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What Fashion Means to Me (A Little Rant)

Confidence. Individualism. Art. Fashion means a lot to me. Say I got two hours of sleep, had a terrifying nightmare of human-eating-tarantulas, and I have to go to work or school in the morning. The first thing most people would probably put on is a pair of sweats or leggings and a baggy shirt. I know as soon as I put on that type of outfit I’m going to have a crummy day. It’s not because I had a rough start it is because I didn’t present myself as my best self. tumblr_lbfq67hgnz1qbx8sxo1_500 Okay, it sounds crazy. But I have this theory that if I don’t dress myself as if I’m going to be productive then I’m not going to be productive. Washington Post agrees with me. Their studies show a correlation between confidence and the clothes you wear! People who wore lab coats were more likely to be more productive and quick on their feet than people who were not wearing the coats. I bet if the same test were to be done with people wearing a sundresses or yoga pants it would show the same correlation. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying throw out all of your fantastically comfy yoga pants and leggings. And I’m not saying its not okay to wear yoga pants because sometimes you need that day of complete comfort. I’m just saying if you feel down in the dumps don’t show it through your clothes. When I am going through a hard time, I dress my best. I think it’s the best way to go about any bad thing in your life because instead of getting down in the dumps you get your confidence back. The eye is naturally attracted to something pretty. People glance over people in sweats and baggy t-shirts. They look at people who have confidence and rock what their mama gave them. Now if you didn’t already think I’m crazy about what fashion means to me get this… I honestly believe that your fashion sense tells what a person is like. Don’t believe me? Think about what most people in your daily lives wear. Do they wear loud colors? Do they wear laid-back outfits? Do they wear self-seeking outfits? These people want you to think something about them. People are drawn to clothing pieces that they genuinely like. Hello, that’s why clothing stores even exist. Not everyone wears a free t-shirt they won at a basketball game everyday. Now I’m going to get painfully honest with you. People don’t see your personality first they see your appearance. Oof! Did that sting? So what does that mean to me, Logan? Why do I care? Well, how do you want people to perceive you? Loud? Wear bright colors. Artsy? Color block your outfits or wear something unique you found at a little boutique on an avenue you passed during your vacation. Are you an A type? Wear the crap out of preppy clothes. Hello, J. Crew is calling your name. What is your personality? There are so many different combinations! Sometimes you feel every single way so you can mix and match. No one ever told me that I can’t wear a leather jacket with a silk top. It makes things interesting and it helps people figure out who you are. I already talked about personal style in this post if you want to check it out.

Being put together makes you more approachable than when you wear some gross sponge bob shirt from 8th grade. However, if you really love that shirt and it makes you happy rock it! Before anything else make sure you’re happy about the clothes you’re wearing. Please, please, please AND I STRESS THIS please do not dress for someone else. You’ll never be happy if you try to please someone else about your appearance. It is up to you about how you want to feel about yourself and how others feel about you. It’s not rude, it’s honest. So next time you have to get dressed for the day think to yourself, “How do I want to feel.” Just remember the most important person to impress is yourself. Join the discussion: What outfit gives you the most confidence? Tell me in the comments!

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