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The Infamous Outfit Repeater & the Stigmas Around it

Happy second day of spring! I hope your day was filled with sunshine and daisies. For me, I’m currently in Philadelphia for a chemistry trade show. I’ve been having fun exploring Philadelphia and was even able to see Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (check out that post here).

While I’ve been at the trade show, I’ve been an outfit repeater. I’ve been wearing the same pants, jacket, shoes, and scarf. While I was sitting in my trade show pants, I started to think… why is it so bad to be an outfit repeater? Lets break down the stigma together…

Social Media Makes it Seem Like You Can’t Repeat Outfits

When it comes to repeating outfits, why not? Everyone has those few outfits that make them feel awesome. For me, it’s this comfy top and this linen dress. The problem is, social media makes it seem like you need to have a hip and trendy outfit each and every time you post. Now, I know that part of my love with blogging has a huge contribution to this mindset, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can repeat your items many, many times. Heck, I do it all the time!

Everyone Repeats Outfits.. Yes, Even Bloggers!

In case you didn’t already know, Instagram is all just smoke and mirrors. Truth is, bloggers have been repeating items again and again and you just haven’t noticed. Now, I’m not saying that all bloggers are this crafty… some do actually buy new clothes again and again. To me, that isn’t money consciously spent and that definitely isn’t sustainable. My point is, everyone is an outfit repeater even if you don’t notice it right away on social media.

Spice Up Old Items with Accessories and Different Items

Part of trying out the 10×10 challenge is forcing yourself to get creative with your current items. Whether that is trying on a new pair of earrings or throwing on a scarf, the possibilities are endless. Also, after I did the challenge, none of my coworkers realized that I was wearing the same ten items for the past 10 days, which brings me to my next point…

No One will Notice

No one cares/notices that you are wearing the same items. Half the time people are more focused on themselves than you so they won’t notice what you’re doing “wrong”. Heck, I wear these funk pair of pants at least once or twice a month and every time I do my coworkers compliment me.

If You’re Really That Worried – Change Up the Item

The fun thing about fashion is you can make one piece into so many different styles. Choose from preppy, edgy, feminine, masculine, wild, hippy, etc. You can make a piece of clothing so many different vibes just by changing up your accessories or paired items. (Definitely going to show you how to do this in a future post so stay tuned).

So there you have it. Recycle, rewear, and repeat. You can wear those bold pants as often as you want. Heck, people aren’t even going to notice or remember that you wore them two Thursdays ago with that purple top. Also, if they do… who cares? Also, check out how I wore these pants before in this post.

How do you feel about outfit repeaters? Are you one? Let me know in the comments down below.

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