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3 Workout Outfits That Will Motivate Your New Year’s Resolution

This is definitely a new kind of post for me because I never found a need to show my “gym style.” However, these outfits were just too cute to pass up an opportunity show you. Personally, I don’t really think one needs to dress up for the gym. I still wear the same Nike Frees I bought three years ago… I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or proud. I typically throw my hair up into a bobbled mess, slap a pair of leggings on, and call it a day. But, I admit there is something about wearing a new gym outfit that forces me to try my hardest at the gym. So for moments where your workout needs a little push or you’re dragging yourself to the gym… maybe you should try to add a flare to your workout wardrobe.

Keep your resolution with LuLu Lemon

Reebok | Leggings (Similar)

For trendy, cheap workout tops search TJ Maxx and Marshalls’ racks. 

I love searching TJ Maxx and Marshalls’ racks for everyday clothes and I don’t stop short when it comes to activewear. The only problem with shopping at these lovely stores is that I cannot link the items for you… ugh, the struggle is real. However, these tops are just so cute that I couldn’t not show you. The first and second top are from Reebok and the purple shirt is from a New York City based company called 90 Degree by Reflex. Marshalls’ has been stocking up this brand for quite some time and I hope they don’t stop. 90 Degree by Reflex makes the cutest yoga/pilates clothes that you’ll fall head over heals for. Plus, some of their long sleeves are perfect for lounging around the house in.


90 Degrees by Reflex| Floral Leggings

Are LuLu Lemon’s worth the hefty price tag?

Short answer: yes. The amount of wears you’re going to get in one pair of LuLu Lemon leggings is going to be worth buying one cheap pair of leggings you’ll only wear five times. I’ve had one of my pairs of leggings for over four years and have no problems with the fabric wearing out or seams ripping. These pants are made out of a thick material that will not slide down when you’re bending over or doing 50 jumping jacks. I normally have a fear of wearing leggings that are see through but have never had a problem with  LuLu Lemon leggings. If you’re going to get a pair I would recommend the high rise because they will allow you to bend further during any physical activities. Also, be on the lookout for leggings with side pockets! They seriously are a gift sent from heaven. The first two pairs have side pockets that can easily hold a cell phone or car keys.

Keep your resolution with LuLu Lemon

Reebok | Leggings ( Similar)

If you’re losing motivation to get out there and work your butt off just drive yourself to the gym. I know that sounds bizarre and way too easy but the hardest part about going to the gym for me is actually getting there. As soon as I’m at the gym, I’m motivated to work out. So next time you’re really dreading going to the gym pick up a new outfit and just drive yourself to the gym. If you really don’t want to go after you drove there… I give you full permission to go get a smoothy.

What is your favorite store to buy work out clothes? What type of work outs do you like to do? Let me know in the comments down below.

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