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A few months ago, I started to research the process of fashion and how we consume textiles. I was suddenly bombarded by the horrifying information surrounded by fast fashion. I learned about large corporations dumping chemicals in public drinking water so that it is no longer consumable, the cotton farmers in India suffering from staggering suicide rates because of the high prices of cotton pesticides, and textile workers being forced into producing textiles with 10+ hour shifts with no bathroom breaks. My head was spinning and my heart was crushed. I had to change the way I consumed textiles and learn more about sustainability.

I’m still far from owning a sustainable closet or being 100% plastic free, but I’m taking small steps to becoming a more conscious shopper. My goal of this section is to grow with you as we both take on a more conscious lifestyle. You can read more about how I started this section here.

Most Read Articles in this Section

Green Linen Dress and Sustainable Everlane Denim Jacket

4 Reasons Why You Need a Linen Dress this Summer

Figure out what makes linen sustainable and why it is the most sought-after textile during the warmer months. Plus, get a little sneak peek into finding out the behind sense of being a fashion blogger. Check out this post here.

Everlane White Jeans Sustainability

Rethink the Way You Buy Jeans

Did you know that although cotton is only planted on 2.4% of agriculture land, it accounts for nearly 11% of pesticide sales in the world? I certainly didn’t. After researching about Everlane’s denim manufacturing, I started feeling guilty about buying a $12 pair of cheaply made jeans at Marshalls. Check out what you need to know before you buy your next pair of jeans. Check out this post here. 

Sustainability 10x10 Challenge

Spring 10×10 Challenge: 10 Pieces, 10 Outfits, 10 Days

After reading articles on how to appreciate what you have more, I stumbled across Style Bee’s 10×10 challenge. She developed a challenge to force people to become more creative with their clothes. While she was going through a shop-free fast she decided it would be the perfect time to create a challenge where she only wore 10 items for 10 days. Since I love a good fashion challenge, I decided to try. Check out this article here.

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