How to Make Sure a Maxi Dress Doesn’t Swallow You Whole

Hello my lovely readers! Styling maxi dresses can be nearly impossible… especially when you’re 5′ 4″ or shorter. I’m at this awkward height that I can technically pass for petite sizes, but I’m also on the cusp of being an average height. As a result, I constantly ask myself if I should buy regular or petite sizes. So if you’re like me and have a difficult time making sure your dress doesn’t swallow you and make you look like you’re swimming in fabric… here are some tips for you.

Boho Maxi

Tip: Find pattern alterations or silhouette alterations that break up the fabric. 

This cool thing about this dress is that the pattern helps break up the amount of fabric drastically. The bust of the dress is decorated in this beautiful orange pattern that matches the bottom hem. This addition creates an illusion that the middle part of the dress is much longer making me appear lean and tall. Although I’m only 5’4″ this dress actually makes me appear 3-4 inches taller.

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of a good belt.

When dresses or long blouses are breezy they can make you appear much longer. A tip to help fix this is adding a simple or detailed belt. It instantly makes your waist look so much smaller. Plus, it adds a little bit of extra detail to your outfit and who doesn’t love that?

Boho Maxi

Tip: Try playing around with the pockets in front of the mirror before you decide on the dress. 

Even though pockets on dresses and skirts are incredibly magical, sometimes they can make it add unnecessary fabric. I’m not hating on pockets in dresses, I absolutely love them (subject A ^). So functional! However, sometimes they can make your hips look wider than they actually are. Thankfully, these pockets are very deep so that can lay flat on my thigh where as shorter pockets would bunch up at my hip. But hey, sometimes function overrides fashion so if you love the fact that it has pockets go for it girl!

Boho Maxi

What are your helpful tips for making sure a maxi dress doesn’t swallow you whole? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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