Clean Reserve’s Citron Fig: an Ethically Made Perfume (Review)

If you saw my post from Tuesday, you know I’m pretty much diving into the world of sustainable, ethical goods blindly. No actually, you could probably put a blindfold over my clueless head and I’d be in the same exact spot. But one thing I do know is that I need to start researching more and more about what and how I’m consuming products.

During the Christmas season, my boyfriend gave me Clean Reserve’s Citron Fig perfume and not only did I fall for the delicious smell but I fell for the company itself. (Props to Rob for really knowing how to give good gifts). The more I researched Clean Reserve and their sustainability practices, the more I started to love the company. They not only use reusable materials, clean energy, eco-friendly oils, but they even pay their workers fairly. Literally, what more could you love about a company?


Citron Fig by Clean Reserve

Fragrance Notes: Ginger, lemon oil, cardamom, mandarin, mint, copaiba, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.

What it Smells Like: Having a really good dream and then waking up to the soft glow of the sun on your cheek. It also has the possibility of taking you back in time to the moment where you were first able to ride a bike without training wheels. Hey, I warned you.

The Perfume’s InspirationInspired by a free-spirited confidence that awakens when you realize your true potential.

Perfect forThe up and comer (aka totally me because I’m still trying to figure out the big, bad adult world).

How long does it last: 6-8 hours


Sustainable IngredientsThey procure Cardamom from a local supplier in Guatemala who works directly with native Guatemalan farmers. This allows Clean to guarantee that the local farmers receive a higher profit for the essential oils and a steady income. Working directly with the communities in the Amazon and providing them with technical and financial support ensures the sustainable sourcing of Copaiba Oil and an increase of income for the farmers.

There are so many reasons why I think this is such an incredible company but the main one is that they are actually paying their farmers a living wage. My mom grew up on a dairy farm and from this, I know how hard farmers have to work in order to get the job done. Most of the time farmers are undercut by big corporations even though the farmers are doing all of the hard work. You often see this in any type of farm work from cotton farming to milk production to even essential oils. Companies like Clean Reserve are putting a stop to this unfair practice. I couldn’t be happier to wear their playful scent because of this.

For more information about their sustainable practices including their packaging I decided to pull this super informative picture from their website:


Now that I know more about their company I literally want to try them all… is that bad? If I had to try another one next it would definitely be the Sueded Oud because we all know how I feel about patchouli (if you don’t definitely check out my weirdly obsessive blog post on this candle. But Sueded Oud is apparently for “the boss” so I might have to wait a while until I get to that level!

Have you ever heard or smelled perfumes from Clean Reserve? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Sunday snapshot: Summer Scents

Hello darlings! Do you ever smell something and automatically think of something? When I smell chlorine in the pool, sea salt in the air, warm lobster rolls, apple cider donuts, newly cut grass, and fresh flowers I think of summer. Summer is such a nice time to “smell the roses.” Sadly, you can’t scratch and sniff the computer the smell how delicious the smells are but hopefully the pictures do some justice.

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Join the discussion: What smells remind you of summer?

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Juicy January Favorites


I’m in love with this Cinnamon Sugared Donut Candle from Bath and Body works. This candle isn’t as strong as the other Candle I mentioned last month, but it fills the room up with a sweet, fairytale smell. It reminds me of a fair (Durham Fair) and freshly baked food from a bakery. I especially like how the lid is old fashioned and rustic. But I think my favorite part of this candle is the fact that I got it for $9 instead of its normal $22 price range because it was on sale. Hello bargain!


My brother, Nathan, got me this necklace from J.Crew for Christmas. Since I’ve been wearing it I have gotten a compliment every single time. I really like pairing it with different textures like cashmere shown above and silk it makes it sparkle a little bit more. What girl doesn’t love sparkly things!


I have two movie favorites for the month of January. I went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in the beginning of the month and loved it. I had to explain a lot of the movie to Rob when we went because he had never seen any of the movies. He ended up liking it despite not really knowing what was going on.

My new favorite song, The Hanging Tree actually comes from this movie by Jennifer Lawrence. She has such a wonderful voice and the background music fits in perfectly.

The second movie I saw was American Snipper. Rob and I went last night with two of our friends and it was such a great movie. You really connect with the patriotism U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) depicted in the movie. I had goose bumps at various times throughout this movie. This is an outstanding movie that I think really needs to be viewed. When we were all leaving the movie the whole room was silent.


My brother’s girlfriend, Heather, got me these Hair Ties made by Loft. I really like the different patterns and how well they stay in my hair. These ties are specially made so that they don’t leave creases in your hair after you take them out. It’s really nice on a Friday where I already did my hair and have to go do the gym before getting ready to go out. That way after I go to the gym, I don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing that annoying hair crease in my head. These are a must when it comes to working out and getting ready to go out later.


To add to my sparkling water addiction, Golden Peach by Clear American is by far the closest thing to soda without it actually being soda. It tastes just like a normal soda but without that gross sticky feeling in your mouth after. Yet again, it is sparkling water so it is 0 calories and 0 nutritional information. They do only sell them at Walmart and they are very cheap so definitely look into this brand.


I have met the most comfortable moccasins and fuzzy socks known to man. Once you put on the Wicked Good Moccasins by L.L.Bean you’ll never want to take them off. They come in five different colors (Blue, Brown, Chocolate Brown, Natural, and Vintage Red). I obviously got the Vintage Red color and it’s the most perfect shade of existence. The fuzzy sides make your entire foot feel like it’s inside a cloud. Legit, go into an airplane and think of touching those awesome puffy clouds and thats pretty much what my feet have been in the past month or so. My roommate also got a pair but in the blue and she agrees with me. She’s actually worn them out and about to class and to the dinning hall. These amazing penguin socks that, my best friend, Micky, got me them. I oddly collect everything penguin and she got me these socks to join my creepy collection. I love these socks. Is it weird to be in love with an article of clothing because I fell hard? Aeropostale/Micky you did good.


Since it around that time where everyone at college gets sick, I needed to stock up on my antibacterial soap. Bath and body works makes an array of delicious smelling hand sanitary soaps, washes, and basically anything that can help make sure you’re not going to catch a cold from the person three doors down the hall. They even have these adorable covers for the antibacterial hand sanitary. It is perfect for me, who wishes this -6° will go away soon and head quickly over to spring. The blue one is called Cocktails and Confetti and this man came into my work and told me I smelt like candy. It was sweet but a 50 year old man should probably not be saying that to a 20 year old. But if you want people to smell you and perhaps even tell you that they want to eat you up, stop into Bath and Body works and get a bunch of these crazy, delicious smells.

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