4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present
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4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present

With all the distracts we have today, being present is extremely difficult. Earlier this evening, I was on the phone with my boyfriend and scrolling through Instagram at the same exact time. For some reason, I’m constantly feeling like I always have to be doing multiple things at once. Giving one thing my complete, undivided attention is something that is slowly becoming more and more foreign. So in order for me to recover from my multi-tasking behaviors, here are four ways I’m trying to be more present.

4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present
4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present

Work on One Task at a Time

The biggest thing I need to work on is not doing a million things at once. Do I need to blog and watch scandal at the same time? Do I need a podcast going on while I look at data? Do I need to be scrolling through Instagram while I’m on the phone? No, no, and double no. It’s time to refocus on one thing at a time and be present for that thing.

Save the Gram for Later

Let’s face it, Instagram has taken over our lives. We are now in the world where we want to document everything. Tripped over a step? Document it. First bite of that cookie? Take a snap. Celebrating an anniversary? Did it really happen if you didn’t take a picture? Instead of taking pictures and posting them immediately, I try to stop and enjoy the moment. I try to wait until I have a moment alone or right before bed for me to post stories. By doing this, you won’t take away from the moment but you’ll still preserve it. Also, some moments aren’t needed to be documented – something I’m still working on.

No Phones at the Dinner Table

This is a rule my parents enforced ever since we were little. My dad was recently telling me about a survey that found out most families only had dinners together once a week. Even though both my parents worked crazy schedules we always found a way to sit down together with our phones far, far away. So take the brunch shot and then put your phone away. You can actually post it once the fun is done.

Set a Schedule or Timer

I was thinking the other day about how many times I check my phone. Honestly, I would be embarrassed to know the answer to my question. I decided I’m going to start implementing times in my work day where I can check my phone. During the day I will put the “do not disturb” option on and only check my phone on either every hour mark or every other hour. I know it is going to be challenging at first but I really need to get better at my phone consumption.

4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present
4 Ways I’m Trying to be More Present

How do you stay more present with the never-ending technology? I would love to know your thoughts and suggestions. Let me know in the comments down below.

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