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Two Days in Joshua Tree: Where to Hike, Explore, and Stay

Something about the sunshine and the sand under my hiking boots puts a big ole’ smile on my face. This trip was full of eye-to-ear smiles, sun kissed skin, and a whole lot of laughter. If you’re looking to spend a day or two in Joshua Tree, here are a few things you cannot miss.

Arch Rock

Joshua Tree is famous for this stunning stone arch located in the middle of the National Park. You’re able to climb all around the rock formations and really take in the interesting landscape. Personally, I loved climbing all around the rocks because you got to see so many critters scampering into the cracks. Plus, you got a heck of a sun tan.

Tip: Finding the arch itself is a little bit difficult. My biggest tip is to follow the path and then go right when it says “Arch Rock”. For some reason they have a sign that points both left and right instead of just to the right. When it doubt, ask someone. Everyone was extremely friendly!

Fourtynine Palms Oasis

After we did the Arch rock, we headed out of the park to hike Fourtynine Palms. This hike was an incredible way to see miles of the desert landscape. The hike itself is rated moderate on Alltrails but I would say it is on the easier side of moderate. It is 3 miles with 636 feet elevation and perfect for kids (dogs are not allowed on the trail). It took us about two hours because we sat underneath the palm trees and really took everything in.

Tip: Make sure you put on sunscreen and pack a decent amount of water! There is limited shade until you get to the Palm Trees. We both got a pretty big sun burn (picture a winter New Englander catching sun for the very first time).

Cholla Cactus Garden

After we hiked Fourtynine Palms Oasis, we headed back into the national park (if you get a $30 pass once it is valid for 7 days) to enjoy the sunset at the Cholla Cactus Garden. I read countless blogs that said that the best time to see these beauties was around sunrise or sunset because the spikes of the cacti start to glow. Thankfully, I wasn’t steered wrong. Evan and I sat and enjoyed the sunset before heading back to our Airbnb.

Tip: enjoy every sunset at Joshua Tree. Make sure you get a good spot and see the sun dip behind the mountains. Plus, the jack rabbits typically come out at dusk so you’ll hopefully catch some wildlife out and about.

World Famous Crochet Museum

World famous? Heck yeah! This adorable little gem was steps away from our Airbnb, so obviously we had to check it out. It’s a little box located right behind a few stores and near the only bar in town. If you have some time to kill or need some souvenirs Check this out!


  • Mojave Flea Trading Post: Evan and I were low key obsessed with this shop. They have the best selection of home goods and vintage/graphic apparel. I ended up picking up a sweet ceramic mug and a insane graphic sweatshirt (maybe I’ll do a fashion post of it in the future). If you’re going to stop at any of the stores make sure you stop at this one. Plus, this is on the way to Joshua Tree if you’re coming from Palm Springs.
  • ZZIEE Ceramics: I was a wee heartbroken that this place was closed on the two days we went (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I didn’t get to stop and enjoy. If you’re visiting on another day, make sure you stop by and tell me how awesome the pottery is.
  • The Station: Located across from our Airbnb, is this adorable gift shop with all the Joshua Tree memorabilia you need. I got a beloved pin here and Evan got a really cool graphic t-shirt. Definitely stop here if you want to take some funky photos or get something epic to remember your trip.
  • Desert Nest Co: If you need to make a day of shopping, add this shop to your list too! Very girly store with lots of small brand clothes. It is sort of like if a Marshalls and a boutique had a baby.


If you’re looking for the cutest Airbnb this side of the desert, then I’ve found the place for you. This adorable little home has three beds to choose from, a jacuzzi, fire pit, and even a hanging chair. We stayed for two nights and couldn’t get enough of the space. Each morning we would start with avocado toast outside and each night we would end it soaking in the jacuzzi. This was by far my favorite Airbnb I’ve stayed at to date.

Ella’s Joshua Tree Airbnb


Like I said earlier, the sunsets here are out of this world. I loved seeing the pink clouds lighting up behind the Joshua trees and Cholla cacti. Highly recommend sitting and enjoying the view. Joshua Tree is the perfect place to sit back and embrace slow living.

Have you been to Joshua Tree of plan on going? Let me know in the comments down below. (P.S. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have)!

As always,

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