMG_6370

Dress: Forever 21

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Steve Madden

Photos by Robert Ewing

Let me know in the comments about your latest fashion obsession!

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