How to Wear a Fuzzy Vest Like a Boss

Hello darlings! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been lost in the sea of pink this past couple of weeks. My instagram feed is drowning in pinks and reds. I tried my best to spice it up by throwing a plum color into the mix. Okay, so I know it’s still in the same color family but, hey, it is Valentine’s day after all.

I’m a huge fan on vests lately. I think they’re the perfect addition to any outfit because of the add a new kind of detention to the outfit. Also, it feels like you’re being bear hugged all day and who doesn’t love that? This fluffy vest is from Marshall’s- the store that literally knows how to bubble happiness. I particularly like how this one flaps open to show the contrast of suede and fur. You could easily put this vest over a tight dress, but I love it paired with an equally relaxed dress. This plum color dress really makes the cream color pop. This vest would also look great with any color especially army green… maybe even an all white outfit!


As for jewelry I opted for my favorite ring from Bluebird, a small store located in Troy, New York. I literally wear this ring every day… I wish it came in silver because I would be all over that.

I’ve been obsessed with wearing this necklace from The Giving Key. This necklace comes in three different versions that say Dream, Love, and Hope. I wasn’t sure if I should get dream or love. I ended up picking dream but because, as a senior in college, it is very easy to get nervous about the future. I wanted to keep a reminder close to remember that I need to dream about endless opportunities. It is easy to get discouraged, but this necklace is just a little reminder to keep my head up high and dream big. This particular brand is incredibly because not only does it help motivate me but it helps the homeless. The Giving Key purposely hires homeless people in California so that they an help improve their lives. You can check out their mission more here.


Lastly, I decided on incorporating more texture in this outfit. You probably know by now, I adore adding more elements to every outfit. These quirky tights are perfect when paired with over the knee boots. Lace tights are one of my favorite items to add in an outfit because it instantly makes the look so much more flirty and feminine. The tights are very innocent where as the boots are very edgy so it is creates this interesting contrast in any outfit.



What are you rocking for Valentine’s day? Are you mourning the day by wearing black or are you rocking pink? Let me know in the comments down below about your outfit and/or plans for today!

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Sunday Snapshot: Stuffed with Sweets

Hello darlings! Before you read any further, I want to alert you that this is yet another post filled with tons and tons of food pictures. I hope you can survive!

With that said, I went to Albany Pump Station on Valentine’s day with Robert, Alyssa, and Nicole. They apparently changed their chef so their food changed a bit. None to less, the food was still great! I got the turkey gobbler, which is basically these little turkey melt sandwiches with cranberry dressing that you can dip into gravy. Yummmmm. The other two pictures are fried eggplant and  calamari with balsamic dressing drizzled onto it.

I received a surprise care package from my parents. It was filled with tons and tons of delicious goodies. Nerds rope is my favorite sweet candy! What is yours?


I finally got my tapestry! I love how bright it is! It took a while to ship, but I’m super glad it finally arrived.


I took this grand selfie on my way to class. I was freezing and someone saw me take it.


Later that day, I made cinnabuns while Rob and I were studying for our religion midterm. I’ve been craving a cinnamon for about 6 months now so I was very, very excited to eat them.


Friday, my mom picked me up from school. We met up with my brother, Nathan, for dinner. We ended up going to Garlic Lovers Corners in Troy. It was my first time going to a Mediterranean restaurant. The restaurant looked very sketchy outside but the food was amazing! We ordered calamari and tzatziki for appetizers. I ordered salmon with lemon, dill, and balsamic glaze. It came with toasted jasmine rice and mixed vegetables. For my first Mediterranean restaurant was a win!

When I returned home, I was greeted to three Easter trees. If you remember my post around Christmas time my mom puts up 5-7 Christmas trees every year. She also puts up trees for Halloween and Easter.

That was my week in a nutshell! Hopefully it didn’t make you drool too much. Do you put up Easter decorations up too? Let me know in the comments!

As always,

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