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The Beauty of Barcelona

Hello darlings! I had the best week ever! If you read my last post you would know that I spent the week in Barcelona, Paris, and London. I have way too many pictures for all three so I’ll be breaking up the cities into three different posts. Hope you don’t mind all these wonderful pictures!

Day One

The first thing we did in Barcelona was go into Casa Batllo! When you go inside of the house, you receive a phone. When you hold the phone over certain things in the room an animation appears. For example, the fire pit pictured below turned into a mushroom! It was such a cool and interactive exhibit!




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We then got tapas at Txapela.

In order:

  • Cured ham pork loin and pepper
  • Crispy chicken with “chaser” sausage and pepper
  • Battered squid with tarter sauce


  • Salmon roll stuffed with crab and mayonnaise
  • Crab salad croissant with iberian acorn ham


Afterwards, we headed to the Park de la Ciutadella to see some gold statues and water. It was such an unexpected sight! I’m so glad we went with Micky’s friend, Pat, because he showed us things (like Park de la Ciutadella) that we would have never have seen if we went by ourselves.



We then worked our way to see the magical Sagrada Familia. We sadly did not get to see the inside because we did not buy tickets ahead of time. There was an opening Monday, when we were leaving, but it was after our flight. Maybe I’ll come back when it’s finished!

IMG_7689IMG_6412 IMG_7685

Day Two

We went to see the Cathedral of Barcelona and outside of it was a giant food market! We tried the best food ever. I ended up splitting this amazing chicken sandwich from with Courtney. Ugh, thinking about it now makes my mouth water!


I also had this amazing burger and smoothie! We were certainly full after eating all this wonderful food.

IMG_6442 IMG_6444

After eating our hearts out, we headed to Park Guell. It was amazing seeing it in person. Gaudi really knew what he was doing. I love how the houses look like gingerbread houses and all the wonderful colors.


IMG_7716IMG_7712 IMG_7713IMG_7737 IMG_7734IMG_7735


Later that night, we looked for some paella. It was so good! I don’t know if it was the place we ate at, but I imagined it to have a lot more spices. I would get it again though.


Afterwards, we walked down the street to see the magic fountains! I felt like I was in Disney World! The fountains danced to jazz. It was such a thrilling experience!


IMG_7821 IMG_7805 IMG_7785 IMG_7803IMG_6478

Day Three

Micky and I got churros, met with Pat, and then caught our plane to Paris!


Overall I loved Barcelona. I felt so relaxed and comfortable there. The buildings  in the city was by far the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen. It is definitely a city I would love to return to. If you ever have the chance this one be the #1 city I would visit. But ask me again in December because I’ll be going to many other major cities in Europe.

Expect a post about Paris tomorrow! See you then.

As always,

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