An Outfit For the Chronically late

Hello darling! How is your day going? I hope it is a little bit more sunny than this cold, foggy day. We’re currently getting pounded by a foot (possibly more) of snow. The day we did this “photo shoot” the weather was actually 15°…. very different from the 85°  weather I experienced in Florida. However, despite how brutally cold it was this day, I’m kind of glad it was this funky, foggy weather because it made these pictures look super spooky.

Some people may pick on good ol’ Albany, but I definitely think it has it’s perks. I mean it doesn’t have as much of my love as Troy does…. but with events like Lark Fest and food like Iron Gate Cafe it is hard not to love Albany.


Now, I’m not going to even try fooling you that I am a “late” person. I’m not. I’m actually that annoying person that shows up 10-15 minutes early to everything… even class. I literally get stressed out if I’m only 5 minutes early. So yes, this post is not geared toward people who are insane like me. But, I know many of the chronically late people are out there. My question to you is: how do you do it? You guys even have this mystical look to you when you come into a class 5 minutes late. I give you props because I would look like a hot mess if I ever did that.

Major key for the chronically late: Throw on a ‘polished’ cardigan on a basic outfit and you’re good to go.

For this “chronically late look” I decided to show off the power of a long cardigan. I feel like anyone can throw on this cozy cardigan and look instantly polished. I mean it certainly did that trick for me. You can even wear this camel cardigan with leggings. Currently, I’m obsessed with Aerie’s chill high-waisted leggings. For everything else, I kept it extremely basic. White tee and black high-waisted pants… could anyone go wrong? To spice up this incredibly basic outfit I decided to add a sparkly woven belt and woven Sperry’s.


What do you normally throw on when you are late? A nice pair of leggings or a comfy cardigan? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM

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25 thoughts on “An Outfit For the Chronically late

  1. I love this comfy and casual outfit! Haha I usually tried to be on time. If I’m running late, I usually just grab a pair of jeans and throw on a sweater and call it a day!

    Btw, thank you for dropping by my blog and the follow! 😚💕

  2. I’m most certainly a bona fide member of this Chronically Late Club GRIN which explains my ever expanding wardrobe of shoes. Conversation starters, for sure. Tardiness deflectors, most certainly 🙂

  3. I’m like you–I’m a chronic earlybird! If I’m ever running late, though, it’s good to know what to wear!

  4. You look so chic my darling! As a person who always runs late, I’ve figured out the best way to always look good are good coats. Weather is always rather cold here in Germany, coats and layering is a must.
    Happy start into the new week my darling!
    Love from

  5. First time I see someone who sucks at being late! I’m like that too, if I’m not there at least 5 minutes before I feel the anxiety coming haha! If I ever run out of time (mostly because I wanted to stay 5 more minutes in my bed), I usually go for my trustworthy long-sleeved black dress, so convenient! BTW I really like your look, the belt is my favorite!

    Alexandra from

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