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The Biggest Ben I’ve Ever Seen

I feel like I keep saying I met the nicest people in “insert place here” but London defiantly had the nicest people. I’m still shocked by how nice and friendly everyone was.
Day One
Micky’s family friends picked us up from the train. They welcomed us with warm faces and hugs. Immediately I knew I was going to like them. And boy was I right! Every word that came out of their mouths I couldn’t help smiling or laughing at!
They brought us to the Ashford Designer Outlet where we popped into stores and ended up getting fish and chips! I obviously felt incredibly English, ha!

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Our next stop was Folkestone where we walked along the water. There apparently is a saying, “if you can see France it is going to rain and if you can’t see France it is already raining.” We walked to the Road of Remembrance Arch for WWI Veterans who died in combat.
Afterwards we marched our way into the grocery show to pick up way too many Cadbury chocolates. Goodness, my mom is going to be so happy she sent me abroad!

After stocking up on candy, we headed to Barbara’s house where we had afternoon tea and scones. They thought it was weird that I did not put milk in my tea. Let me know in the comments if you put milk in your tea or not!


Later that night, we went to MayFly for dinner and I met more of Micky’s family friends. Like I said earlier, English people are just so nice! I had a wonderful chicken sandwich and ice cream.
Day Two
We went into Canterbury and shopped around. If you heard of the Canterbury Tales that’s the place! Since I read it in my class last year, it was really cool being there!
We ended up getting afternoon tea in Tiny Tim’s Tea Room. It was apparently haunted so that was a great place to go to around Halloween time.
Here is a picture of me sitting in the haunted room and our delicious afternoon tea:

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I also went into TopShop for the first time! I wish you could have seen my face! It was so much fun seeing the clothes that many bloggers wear. I ended up purchasing two necklaces. I’ve been wearing them every day since.
Later that evening, we went out to meet more of Micky’s family friends. They ended up driving us to Roehampton where our friend, Courtney, lives. We stayed with her for the rest of the week. We went out with everyone for a drink and then returned to Courtney’s campus and went to bed. I know, we’re wild.
Day Three
We woke up and traveled to the Camden market. It was a huge market filled with food, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, anything you name it! We ended up getting donuts and I got a cup a fruit and two rings.


IMG_6628 IMG_6625 IMG_6626

There was a blog about a year ago that posted about Smack Deli. The post had the amazing lobster rolls and these interesting looking fries. From that point on I told myself if I ever went to London I would find that place. It was a little challenging finding it. We went to the main place unknowing that that wasn’t the Smack Deli. So we asked and then they told us it was on Dean Street in Soho. For those of you who don’t know, Soho is apparently like London’s red light district. In reality, there was only one gentleman’s club. Might have been because we went during the day. ANYWAY. We ended up being safe and I got my bomb.com lobster roll. If you’re in London it’s worth finding. Just know you go on Dean street in soho.

Christmas stuff is already up!


I ended up getting the BLLT.

IMG_7937IMG_7934 IMG_7936

From there we got to go on a double decker but to see the main attractions such as the London eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace!

IMG_6646 IMG_6650

Later that night, we got ready to go out for Halloween. Micky and I dressed up as Christmas trees and Courtney dressed up as a reindeer.


Day Four
We packed our things (sad face) and headed to meet Micky’s family friend, Dave, for lunch. I ended up having the best veggie burger of my life. Dave was so nice! He actually made me a little homesick because he was just like my brother, Nathan. The only difference was the British accent.

IMG_6682 (1)

Our plane actually got cancelled and rescheduled three different times because of the fog. At one point they even said that they we were going to have to pick up our bags and get a hotel. Our flight was supposed to be at 4pm but ended up being at 9:30pm. That means we got at Florence around 12… which  also means we had to hang out in McDonalds until our next bus to Siena at 6am. McDonalds was playing atrocious club bangers the entire time until around 5 because that is when normal people go to McDonalds. There were also two body guards. We finally crawled up in our beds at 830-9am. Safe to say we didn’t make it to class that day. I hope to never have to force myself awake in McDonalds again. I would, however, do that all again if it means visiting Barcelona, Paris, and London again. That was the only thing that went terribly wrong. Everything else was perfect.

And thats the end of my 10 day break posts! Today I’m actually catching a bus to go to Prague in an hour. I’ll be in a bus for 12 hours. Well worth the long drive. Hopefully Courtney and I don’t drool too much on each other during the bus ride! Stay tuned for that adventure next week!

As always,

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