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This Maxi Doesn’t Need a Taxi

Hello darlings! Out in the woods has never been so awesome. I mean look at how pretty this place is. All my life living so close to this place and I’ve never been over here! Anyway, how do you feel about maxi’s? Personally, I think they’re super duper rad. Why? Uhm, hello, its like wearing pants without having to. It’s literally like the fancy version of yoga pants because they’re that comfy. I’d pick a skirt over a dress over pants any day. Hello, comfort. I love tying shirts like this when I wear maxi skirts just because the skirt is so much fabric I think it makes since to take some off the fabric on top. Obviously, if I was wearing a short skirt you would want to have more fabric on top. DSCF3244 (1) DSCF3254 DSCF3257 DSCF3255 DSCF3243 This wonderful off the shoulder top is from J.Crew. If they had this shirt in every color I would own every single one. I wear this shirt an embarrassing amount. This bright maxi skirt is from Kohl’s. I have shopped at kohl’s maybe 2-3 times but this skirt is very cute and super comfy like I said before. I have a black one that is similar to this but it has flower designs on it. Perhaps I’ll to a similar post about that one day. These awesome sandals that I seem to be wearing all the time are from American Eagle. Don’t lie you want them too. If you want to see me in another maxi… surprise this one is a dress and it’s kinda funky because of the weird background… click here. Join the discussion: What do you think of Maxi’s? (Hopefully you like them so we can be friends.. if not.. sorry).

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