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Hudson County Bedroom Tour

It is finally here! I’m so freaking excited to finally be showing you my bedroom tour. It’s been a hot second away from my apartment decor posts because of the holidays. However, I’m so excited give give you a bedroom tour of my feminine space! So without further ado…

Sleeping Space

Ever since I moved in, I’ve been making my bed every single day. After a long day, getting into your bed feels like opening a present. Also, making your bed give you a peace of mind because something in your life is clean and content.

All White Furniture

All of the furniture in my room is from the Palisades collection at Bob’s discount furniture. I feel in love with the queen bed’s storage and headboard detailing. The collection has the perfect amount of girly, feminine details for my taste. Plus, down the road I could incorporate different colors to make it more gender neutral.

Every Day Reaches

I’m going to be completely honest, my bedside table almost never looks like this. For some reason it is one of the only things I cannot keep clean. I am trying to get better at keeping it clean this year but for now there is always a water glass and these few items.

Gallery Wall

The major reason it took me so long to write this blog post is because these pictures took a wee bit of time before they were able to be hung. Since this apartment has plaster walls, our landlords wanted to drill the holes in for us. Thank God for that because I would 100% mess that up. I left sticky notes up on the wall for where I exactly wanted the holes and ended up with this adorable little set up.

Personalized Decor

Now most of these pictures/frames are very generic. We have a giant rug, gemstone rocks, and a water colored painting all from Marshalls. If you were paying close attention, I left out one item. There is a drawing of a girl in five different outfits. If you pay extra attention, you can tell that this picture is actually showing some of my old blog outfits! I was looking on Instagram one day and came across these amazing drawings by Nejvi Bejko. I asked her if she could recreate a picture of my outfits from past blog posts and – BAM – she had it made within that week. I love seeing it every day!

Side note, I am eventually going to swap out some of the generic photos with something that is more meaningful but for now I’m loving the way this little gallery wall looks!


Last but not least, the closet space. I have a whole giant organization post that needs to be made down the road. But for now, here is a lovely picture of my three closets. It is shocking how many things are actually in there. Hopefully, I can keep selling things on Poshmark and actually keep that area nice and neat. I also keep a few clothes in a lingerie chest, nightstand, and in my pullout bed drawer. I like keeping all of my things inside a place so that my space doesn’t look cluttered.

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What does your room look like? Do you have any blog posts about it? Whats your decor style? Let me know in the comments down below.

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