Siena College’s Graduation

Hello darling! Based on the picture and the title you probably know that this post is going to be about graduation. The scary and unforgetable moment where you are released into the ‘real’ world.

If you haven’t graduated yet or are about to, there is this unwritten feeling that everyone gets in the audience. We sit there with our butts inching off the chairs to finally walk across that stage. There is a feeling that each grauduate has. It is a mix of excitement and nervousment. Some of people sitting in those chairs know exactly what their next adventure is going to be while others sit in their seats with curiosity. This feeling that is sprinked all throughout the building is something you’ll cling to and remember for the rest of your life. As soon as you get that diploma, you’re entering a life where the choices are now up to you. You no longer have your hand held through assignments and presentations. You are in charge of your future now. It’s a nerve-racking and excting feeling that makes your stomach twist and turn but it’s a feeling that you’ll keep in the back of your mind for the rest of your life.

Siena College Graduation

Many of you are probably wondering, “where is she going to? What is she doing next?” The answer is quite simple. I have no idea. Now, I know that sounds terrifying and scary and overwhelming but it isn’t like that to me. I have so many passions that it is simply hard to pick something that I really want to do. I know one thing, I want to make a difference whether it be with my words or my actions. I want to help people find themselves or help themselves.

I plan on taking you on my adventure to find this. I’ll be taking the next month or two applying to mutiple places. Hopefully, I’ll find a job or a starting position that will help eventually find a way to achieve my goal. I’m not worried, because I believe that God has a plan and he will help figure out what I want to do as long as I put the effort in.

I hope you stay connected to my jouney as I go through this transition to adulthood. If you have any advice feel free to comment down below. As for now I’ll be scrolling through LinkedIn and Indeed.

As always,

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Senior Cruise

Hello darling! I wanted to highlight all of the fun I participated in during my last week at Siena College (tears falling quickly down the side of my face). After a jam packed day of bar hopping in Saratoga, the senior class of 2017 hopped on 9 buses to go on a Captain JP Cruise Line boat. The three-hour experience let us sight see Troy to Albany and then back again. We ate, danced, and slightly froze our butts off. Regardless of how cold it was, it was probably one of the most rememberable trips I had during my senior week.

Troy-Albany Cruise

The cruise ship consisted of three different floors. The third and second floors served food and the top floor had an opening to see the dance floor and exit outside the boat. There were also bars on each floor, which made many seniors very happy. During the cruise, we were given a buffet styled dinner that consisted of salted potatoes, salad, eggplant parmesan, bread rolls, and fried chicken. After people finished eating dinner, everyone gained enough courage to take pictures in the cold outdoors. We tried our hardest not to look as if we were freezing out butts off.

Boat Cruise Dress

Everyone was dressed to the nines but not dressed for the weather. Oh, well! Despite being cold, I was super happy wearing this dress. I’m actually slightly obsessed… I cannot wait to wear it again. The little cutouts made this soft floral pattern so edgy and unique. Plus, the cap sleeves were another reason I was sold. My dress is currently on sale if you want to check that out! It also comes in black.

Boat Cruise Dress

Boat Cruise DressBoat Cruise DressBoat Cruise Dress

After the cruise, Siena hosted a “late night dinner” at the dining hall. We blasted music and danced on tables. If you remember High School Musical then you know exactly how the scene looked. One of my friends danced so hard he ripped his pants. If that isn’t rememberable, I don’t know what is.

Looking at these pictures and writing this post is making me sad beyond belief. But I’ll get to that in my upcoming graduation post. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because it may be a tear jerker… or nah.

As always,

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What I’ll Remember Most About Siena College

Hello darling! This post is full of tear jerks and sappy stories… but would it be a college recap if it didn’t? Saturday I went to senior formal with all of the lovely friends I’ve made over the past four years and Monday was the last time I’ll walk out of a classroom at Siena college. It was my last college class… wow, that is scary to type! &Yesterday was when I finished my last undergrad assignment. So, yes, I’m feeling a boat load of emotions.

But how did I get to this point? Four years ago, I was not the person I am today. That may be cliche to say, but I’m a different person from who I was when I was awkwardly brought my belongings into my first dorm. I remember my father telling me that I had to register myself by myself. I was nervous and awkward but it was certainly something he needed to let me do by myself. I shyly got my handbook and saint card and knew this was going to be in interesting four years.

Over the years, I’ve met some incredible people. The Siena community has impacted my life with one open door at a time.





To making friends from the first night in college, to making friends in Italy. My perspective has changed due to these wonderful people. From expanding my horizons away from Dunkin’ Donut’s bagels to dreaming about when my friends come back with Long Island or New Jersey bagels. To realizing people actually say ‘aunt’ like ‘ant’ (still not over it). To realizing no one actually likes tequila (why?). To realize each and every one of us get a little bit home stick once in a while. Each person of the Siena community has changed my perspective to being more openminded and curious. Those are traits you cannot just learn magically over night. Hearing the Siena community’s unique perspectives has helped me become an overall more accepting person, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Senior FormalSenior Formal

Mickey’s Dress My dress |My ShoesCourtney’s Dress

The Siena class of 2017 has given me memories I’ll cherish for years to come. I’ll remember yelling out the windows freshman year, cramming during midterm and finals week, getting lost in multiple countries, buying random fish tanks, being dragged to more Starbucks in foreign countries than in America, each trifecta, Chowderfest and Larkfest, Thursday nights, chucking jolly ranchers out the windows at passing freshman, tarpozia, dressing like creatures for theme parties and halloween, getting brunch at Iron gate, blowing up 300 balloons, Siena fest, losing my voice at basketball games, jumping in pools fully clothed, the list goes on and on and the memories do not stop. These people have created memories I’ll never forget because these people are unforgettable. (Cliche but relevant).

Senior FormalSenior Formal

And the new friends that I’ve made just this year. You’ve made this year incredibly exciting and perplexing to how our livers are still existing (sorry mom and dad!). Thank you all for being remarkably you.

With each laugh and each tear shed, I know I made the best decision of my life four years ago. I’m glad to be a Siena alumna…. in 10 days. Not a day shorter or longer.

Senior Formal

Senior week begins on Sunday and I look forward to showing you a little piece of my life. I’ll be going to Saratoga, on a cruise in Troy, a champagne toast, the ‘beach’ if it is nice, and actually graduating on the 14th with all these wonderful people. I hope to cling to every second of these last days. Look out for a few tear jerker posts coming soon.

As always,

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Sunday Snapshot: Hiking Thatcher

Hello, darlings! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week! This past weekend was super warm out so it obviously needed to be spent outside.

Here is a wonderful picture of me reading by the fire.


Rob and I ventured out to see the wonderful view from Thatcher state park. If you’re scared of heights I don’t recommend this location. It is very high up and there aren’t gates up in some areas. I personally loved it because I love exploring new territory. There are two different falls that you can walk to. There are also a couple of caves you can crawl inside of and feel like Indiana Jones.


Afterwards, we wandered to Albany and tried some of Emack and Bolio’s ice cream. It was as wonderful as the last time I went. If you never heard of Emack and Bolio it is this adorable little ice cream shop that has a wide variety of ice cream cones ranging from smores cones to M&M cones. They also offer every candy you can think of and even some toys from the 90s. It’s like escaping to another world.



I hope your weekend was filled with smiles and laughter like mine!

As always,

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Jogging my memory 

Hello darlings! Have you received or bought an item of clothing and thought “how the heck do I style this?” If you haven’t… you might just be a style queen. But if you’re like me than you’ve had this moment. Usually stalking Pinterest is the next step or just fumbling though your closet.

I received this pair of joggers for Christmas. I was immediately bewildered to how I would style these incredibly comfy pants. I’m really not someone who wears sweatpants that often. Wearing leggings isn’t something I do often… only to the gym and occasionally the weekend. But I didn’t give up. I had to figure out how I could wear these joggers.

I ended up styling them with a white shirt that I may or may not have shrunk in the wash and a flannel peaking out underneath it. The flannel not only looks chic, but it keeps me warm. A win-win if you ask me. Since the outfit still needed something, I decided to put this necklace on underneath the collar of the flannel. It makes the outfit a little bit more preppy, but sometimes you need to explore other styles!


IMG_8673 (1)IMG_8677IMG_8691IMG_8699IMG_8701IMG_8705IMG_8696.jpgIMG_8669

After figuring out how to style joggers, I do recommend getting them! I never thought I would recommend a type of sweatpant but these things are extremely comfortable. These particular ones are from Abercrombie and Fitch. They have a lot of different selections if you want to check them out.

My coat if from Zara, both of my shirts are from H&M, my necklace is from J.Crew, and my shoes are also from J.Crew.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. I’m going to be creating a few more looks with these jogger pants. I want to figure out how to style things I’m not that comfortable with. It’s always nice getting a new piece and figuring out how you can make it work in your wardrobe. Add a little spice to your life!

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you thought “how am I ever going to wear this?” Let me know if I’m not the only one in the comments.

As always,

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Sunday Snapshot: Exploring Albany

Hello darlings! I had wonderful week. Courtney and I are slowly figuring out how to cook things together. I’ll most more about that when we have perfected a few things. I know it’s quite the college accomplishment to be able to cook for one’s self. My Friday class was also cancelled so I can say I had a pretty good week.

My walk back to my house during the week. I love the Siena flags.

Thursday my friend, Courtney, turned 21 (not my roommate another Courtney). We went to Bombers Burrito Bar to celebrate.


Saturday, a bunch of my friends and I went to the Siena vs Marist basketball game. Siena won 77 to 66. Siena was up 20 points for most of the game. Monday Siena plays the #1 team… wish us luck!

This morning, I went to Iron Gate Cafe with Robert and Steven. It’s my favorite brunch place. I always get the same thing: Turkey B.L.A.T. with home fries. If you’re ever in Albany definitely go to Iron Gate Cafe.

Afterwords, we showed Steven a little bit of Albany. Some of the buildings are just so beautiful! Also, ice skating is only $3!



Now I’m just working on my application to Siena Teacher Preparation Program and some other homework. I have a speech on Tuesday for my rhetoric and oral communications class. Wish me luck on that!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Let me know about your week. Did you eat anything good? See anything interesting? Talk to someone cool? I’m very curious.

As always,

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What’s In My Bag?

When I went through my youtube faze, my favorite thing to watch was “what’s in my bag” videos. The anticipation of what was going to come out of the bag was unearthing. So I became a follower and did a blog post for you lovely darlings. So the much anticipated: what’s in my bag…

The overview: 


Yes, the flowers were quite necessary for it is, in fact, officially summer.


Pens. I always carry pens in my purse just in case I need to write something down quickly. I’ve been meaning to find a planner that is small (probably the size of my fist or slightly bigger) because my planner right now is quite big and cannot fit in my purse. It would be nice having one I could carry at all times. If you have any ideas for a daily planner I should look into let me know!

Chapstick. So my obsession with chapstick continues. We all know that I love EOS chapstick from this post. This one in particular is vanilla mint and it’s amazing. Burt’s bees is another one of my favorites. This particular one is peppermint because I love my mint chapsticks. I think I need to purchase another Softlips chapstick soon because that has always been my favorite chapstick. Next is Baby Lips and this one is a very light pink with some girly sparkles mixed in. It’s nice to just throw in my bag whenever I want to wear something that isn’t just plain chapstick.


Headphones. I always have headphones on me no matter what because I’m a huge music listener… my father is a music teacher after all. I use Songza, Spotify, and lately a lot of Pandora for my music. My play lists for each are usually the following


  • Today’s singer-songwriters (I listen to this when I do homework).
  • Ultimate 100 (I listen to this when I’m in the shower).
  • Drop-a-beat workout (I listen to this when I’m weightlifting).

Spotify (used just for working out):

  • Workout
  • Nike Running Tempo Mix
  • Run Wild
  • Fun Workout
  • Power Workout
  • Dance Workout

Pandora (I’m new to this so I don’t have many artists): 

  • The Weeknd Radio
  • Aer Radio
  • Frank Sinatra Radio
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio
  • Billy Joel Radio

I’m looking for more workout playlists so if you have any recommendations please, please, please let me know!

IMG_6409 IMG_6410 IMG_6411

Wallet. I personally love this wallet so much It’s by Kenneth Cole. It’s really useful because if I just want to bring a wallet somewhere I can use the attached wristlet and just hold it. It also has 6 big slots for things you want to use (three of which have zippers in case you’re afraid something will fall out). There is also 5 slots for credit cards and loyalty cards. I don’t believe this exact wallet is available anymore but I highly recommend looking at Kenneth Cole’s stuff because a lot of their accessories are very cute.


Macy’s Mirror. I don’t actually use this a lot. I’ve probably used it about twice. It actually came with my Miss Dior perfume with a bunch of sample perfumes… all of which came in that adorable black little bag pictured above. I put the Macy’s mirror and my sunglasses from American Eagle in the black bag.

Glitter bag. I love this cute little clutch from J. Crew. I received it for Christmas a few years back and continue to lug it around in my purses. I think it’s just so cute and perfect.


Penguin Coin Purse. This adorable little Kate Spade coin purse was a gift from my friend’s mom and I have had it in my purse ever since. If you didn’t already know I collect penguins so this just added to my collection. I used to just throw change at the bottom of my bag and would hope that some day I’d see it again. This cute little coin purse has made me so organized. Kate Spade does not offer this penguin anymore but they do have a lot more of those adorable funky coin purses if you want to check it out. Especially this adorable elephant one! 

Vera Bradley Zip ID case. Yes, I am aware I need to get a summer color. In college this is the most used thing I have. It does everywhere with my because it can care everything I need: dorm key, mailbox key, Siena ID, chapstick, and gum. I have the little lanyard to go with it as well. If you’re going to college you need these two things hands down. (It’s a perfect gift if you have someone going away to college for the first time btw!). Here are some of the ID cases and here are matching lanyards.


Siena water bottle. Not seen in the first picture but my Siena water bottle is the second most used thing while I’m away at school. I drink more water than fish… I’m really not kidding. I used to carry around a bubba container all the time but I realized that that can’t travel as easily as a water bottle that closes. So this amazing siena water bottle goes everywhere with me. Fun fact: the gold thing at the top is actually a button that fell off my coat.

Gum. This isn’t shown in any of the pictures but I tend to carry around two packs of Orbit gum on me at all times. Remember buy at SAMS club it’s so worth it… explanation here.


Kate Spade, Cassie. My first real bag still in use. I’m still impressed how huge this bag is. It can fit all the stuff mentioned above and still have room to spare. If you want to see what the outside looks like feel free to click on me! 

What is something you carry in your purse that you can’t live without? For me it is between my chapstick and my headphones!

As always,

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