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3 Easy Macrame Home Decor Projects to Do During Quarantine

Ever since I moved into my apartment I’ve been looking for ways to make the space homey. Since I’m quarantined inside and have more time than I know what to do with, I decided to make some DIY macrame home decor! I’ve been watching MaCenna’s home decor videos and am in love with her macrame home decor ideas! These ideas are from her two videos (linked below) with a little bit of my own flare. I hope you enjoy!

The best part of this project? It requires little to no items to get started, which makes it perfect for doing during quarantine! All you need is macrame, pillow cases, scissors, and a nice ruler!

Pillow Video Inspiration: Video one | Video two

No Sew Macrame Pillows

When it comes to making macrame pillows, all you really need is a good pair of scissors and a good show playing on in the background. To start the project you’re going to want to make small holes at the top of the pillow and tie the string on. When it comes to making those small holes and getting the string on the pillow, it is actually a little tedious. Once all the string is attached you can then start your pattern. I used a combination of the two videos in order to come up with two different designs. Definitely watch MaCenna’s video to find out how to put the string on the pillow and how to get started. Don’t feel like you need to do either pattern! Have fun with it!

Natural Linen Pillows | Macrame Cord 3mm

Coaster Video Inspiration

Macrame Coasters: The Easiest at Home Activity

A while back I saw these really cool coasters at either Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters and wanted to see if I could make them myself. Months passed I finally found a video showing how to make these super cool coasters. I swear, they’re much easier to create than a simple friendship bracelet – and much quicker to make too!

Tip: My first coasters were not flat because I was pulling on the string a little too tight. When you create the knots make sure they are tight but not too tight. I’m actually going to hang a few of the warped coasters in my room for a little bit of texture in my gallery wall.

How to Naturally Dye Macrame

If you want to take the coasters or your macrame project one step further, naturally dye the fabric! I thought it would be fun to to dye the coasters a bright pink color but didn’t have any fabric dye. Instead, I had a few old blueberries and a handful of blackberries. So I looked up a few ways to dye fabric naturally and got do work. The key is definitely soaking whatever you want to dye in salt water before you dye the fabric.

Ingredients: blueberries, blackberries, water, and salt

  1. I added the blueberries, blackberries, and two cups of water into a pot and brought them to a boil.
  2. While I was waiting for that to boil, I placed the coasters in salted water and let them soak. The salted water helps bind the color to the fabric.
  3. After the fruit has boiled for about 15 minutes, strain the fruit out of the water.
  4. Place whatever you are dyeing (in my case the entire coaster or the fringe of the coaster) into the water and then let it dry overnight. You can then wash the fabric after.

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Have you been doing any DIY home decor during quarantine? Let me know in the comments down below.

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