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Siena College Champagne Toast

Hello darling! I’m going to let you in on a little tradition that Siena College does every year for seniors. Each year the senior class is invited to the president’s mansion and is given a toast by the friars. Together, six friars and the senior class, we all sing the Siena fight song which goes like this:

Put on your old green bonnet
With the yellow ribbon on it
And we’ll drink 6 friars to the grave

Though we ain’t got knowledge
We’re a damn good college


Siena College Champaign Toast

Siena College Champaign Toast

Siena College Champaign Toast

Before the ceremony started, my housemates and I decided to take a few graduation pictures. Siena college does housing very interesting. We are all given a lottery number, based completely randomly, and are supposed to pick our senior housing with that. There six eight-person-houses that were still alive striving this year year. After we leave, they demolishing them and making them six-person-houses. As a result of our crummy lottery number, we had to partner up with another four person group. I wouldn’t have changed getting a crummy lottery number for the world. The four girls I didn’t really know that well before, have become very close. Through countdown parties and even just sitting around doing homework. I wouldn’t have picked a different outcome of this year.

Siena College Champaign ToastSiena College Champaign Toast


Expect a tear jerker post on graduation coming up this week. *Sighs deeply and tries her best not to whimper.* Thanks for stopping by! Did/does you college have any wacky traditions? Let me know about them in the comments down below.

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