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8 Apartment Plants That You Won’t Kill

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I love plants a little too much. Heck, I swear my roommate is going to disown me if I bring home another plant. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my trial and error of killing plants… even the easiest ones to take care of. Keep on reading to check out the plants I think you should bring into your lovely home.

Pothos Vine

Tips for Beginners

  • Check for Signs. It’s weird to say but your plants will actually communicate with you if something is wrong. One of my cacti actually started to tilt a new way because he was trying to catch the sun. I moved him and he is much happier. If there is a yellow leaf or if leaves start to droop it can mean the plant doesn’t have enough sunlight or water… or too much sunlight or water. Fixing the issue is really just a trial and error (and a lot of Googling).
  • Finger Test. To check if you should water your plant put your fingers two inches into the soil and see if it is moist or not. If it is moist you don’t need to water your plant. If it is bone dry it’s time to water your pants. Some plants get drier than others so make sure you check often.

Pothos Vine

Easy. This adorable little plant was actually created from my future sister-in-laws plant. Her uncle cut off two stems and we put them in a glass of water. After about a month they started to grow roots and I replanted them. Now both stems are about a meter long each! This thing grows like crazy and looks beautiful on a shelf!

Drooping Prickly Pear | Rubber Plant | Moon Cactus

Drooping Prickly Pear

Very Easy. The plant in the big green container is my oldest plant. I’ve had him since my freshman year of college when it was just the size of my hand. Six years later and this baby has grown! Right now he’s up to my waist and I think I might need to replant him again. Two summers ago, I replanted him and he grew another foot in about three months. I swear I was removing needles for weeks! If you want a plan that is easy to take care of but will grow, this guy is your man.

Rubber Pant

Easy to Medium. The plant in the big white pot is called a rubber plant. I love this plant because it has a purple hue to it so it gives the room a pop of color. I admit, I had a little bit of a hard time with this one at first because I didn’t really know how to take care of it. This plant likes to be watered but is very susceptible to root rot. When you water it make sure that you don’t drown it. I also had a hard time finding the right light for him. Right now I don’t think his bottom leaves aren’t getting enough sunlight so they are starting to droop. Like I said, it’s all about trial and error.

Moon Cactus

Easy. This is the funky one I’m holding on the chair. It’s a funky little cactus because it is actually two different types of cacti grafted together. Their lifespans are shorter compared to other species of cacti, but don’t let that stop you! I admit, I actually did kill one of these guys recently. I moved him and his brother closer to the window and he completely shriveled up in two days. I think the window was just a little too cold for him. My other two are thriving so don’t make that scare you!

Aloe Vera

Medium. Most people say this plant is super easy to take care of but I’ve been having issues with mine. This plant came from my old coworker’s Aloe Vera and it significantly grew since. However, the tips of my plant are dried and shriveled. I’ve tried moving him to a sunnier area and tried different water methods but I still can’t figure out what is wrong with him. We also have Aloe Vera at work and those tips are a little wonky as well. (If you have any tips I’m all ears)!


Easy. One can never have too many succulents! These little babies don’t require much attention and always lighten up a room. Personally, I think they look great when they are next to their friends. My personal favorite is echeveria subsessilis which is a big, blue monster. I bought one for my birthday last year!

Snake plant

Snake Plant

Easy. A snake plant is my absolute favorite plant to keep in your house because it is almost impossible to kill. They thrive on medium light (about 10″ away from a sunny window) but can also thrive with low light and high light. Just make sure they are out of direct sunlight. Also these bad boys only need to be watered every 2-6 weeks – perfect for the beginner plant owner! Tip: this guy looks really nice next to a big mirror (aka where ours is).

Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Easy. I admit, I don’t actually have this plant yet. I plan on going to a shop right my work on my lunch break. (Be sure to check my Instagram to see which one I picked up). These whimsical plants are perfect for livening up a small space and don’t require much attention. Every one to two weeks quickly rinse it with water or spray it. They can be placed anywhere and don’t need a pot!

Dried Plants

Easiest. If you’re really worried about keeping a plant alive, go for some dried flowers! I have dried cattails, hydrangeas, and lavender in our living room and it spices up a room instantly. Other options you can include are dried eucalyptus and cotton stems! Personally, I love lavender and eucalyptus because it smells so good even after it has died. To dry the flowers/stems hand the plant upside down for about a week. Lavender you can let dry standing up if you don’t want it to stand up straight. Don’t put them in water – it can create mold on the stems when you dry them.

Plants on My Wishlist
  • Christmas Cactus
  • String of Pearls
  • Bunny Ear
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Orchid

Do you have any indoor plants? Do you have any that I recommended? What plants do you recommend getting? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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